15 Rose Colors and Their Meanings 

Getting roses, especially red ones, from your special person can make you happy. But what are the meanings of the colors of each rose?

Even a single red rose with a pink ribbon can be super romantic. But have you ever wondered why red roses are linked with love? 

There are many colors of roses, and each color has a special meaning. Instead of always going for the usual red roses, picking a different color can say a lot. 

But before you decide, it’s good to know the meanings of rose colors so you can make more impact in your relationship.

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Rose Colors and Their Meanings 

15 Rose Colors and Their Meanings 

Understanding the meanings behind rose colors adds more emotion to your choices. When your blooms match the message you want to send, it feels even more special! 

Here’s what you should know about rose colors before getting them:

1. Red Roses – Love/Romance 

The red rose means romantic love. It represents desire, passion, love, and loyalty. 

That’s why people love giving and getting red roses on Valentine’s Day to show their love classically and uniquely. 

 If you want to say “I love you,” red roses are a perfect and classic way to express it! 

Legend has it that Cupid, the god of love, got stung by a bee, and when he shot arrows at roses, they grew thorns. 

When Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, walked through the garden, the thorns hurt her, and her blood turned the roses red. 

Since then, red roses symbolize love, romance, and passion. So, the meanings of rose colors is really important. 

The red rose’s meaning in a relationship has and always will be a way to express deep love and desire.

At weddings, red roses in a bouquet or other arrangements can show newlywed happiness and respect between the couple.

2. Burgundy Roses – Deep Passion

Burgundy roses mean an even stronger feeling than red roses. The color also shows loyalty and commitment. 

So, giving burgundy roses to your special person is a great way to express your emotions. 

In relationships, the meaning of burgundy roses is as intense as their color—they symbolize a powerful kind of passion, even more than red roses. 

If you want to share your intense feelings with someone, give them burgundy roses.

Burgundy roses look beautiful when given in a bunch, and they also represent natural beauty. They make a great gift for the first night of a wedding too.

3. Pink Roses – Good Feelings

Pink roses can express special feelings in a relationship. If you want to show someone that you are grateful they are in your life, pink roses are a great gift. 

The meaning can change based on the shade of pink you choose.

Dark pink roses can say “thank you” because they symbolize gratitude. Lighter pink implies grace, joy, and admiration. 

If you want to tell someone you admire them and they bring happiness to your life, a bunch of pink roses might be a perfect choice.

For example, if your girlfriend is feeling down after losing her job, and you want to show her admiration and lift her spirits, giving her a bunch of light pink roses could make her feel better. 

In general, pink roses symbolize elegance, sweetness, and femininity. Deep pink expresses gratitude, medium pink is for congratulations, and light pink is for appreciation or innocence. 

Whether you’re celebrating an accomplishment or simply showing someone you care, pink roses are a lovely choice.

4. Salmon Roses – Desire 

Salmon roses have a gentle and innocent color. They symbolize “desire,” making them a suitable choice at the start of a relationship, or really, at any point.

They are often mistaken for pink roses, although they closely look the same they are different. 

It is a subtle way to tell someone how much you desire them or how much they mean to you. 

5. Orange Roses  – Love/Attraction

Think about a wedding decorated with orange roses – it would look amazing, right? Orange roses in a relationship represent love, attraction, and desire. 

That’s why they are a popular choice at weddings and great gifts for anniversaries.

If you’re in the early stages of a budding romance, giving a bouquet of yellow, white, and orange roses implies that you’re interested and enthusiastic about the relationship. 

It’s a way of expressing love without going overboard with a bunch of romantic red roses.

Orange roses are a safe choice if you want to show that you love someone but don’t want to rush things. You’re not falling in love too fast.

In general, vibrant orange roses symbolize fascination, enthusiasm, desire, and energy. 

They also represent admiration and excitement, making them a perfect gift for someone who has achieved something big. 

Orange roses bring positivity, and you can use them to say “I’m proud of you” or to add energy to your wedding flowers. 

If you like the meaning of orange roses but want a softer color, consider salmon or coral roses, which convey a similar message!

6. Blue Roses –  Mystery and Uniqueness

In a relationship, a blue rose symbolizes mystery and uniqueness. Blue roses are not naturally found in nature; they are often created by dyeing white roses blue or using a shade of purple that appears blue. 

If you order blue roses online, be sure to examine the color closely before placing your order.

Getting your hands on blue roses can be a mysterious and enigmatic gesture. 

You can send them to someone who is considered unattainable. As long as the person understands the meaning of blue roses in a relationship, it’s a great way to convey that they are one of a kind. 

Even if they don’t, you can enhance the mystery with a cryptic message.

Adding a blue rose with an anonymous message can be a surprising and mysterious way to express admiration.

If you’re looking for “something blue” for your wedding day, these distinct flowers add a touch of color and evoke feelings of mystery.

7. Purple Roses – Love at First Sight/Honour

In a relationship, a purple rose symbolizes love at first sight. Light purple roses specifically convey this feeling of falling in love instantly

Purple roses represent enchantment and mysticism, suggesting that being enchanted can lead to love from the very first moment.

The meaning of purple roses in a relationship can vary based on their exact shade. 

Deep purple roses stand for royalty and majesty, making them a great choice to express total adoration and fascination for someone.

Lavender roses, with their regal feel, have fascinated people for a long time. If you want to convey deep love to someone, gifting them purple roses is a thoughtful choice.

In simpler terms, purple roses signify passion and infatuation, marking the beginning of a romantic relationship. 

The color purple also represents royalty, majesty, and honor, making it a suitable choice to give to someone you highly regard.

