Things to let go, if you want to have a successful life

Things to let go, if you want to have a successful life

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s almost everyone’s desire to be successful in life.  And to be this, you and only you, have the final say on how you want your life to be like.

You are the captain of your life, and whatever your life has become over the years, be it good or bad, you are in a lot of ways responsible for such.

Life has its ups and downs no doubt, and most times, things don’t always go as you want or desire. And you find yourself lagging behind and struggling to meet up with the time

Well, almost everyone has different definition as to what a successful life is or should be. Some ascribe it to having more wealth, power, fame, or anything else. But I’d say is you being better than you were yesterday, you being the best version of yourself!

Perharps, over the years, you might have been faced with certain things that weighed you down. And you had no choice but to change into something you are presently not so proud of at the moment.

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And you have allowed yourself to be so choked up by some these things that are not so cool and won’t really change or be anything of positive to your life either on the short or long run.

At the moment, you might be struggling with  some things that are hindering you from having that successful life you so desire.

This piece is to highlight some of those things,in which you need to let go. Inorder to have that  successful and amazing life you so desire and dream of.

Successful life

1. Let go of the lazy life

It’s almost everyone’s desire to be in bed from morning till dusk, and everything being given to you on a platter of gold without you stressing yourself or working extra harder to get or achieve it.

If you happen to have this way of life, you need to throw it out of the window and never allow it into your life ever again.

Moreso, whatsoever you may desire to be or you want. You need to tell yourself today that you’d strive to work hard to get it/them without any ado.

That way, you’d be glad when you finally get what you want and when you become successful. Because you weren’t lazy, but worked hard for it.

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2. Let go of overly sleeping

Your mornings strongly determines how your day is going to be like. So, if you are of the habit of sleeping endlessly in bed, and tossing from one end of your bed to the other.

You’d not really be the best version of you on the long run.

Hence it’s best your wake up early and start your day instead of the other way round.

Therefore, it’s important that you spend between 4-6hrs daily inorder to have enough rest, feel refreshed in order to carry out the activities you have lined up for the day. Instead of otherwise.

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3. Let go of your detest for books that would make you better.

All the great and successful people you’ve seen over the years would boldly tell you that they are readers.

They strive and endeavour to learn wisdom, principles, and things that would make them better individuals.

Hence, if you desire to be successful in life, let go of your detest for books. Endeavour to read daily, challenge yourself to be better.

Have it in mind that, the only way you can do this, is to feed your mind with great priceless knowledge embedded in great books.

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4. Let go of being Impatient

Do you happen to be one of those, who happen to be in a hurry to make it or become somebody famous in life?

Yet you don’t have the zeal to be patient and work hard to make it happen?

If you belong to this category of individuals, then I’d say you need to let go of such.

And take a step at a time to become that successful person you want to be.

Remember, you as a person, didn’t just grow into being the adult you are today overnight.

Therefore, take a step at a time, it might not be easy, but have faith in yourself and that higher power you believe in, that things can and would only get better.

This way, you won’t loose whatever you might have worked so hard for because you took a wrong decision and lost everything in a blink of an eye.

5. Let go of that extravagant life

Isn’t it amazing to go into a store an be able to afford anything you want? It’s such a wonderful feeling when you know you are not living your life in lack and not being able to afford some certain things you need.

Which is wonderful and almost everyone’s desire. But on the other hand,when it’s overly overboard, it becomes draining and you’d see yourself living in debts.

Hence, to have and live that successful life that you desire, it’s paramount that you endeavour to let go of things you don’t need and live your life within your means, instead of otherwise.

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6. Let go of having lack of Self Confidence in yourself

One of the best things you can ever give to yourself, is being so confident in yourself and your abilities.

I am not saying this in the angle of being so proud to the point of being arrogant. NO!

But you simply believing in yourself to the point that, you’d stand tall and not look down on yourself.

This way, when failure or setbacks strikes, your self confidence will push you to try again and even harder inorder to achieve what you want.

7. Let go of companions who, don’t add anything positive to your life

Are the friends whom you see as companion’s really adding anything positive to your life?

Are they making you a better person by you associating with them? If after asking yourself these questions, and the answers are NO.

Then I want to sincerely tell you that you’ve been wasting your time. Like what’s the point being friends with someone who doesn’t add anything positive to your life,but instead takes and takes from you?

It’s makes no sense accommodating a leech,always remember that you’d be the one to loose and diminish in self worth and value on either the short or long run.

Hence, let go of such companion/s today!

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8. Let go of looking down on yourself

I have been here a lot of times, thinking to myself am not good enough to be this.

Telling myself I cannot have this and that, and a whole lot more. You might also be feeling this way at the moment, or even worse.

You cannot accurately control the way bad thoughts creeps into your mind, but you most definitely have control on what you should allow to stay and hover in your mind.

Therefore, to have a successful life, endeavour to have control over your mind,by telling yourself positive things about yourself whenever any bad thoughts tries to creep in, to make you look down on yourself.

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9. Let go of blaming others for the bad things that happen in your life.

Life can be so crazy sometimes. And some awful things tends to befall you when you least expect it/them to.

But when such happens, you can wail for your loss over some time, and move on.

In a situation whereby  it’s someone that is responsible for your setbacks, embrace it, and complain if you want to.

But don’t let it consume you. Because that would only destroy you. And hinder you from having that successful life you desire.

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10. Let go of your being overly dependent on others

It’s very important that we need each other to get from one point to another.

But you should never allow yourself to be so relaxed to the extent of not striving to be better by yourself but only being so dependent on others.

This would only hinder you from being the best version of you, and you not having that successful life you want for yourself.

Remember, in order to be successful you need to work harder for yourself, you need to find your own path, and not otherwise.

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