How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number?

How can you know if someone blocked your number without telling you?

It can be frustrating when you think someone may be avoiding your calls or texts. However, there are several tell to know if someone truly blocked your number.

In this blog post, we will discuss some signs that could indicate that someone has blocked your number on their phone without your knowledge.

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Why Would Someone Block Your Number?

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number?

There are a few potential reasons why someone may choose to block your number:

1. Too Many Calls/Texts

Sending too many calls or texts in a short time could make the other person feel overwhelmed or like you are harassing them. This is a common reason people block numbers.

2. Arguments

After a fight or disagreement, some people may block the other person’s number as a way to get distance or avoid further confrontation.

3. Avoiding Contact

The person may simply not want to talk to or hear from you anymore and blocking is a way to prevent interaction without directly telling you.

4. New Relationship

If they have started seeing someone new, blocking an ex could be a way to fully move on without distraction.

5. Safety Concerns

In some cases, blocking may be done if the person feels physically threatened or unsafe chatting with the owner of that number.

So in summary, blocking is generally used as a way to cut off communication when the relationship has become strained or problematic in some way from their perspective. Let’s look at some signs they may have blocked you.

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number

Here are ways to know if someone blocked your number:

1. Calls Go Straight to Voicemail

One of the biggest signs is if your calls no longer ring and instead go straight to voicemail without ringing at all on their end.

When someone blocks a number, it prevents any calls from connecting and routing them directly to voicemail.

2. Texts Not Received/Delivered

You may notice that texts you send are stuck on “delivered” and never show as “read” on your phone. Or they remain undelivered. When blocked, texts cannot go through either.

3. No Call/Text Notifications

Pay attention if you notice they no longer receive calls or text notifications from your number.

IPhones will say the blocked sender’s name while Android displays “Blocked Caller” if they check notifications after blocking.

4. They Don’t Answer Known Good Numbers

See if they are still responsive to calls and messages from other contacts you know are in their phone.

If not, their phone may be powered off, on do not disturb mode, or they could be intentionally avoiding you specifically.

5. Calls From Unknown Numbers Answered

Yet if you use a different phone and they still don’t pick up, it suggests they have blocked your specific number in their contacts rather than having their phone turned off or on Do Not Disturb.

They may answer calls from numbers not saved or recognized.

6. Apps Say Blocked

Some communication apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc provide notifications if someone has blocked you.

The buttons or options to message them directly may also disappear from within those respective apps.

7. Asking Mutual Friends

As a last resort, you could inquire discreetly with any mutual friends if they have also been unable to reach that person through calls/texts. Friends may be able to provide more context on the situation.

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How to Respond Maturely if Someone Blocked Your Number

When you know someone has blocked your number, it can bring up feelings of confusion, hurt, or anger.

Here are some suggestions for handling it constructively:

  • Don’t take it personally and assume the worst. They may have legitimate private reasons you’re unaware of.
  • Respect their desire for space and distance instead of demanding answers. Escalating could make the situation worse.
  • Give it time before reaching out to mutual friends. An immediate reaction risks drama.
  • Use the opportunity for self-reflection. Were your past interactions coming across as overbearing or unhealthy?
  • Consider whether there are unresolved issues needing closure through a neutral third party someday.
  • Trust that blocking is their way of setting a boundary, so find other open lines of communication left if closure is important.
  • Look after your mental well-being and don’t obsess over trying to contact them secretly with blocked calls/texts.
  • Respectfully accept you may never get a clear explanation, and try moving forward without closure if offered none directly.

FAQs About Blocked Phone Number

Can I Still See Their Social Media?

Even if you’re blocked on their phone, you’ll still be able to view that person’s public social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

However, if they’ve also blocked or unfriended you on those platforms. The phone block does not restrict online access.

Will They Know I Tried Calling?

Yes, blocked calls will still appear in their call logs. The number just won’t ring through or be connected.

So if you want to contact them without leaving traceable evidence, using an anonymous number would be better than risking further frustration with blocked calls.

Can Someone Read My Texts if They Blocked Me?

No, texts will also be blocked and not go through if you attempt to message a number that has blocked yours.

The message will show as undelivered. All communication avenues are cut off by blocking a phone number.

How Long Does a Block Last?

A phone number block on iPhone or Android remains indefinitely until manually removed by the person who applied the block.

There is no automatic expiration. The blocker would need to consciously unblock your number if they change their mind later on.

Can I Tell if They Unblocked Me?

You wouldn’t know for certain unless you attempted contacting them via call/text again. If calls now ring through and messages are sent/marked as read, then they likely removed the block.

But no notification is sent by the phone if an existing block is lifted by the other party.

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Final Thought

Being blocked can feel unsettling, but try to avoid reacting in ways that give them more reason to keep you blocked.

Respect space and boundaries, reflect on your actions, and then focus energy on your healthy support system rather than an unavailable person.

Time heals, and blocking may not always be permanent. But the priority is on moving forward positively regardless.

Hopefully, this guide gave clarity about common blocking signs and how to process uncertainty maturely if faced with this situation.

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