8. Green Roses –  New Beginnings

In a relationship, a green rose symbolizes fertility and rejuvenation. These roses are a perfect fit for various situations. 

While green roses are rare to find naturally, they are grown in nature and look beautiful when arranged in a bouquet. 

The color green represents rejuvenation, fertility, and new life, making it an ideal gift when discussing the possibility of having children. 

It’s important to note that, in this case, the color green does not symbolize envy.

In summary, the meaning of green roses is associated with good news, life, growth, and abundance. 

They symbolize renewal, fertility, and the rejuvenation of spirit and energy. Green roses are often linked to feelings of balance, stability, and peace. 

They make a thoughtful gift for someone recovering from an illness or starting a new chapter in their career. 

Additionally, green roses are perfect for celebrating new life, making them an excellent choice for a new mother or anyone embracing abundance and growth. 

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9. Yellow Roses – Friendship and Joy

In a relationship, giving yellow roses is a safe choice as they symbolize platonic affection without any romantic connotations. 

You can give yellow roses to anyone without worrying about being misunderstood, making them a suitable option for a first date to create a positive impression.

Yellow roses represent cheer, joy, and happiness, conveying affection without a physical romantic connection. 

They are versatile flowers that can be taken to various occasions, such as graduation ceremonies, to wish someone a speedy recovery, or simply as a gesture of friendship.

Overall, yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, representing feelings of warmth, delight, gladness, caring, and affection.

In the Victorian era, yellow roses were used to convey jealousy, but their meaning has evolved to convey more cheerful concepts in contemporary times. 

10. Yellow Roses Tipped in Red  – Happiness

Yellow roses with red tips are a nice choice for a new and growing romance, but they’re versatile and can be given for various happy occasions! 

Since they combine red and yellow, they symbolize happiness and cheerfulness.  It can also be a beautiful way to convey complex emotions or sentiments in a floral arrangement or gift.

11. Peach Roses – Sincerity and Gratitude

Giving peach roses is a wonderful way to express sincerity and gratitude, especially when you want to show appreciation to someone who has been with you through thick and thin. 

If you want to convey loyalty and gratitude to your girl, a bunch of stunning peach roses can make her feel loved and appreciated.

Peach roses are not only a symbol of sincerity in a relationship but also serve as a great thank-you gift. 

These beautiful flowers can be used to express sympathy to someone who has experienced a loss.

Overall, peach roses carry a special meaning, symbolizing sincerity, genuineness, modesty, and gratitude. 

They are a fitting choice for expressing thanks, whether it’s after a business deal or to convey sympathy to a loved one.

12. Gold Roses – Luxurious Touch

Gold roses often symbolize achievement, success, and triumph. They are associated with themes of accomplishment, wealth, and prosperity. 

If you’re organizing a fancy event for someone special, such as a 40th birthday or anniversary, consider adding a bouquet of extravagant gold roses to enhance the celebration. 

Giving or receiving gold roses can convey a sense of admiration, appreciation, or congratulations for a significant accomplishment or milestone in someone’s life.

In the context of relationships, they might be given to express deep appreciation and enduring love.

13. White Roses  – Purity

White roses symbolize purity and innocence. People widely understand that they represent these qualities, which is why they’re often used at weddings, christenings, graduations, and homecoming parties.

The white rose is also linked to chastity and, in Christianity, associated with the Virgin Mary. 

This makes it suitable for a woman who hasn’t experienced love and passion yet. However, it also signifies deep love, symbolizing marriage.

White roses represent a love that you’ll never give up on. They’ve been around for about 35 million years, and the white rose was one of the first to bloom.

A white rose can be given at any point in a relationship since it signifies love, friendship, peace, respect, and hope.

In simpler terms, white roses symbolize purity, youthfulness, and innocence. They’re perfect for young love, eternal loyalty, and new beginnings, making them a popular choice for weddings and romantic occasions. 

White roses represent new love and are often used in weddings, symbolizing innocence, new beginnings, and truth.

14. Cream/Ivory Roses  – Charm and Thoughtfulness

Cream roses symbolize charm and thoughtfulness, offering a unique and elegant expression compared to pure white roses. 

Unlike the purity associated with white roses, cream roses are perfect for expressing admiration and appreciation.

This makes them suitable for giving to friends or coworkers, and their sophisticated look makes them a great choice for formal gatherings. 

Additionally, cream roses symbolize grace, charm, richness, and perfection, making them an ideal choice to show someone that you care without expressing intense romance. 

Whether on their own or combined with other colored roses, cream roses carry a significant and heartfelt message.

15. Black Roses – Mourning/Courage Special Love

A black rose has a unique meaning in a relationship – it symbolizes exclusivity. First, you might wonder if black roses exist. 

Some say roses with a very dark red or purple shade are considered black roses. There’s a claim that black roses exist in Tibet, but it’s unclear how true this is.

Gifting a black rose is tricky because the color black is often linked to sadness, tragedy, and death. 

People might misunderstand the meaning of a sad romance. However, black roses suggest a rare and devoted kind of exclusivity. If you know what to say with a black rose, it can express a lot.

Black roses are not easy to find, and if you do, they can be expensive. 

In general, black roses are rare and often associated with mourning and death. 

However, they can also symbolize change, courage, and new beginnings. So, black roses can represent different things, making them a bold and mysterious choice for special occasions.

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Final Thoughts 

If you are sending roses to someone, it’s important to know the meanings of the rose colors, especially when it comes to romance.

You can avoid sending a wrong message and instead hit the right notes rose color choice. 

While red roses mean “love,” yellow roses mean “friendship,” and sending purple roses conveys passion and infatuation. 

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show you care, knowing the meanings of rose colors helps you pick the perfect shade!

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