7 Practical things, to be a better version of you in 2021

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a better version of you

Wow! It’s another New Year, the dawn of an amazing year in all spheres of your life. It’s very important that you should at least have loads of expectations for the things you desire for the New Year in order to be a better version of you in 2021.

But even at that it’s one thing, to have expectations and, it’s another thing to think, plan, the work towards those things in which you so desire for the year 2021.

The New Year should be the beginning of a new you. It should be the beginning of new things for you. But like earlier mentioned, these things can’t come through unless you do things differently from the ways you’ve been doing them over time, that hasn’t really yielded anything positive for you so far.

You are reading this piece now, because you desire a positive change. Hence, by reading this piece to the end, you can make things better for yourself when you decide take a new turn and become a better version of you which should be different from the previous year (2020).

Hence, below are the practical things, to be a better version of you in 2021

1. Be grateful for 2020, in order to become a better version of you in 2021

A whole lot of things went down in 2020. Ranging from the wild spread of the coronavirus pandemic, to economic recession in most countries around the world, to the lost of lives, to a whole lot of unplanned and unexpected events that happened around the globe.

But irrespective of that, you still made it into the year 2020, even though you might not have been able to accomplish most of the things you wanted or planned for. The year 2021, is another year to start afresh and be a better version of you nonetheless.

Hence, be grateful for your setbacks, or the things you couldn’t accomplish. For this New Year, is a step to doing that, and even more.

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2. Visualize how you want the year 2021 to be like for you

a better version of you

It’s one thing to want something, and it’s another thing to see those things in your spirit man, and convince yourself that you already have them. Irrespective of what your plans are for the New Year, you need to convince yourself that the things you envision for the year 2021 is easily achievable and that the New Year is the beginning of much greater things for you.

3. Set simple, yet achievable goals for yourself.

Goals are like compasses that propels us into the next phase of our lives. If as an individual you don’t have a goal for yourself and have great plans to achieve them, then you’re gradually setting out to fail woefully. Therefore, one of the practical things to be a better version of you in 2021, setting simple and achievable goals for yourself is a step into having a different and an amazing year different from what you had the year before.

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4. Let go of things that weighs you Down

Life is full of issues. It’s filled with a whole lot of questions that requires answers. At the moment, you might also be faced by overwhelming issues that are weighing you down. These issues, might be as a result of physical, mental, psychological, emotional or even spiritual issues.

Whichever issues they might be, remember you have the final say on how long they should affect your life. Hence, if by any chance these issues are beyond your control, it’s very important that you speak to someone you can trust. And on the other hand, you can seek for therapy if and when need be.

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5. Be more definite about the things you want in 2021

a better version of you

One of the surest ways to get your goals actualized, is when you are definite about the things you really want out, and from the New Year. You can’t just come up with goals that won’t really propel you into doing much for yourself. Hence, be definite when making that goals and decisions this year.

6. Form new habits in order to become a better version of you in 2021

Habits are like the air you breathe in. They are things required of you on a daily basis. Which ranges from how early you wake up, how less you procrastinate on things you need to do. The rate at which you think and process things, etc.

Hence, in order for you to be that better person you need to become in the New Year. Throw out those bad habits from the previous year out of your life, and form good ones that would benefit your life, and help you into becoming that better version of you.

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7. In order to become a better version of you in 2021, be grateful for each day you have

If for nothing, I love being grateful even for the tinniest and smallest things in my life. Being grateful opens more great doors for you. It’s an avenue, and a pathway for greater things coming into your life. If you have imbibed this lifestyle before now, you should actually start that now , and henceforth in order to be a better version of you.

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Once again, cheers to a great and amazing year ahead!!!

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