14 essential ways of loving yourself more

The greatest gift you can ever give yourself, is the gift of loving yourself so much. Perharps you grew up hating somethings about yourself.

You may either hate how you smile/laugh, or hate how you look, or hate your physique, and a whole lot of other minor or major things you may/might think it’s not cool with you that you hate so much .

You not loving yourself might also be due to somethings that has been eating you up to always make you think and feel less of yourself. It’s high time you let go of such mean thoughts someone may have once said to you. And start Loving yourself more.

Below are 14 essential ways of loving yourself more

1. Start by telling yourself you’re beautiful and priceless as often as possible.

When you do this, you emmit such vibes to anyone coming into your life, and making them know you are not to be treated like trash or like you’re not worthy. Once you come in terms with how beautiful and priceless you’re, there’s no one who can ever talk you down of who you really are on the inside, and how you love yourself so much. They would have no other choice but to love flowing with the vibes of how beautiful and priceless you are. This brings out so much happiness in you

2. Have keen knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses
is one of the ways to help you love yourself the more. This is because, nobody can easily make you feel less of yourself if you have the strength of being confident and no one can talk you down or manipulate you when you know what your weaknesses are, and ways to overcome them.

3. Never make the mistake of comparing yourself to Anyone.

Most times you might feel so bad especially when your peers are or might be doing way better than you. You need to know within yourself that you’re not running the same race, hence you should never ever make the mistake of comparing yourself to others at any slightest chance.

4. Be grateful for the things you have.

Gratitude opens doors for more things to come. Hence, you need to be grateful for the small and big things you have in your life. Never ever think you don’t have things to be grateful for. There are so many countless and enormous things to be grateful for. And when you do, it helps brings out your inner beauty and more of your strengths.

5. Never Belittle yourself.

By belittling yourself, it’s one of the ways to feel so less unworthy. Therefore, making you feel there’s nothing good to love about yourself. You shouldn’t let this happen. Each day endeavour to tell yourself good and beautiful things like you’re a wonderful person, everything about you is fantastic,etc. This is one of the easiest ways to a successful life

6. Invest more in empowering yourself.

There’s no greater joy compared to being empowered and being independent. Loving yourself also means asides from the present, you greatly care about the future ahead of you. So therefore, it is very paramount to develop yourself in ways you think might help you become empowered and independent on the long run.

7.Remind yourself of your accomplishments.

This is not a means to be boastful or arrogant. But by reminding yourself every now and then things you may have accomplished. It doesn’t matter if its small or big accomplishments. This helps you know how far you have come and encourages you not to give up on you especially when things don’t go as you may have planned.

8. Always be Confident.

Being confident doesn’t mean you will start being proud and all. But you loving yourself, greatly requires that you are not timid when some situation arises and all.  Moreso, endeavour to always be confident and not cower in daring situations.

9. Cultivate the habit of being with family and friends who bring out the best in you always.

You and any other individual most of the time tends to listen more to what people say, or what our friends and families thinks about us. When you surround yourself more often with people that reminds you of your strengths, your little or big successes, you tend to blossom more and love yourself for you.

10. Don’t be overly concerned by what people think and say about you.

The fastest and easiest ticket to having an unhappy life is to always be mindful of what people say and think of you. To love yourself, don’t completely heed to the negative things others may or might say about you. Always allow positive vibes only and always.

11. Endeavour to always eat a healthy diet.

Most folks tends to start hating themselves when they start adding up due to unhealthy body fats here and there. Hence, it is very crucial to eat more healthy foods on a daily basis. And if at all you may have added too much body fat in the past, it’s not too late to hit the gym and get that gorgeous body you have always wanted.

12. Learn to always let go of the past.

Dwelling on the past only weighs you down and hinders you from moving forward. To love yourself more, let go of anything bad or ugly that had happened to you in the past in which you had no control over. The lesser you brood on things you have no control over, the easier it is for you to embrace yourself with all the love you have to offer and so much more.

13. Learn to have your alone moments.

It’s very crucial you spare out time every now and then to have an alone time. This is paramount in ways of loving yourself. Because it enables you analyze areas about you, that you need improvement on and ways to be a better version of yourself.

14. Ask for genuine assistance whenever you feel lost

There’s no big deal in asking for assistance or advise from people who seems older or who may guide you in words and the right path to follow. Nobody knows it all, so always strive to seek others opinions who may mean and also wish you well.

Remember, it’s only you who can truly love yourself for you. It’s how you present yourself to be loved, that others would treat and love you the same way and manner. Most times it might be better than you love yourself, and other times it might be worse. The choice is yours today to make, so choose wisely.


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