5 habits to imbibe on, to be a more disciplined person

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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

In life, we all need discipline in whatever we find ourselves doing. This ranges from the food we eat, to the thoughts we allow our minds to hover about. To the way we talk, relate with others, and a whole lot more.

Without enough discipline and being disciplined in the things you are supposed to do, it’s most likely you do not go very far in life and also accomplish the many goals or aspirations you have in mind to accomplish.

Discipline like the quote above says, it’s the bridge between goals and accomplishment. This simply means in a layman’s terms that in whatsoever you might decide on doing it requires you making up your mind and putting your entire self into such a task. Your putting in all yourself into such a task, is DISCIPLINE!

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That’s the only tangible way, you could actually achieve and accomplish that which you’ve envisioned in your mind to accomplish.

And if you slack or have zero discipline be it when it comes to your health, or your diet. You’d realize you start adding unhealthy weight. Which if it’s not controlled through thorough exercises and a healthy meal.

You tend to develop health related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health related illnesses associated with unhealthy life styles.

With the above illustration being said, below are simple habits you need to imbibe on, on the short run to make you a more disciplined person even on the long run.

1. Set great, yet easily attainable goals.

It’s one thing to have some sets of things in mind that you want to do and accomplish. And it’s entirely another thing to actually accomplish those things.

It’s of no use when you set goals that are not easily attainable. It would even mean you would need to work extra and longer hours to achieve them.

Which on either the short or long run, you might loose focus and get discouraged that your goals are not being attained.

Therefore, inorder to be a disciplined person, it’s very paramount that you endeavour to set great goals that are chunked into smaller bits, and that are also asily attainable. On both the short and long run.

For instance, if you want to set a goal as a writer to be consistent in your article updates. For a start, you may tell yourself, you want to be writing at least 3articles in a day. Which seems like an hurculeans task sort of. You’d be thinking!

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You’d notice you will feel stressed out, and be under pressure to meet up with the goal of writing 3 articles in a day.

But if you tell yourself, it’s important am consistent in coming up with good/great quality articles at least 3/4 times in a week.

That way, you will be more organized in your thoughts and come up with insightful write ups. Instead of otherwise!

Therefore,when you do this over time, you’d become disciplined in the process and stick with the routine of coming up with good quality write ups 3/4 times each week.

It might be otherwise, when unforseen events happens. But before then, this a step to being disciplined and being consistent at least as a writer.

2. To be more disciplined, you need to manage your time properly.

Time is everything. The way you mange your time, greatly has a way of telling how your life has been over the years and up to this very moment.

In the sense that, it will be very easy for someone to tell if you’re a highly disciplined person by how well you mange your time.

Those who are highly disciplined has over time, mastered how to accurately manage their time properly. By sticking to their routines or schedules to the letter.

And if paraventure, an unforseen circumstances comes up, they would endeavour to call in to say, they are sorry that they fell behind time, or that they would be late, or that they won’t be able to make it, etc.

Therefore, one of the ways to mange time properly if you lack proper time management, is to have a to-do list for the day with time allocated to each task.

Each task, has to be simple and easily achievable instead of otherwise. This way, you will at least meet up with time for them. And would be greatly fulfilled at the end of the day.

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3. Another way to be more disciplined is that, you need to be very decisive and completely committed to the task at hand.

It’s one thing to make a decision you want to do this or that. And it’s another thing to follow through on what you want to achieve.

Being a disciplined person is a thing that requires you being very organized and very solid about your decisions and whatever you want. It’s of no use being so busy, and not achieving much or being productive.

This would only mean, you’re wasting your precious time and energy so irrelevant tasks.

Which on the short or long run, would mean you’re only running in circles and not doing much.

Hence to be a more disciplined person. You’d need to be very certain with your decisions, and stick with the tasks at hand rather than otherwise.

And make sure you accomplish a task before moving on to the other. This way you’re more organized and more productive.

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4. To be more disciplined, you need to shut out all forms of distractions.

Distractions are all around us. Ranging from social media, to the tv/Netflix, the pressure to please your friends and family members so they don’t see you as being odd or weird, and a whole lot more.

But to go very far in life, you need to at least balance both your productive life and your social life.

You’d have to endeavour each day to at least create time for both so that one does not suffer.

But even at that, you’d need to shut out every form of distractions that is not helping you grow either mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Anything that stands as a threat to your growth on both the short and long long. And that would prevent you from being whom you want be should be shut out.

Hence, if you’re supposed to be studying now for an exam, but off the TV, turn off your data/wifi and study for your exams.

If you’re to be practicing a musical instrument and you’re eating what you’re not supposed to that would hamper your voice from performing the way it should.

Or anything else that might prevent you not performing at your very best, needs to be shut out, and never allowed in ever again.

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5. Another way to be a more disciplined person, is to take action now! It’s of no use making serious decisive decisions every now and then.

And you don’t take action or the step into accomplishing any of them. It’s just a total waste of time yeah?

Hence, to be a step closer into being that disciplined person you want to be, you need to endeavour to take action now!

Do not wait any second being skeptical on if to go ahead with the plans or not.

Take a step now and along the way, the pieces would fall in place. And you’d see that you will be just fine.

Going steady, and on either the short or long run you’d see your efforts yielding much fruits for you.

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