7 Things you will regret, not doing much later in life

Life has its ups and downs no doubt. Most of the time, almost everyone is busy chasing so many things that one forgets why one is truly living.

Life like they say is not a bed of roses. But even at that, its meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.

If you would agree with me, like what’s the point of chasing so many things. And in the process you loose grip of things and people that really matters to you?

What’s the whole essence of living when at the end of the day, you ain’t happy or at peace with yourself because you have over time neglected things that really mattered?

Having one or two regrets in life is inevitable in life no doubt. But most of the time, the things in which one needs to have regrets on.

Shouldn’t be on things that really matters or that should have been cherished and protected with every fibre that makes your entire existence.

As it is, perharps over time, you may have been living a very very supposedly busy life.

A life that does not give room for you to care about the things and people that matters.

Things and people that would be there by your side when the storms of life raises it’s ugly head to test you. By breaking you and making you so helpless to your bone marrow.

And perharps on the other hand, you might not have been very busy in a productive way.

You simply have not been taking out time to be the best version on yourself perharps due to fear, lack of discipline, procrastination, being indecisive, lack of focus,

Hence, below are a list of things you are presently so indulged in, in which you will regret not doing much later in life.

1. Being too busy for your beloved family and friends.

Family is everything no doubt. And some friends are worth more than a thousand rubies compared to a brother.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, your family will always be there for you.

And a true friend would never turn his or her back on you when you need them the most. Hence, what are you doing been so busy and not creating time for them?

What are you doing being so busy neglecting the people you so love and cherish. If you are fond of this, then it’s high time you stop.

And endeavour to create more time for them, that way you won’t end up regretting you were not really there for them, when they really needed you to be.

Remember true family and friends are everything, and can’t be traded for all the diamonds in the world!

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2. Living in the past

Presently, you might  be haunted by a past mistake in which you are not so proud of.

A mistake you think should have been avoided if you had been more careful and patient with the decisions you had made in the past.

But mistakes are inevitable in life aren’t they?

I for one, there was a time I made a drastic decision that went wrong. A wrong decision that haunted me for a while.

But hey, such is life yeah? I told myself, how am I going to grow at least if I continue dwelling in the past?

How on earth will I become the best version of myself if I refuse to let go of the mistake, learn from it and move on?

There’s no need carrying the heavy baggages of yesterday with me everywhere I go?

That moment, I made a decision of laying down every heavy weight that weighs me down.

I gradually crawled out of the deep pit of self regrets and living in the past that I was engulfed with.

And presently, each day am healing and growing as well.

Hence, you need to tell yourself this moment, and make up your mind that you’re going to move on.

See past your mistakes, and watch out how you will start growing gradually into becoming a better version of yourself as time goes on.

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3. Not believing in yourself and your abilities

I don’t know the kind of circumstances that surrounds your existence. And am completely oblivious of where you’ve been and where you’re coming from.

But one thing am sure and certain of, irrespective of the social strata you might belong to, you have the final say on who you want to be and how you want your story to be like at the end of the day.

You cannot move from where you are to the next point if you do not believe in yourself and abilities.

You having faith in who you are and what you can do,would greatly open doors for others to see the rare gems you’re embedded with that you can’t see.

And help you into becoming that person you are truly meant to be. But you can’t achieve this if you don’t believe in yourself.

Hence, inorder not to wallow in regrets on why you didn’t believe in yourself and your abilities few years from now,  you need to make up your mind today to start believing in yourself more.

Start telling yourself you can do, and achieve that which you’ve put your heart to achieve.

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4. You not loving yourself more

The best gift you can ever give to yourself is loving yourself more.This is the only thing you owe yourself.

If you hate yourself, you don’t expect the next person to show or give you love which you don’t have or even feel for yourself, do you?

Mind you, the aspect of loving yourself here is having a genuine and pure love for yourself.

Not the type of love in which you’d outrightly be so obsessed with yourself and in the process you’d loose your true worth and value by making others avoid being close to you.

Therefore, if at the moment, you hate yourself, you need to stop doing that now.

Or else you’d regret much later on why didn’t you love yourself more at least to start with.

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5. Always taking life overly serious

A lot of times, perharps you had lived your life looking so serious. You have lived your life over time always being so busy not giving room for little fun or relaxation.

Perharps, there’s a way you’ve wired yourself over the years that something might go wrong if you dare to take a break.

Or if you dare to let your guards down. You told yourself you cannot look silly even if it’s just for a moment.

You being this way, would make you overly work yourself out. It would make you age faster than you already are. Which is not so good on the long run.

Moreso, if you do this often you need to stop doing so this moment, and take life each day as it comes.

So you don’t tend to regret much later in life that you didn’t take life more slowly and in a more relaxed manner.

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6. Not improving on your talent/s

Perharps at the moment, or over time, you might have thought to yourself that you are not good at anything.

You might have told yourself you don’t have any talent or something you could do effortlessly well.

So far,what I have come to realize is that, there’s no one on the surface of the earth that doesn’t have an iota of talent. Some have a few, whereas others a whole lot.

Hence, you are not left out! But remember, it’s one thing to know you have a talent, and it’s another thing to improve on it.

If at the moment, you are certain you have that sonorous voice that could sing wonderfully well, and you ain’t improving on the voice.

Or you can write beautifully well and you are not improving on it presently due to laziness or procrastination.

Maybe on the other hand, you can cook and you ain’t improving on your culinary skills, etc

If by paraventure after reading this you still don’t make up your mind to start improving on that or those talents of yours one after another.

Much later as time goes by, you’d regret you didn’t improve more on your talent/s.

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7. Forgetting to be more grateful

The life you have is not yours. The things you have this far was given to you by a higher power.

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So far, no matter where you have been or what you’ve been through, that higher power saw you through irrespective and gave you a bigger chance to try again and become better.

Hence, when you go through life not being grateful enough for both the little and the great things you presently have or you are hoping to have.

Much later as time goes on in life, you’d regret you didn’t at least endeavour to be more grateful.

Therefore, if you’re fond of not being grateful enough, you need to stop doing that now.

And start being grateful for all you have and hope to have now and in the future.


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  1. Wow! I am very guilty of not keeping in touch with my love ones. And a few others,thank you so much for this piece Eliz. I will change and be a better me

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