17 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

17 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

One of the best gifts you can ever give yourself is to improve yourself daily. By making up your mind to follow a practical process to improve yourself.

In doing this, it’s a sure way into becoming that person you dream and envision yourself to be in the next few months or years from now. Be it either in the short or long run.

By improving yourself daily and following a core practical routine process. Would help you to be that special person or version of yourself.

In which you oftentimes imagine in your head or think about in your mind.

You may also be in the category of person’s that so much want to be someone better than they already are.

But do not quite know the right steps or process to follow in order to achieve this aim, or goals, or self-improvement process/es.

So, therefore, this post provides a step-by-step practical process in which when keenly followed, would enable you to see some positive self-improved changes in your life in the short/long run.

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17 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

Here are 17 ways in which you can improve yourself.

1. A Practical Way to Improve Yourself Is By Planning Your Day Ahead

There’s a popular adage that says; if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

That being said, when starting a new day or week, it is very paramount to plan your next day ahead of time. By doing it the previous day.

You can do this by writing out a to-do list. And make sure it’s not so clumped up.

So that it will be much easier for you to accurately complete all the tasks you have mapped out for yourself for the next day/week.

2. Waking Up Early

After planning your day ahead by write a to-do list. Endeavor to set an alarm for 4 am or max 6 am.

By waking up early, you’re sure to exercise a little for some minutes, have your normal bathroom routines, have breakfast, and start your day in earnest.

This way, you won’t start lamenting towards the end of the day, that you didn’t get to finish or complete about 80% of your to-do list for the day/week.

3. Let Go of Bad Events of the Past

Most times in life, things tend to happen in which you have no absolute control.

But nonetheless, it’s in your best interest both emotionally and mentally, to let go of the negative impact such events have on you.

Holding on to the shackles of the past would only tame you and prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

Therefore, a practical way of self-improvement is letting go of things from your past which had happened and you had no control over.

This can be easily done, when you forgive yourself and tell yourself it can only get better. And you move on as swiftly as you can.

4. Acquire a New Skill

In life, it’s important to keep going in a positive dimension. Acquiring that skill you’ve always had in mind to acquire is not too late to do that.

Adding a skill to what you already know at the moment, would give you an edge on some things in life.

This new skill could be learning how to draw, learning how to bake, learning how to start a successful blog, etc. Whatever skill it may be, just go for it!

5. Enroll for an Online Course

No knowledge is ever a waste. Irrespective of whatsoever you might have studied at college or at the University.

By acquiring more knowledge on a course pertaining to your field of study or pertaining to another field entirely, will not in any way be a waste in the short or long run.

Hence, by doing this, you’re improving yourself in being the best version of yourself.

6. Improve Yourself By Facing Your Fears

Fear is one of man’s greatest enemies. It cripples you, and most times makes you lose trust in yourself.

Make you lose your self-confidence. Makes you feel less of who you truly are, and a whole lot more.

One of the surest ways to overcome fear, is asking yourself what are you afraid of? This way, it will be quite easy for you to identify your fear/s. Face them with all the strength in you.

And make up your mind, to carry out those things you’re so afraid of. Who knows, you might find your purpose in-between.

And might be one of the best individuals in that aspect. You can never be so sure of this until you try it out by facing your fears today!!!

7. Improve Yourself By Being Disciplined in Keeping Fit

Most times, you might be so carried away by the things you are doing or working on. And you forget, one of the most crucial parts of your well-being which is keeping fit.

When you are fit, you can be sure you will be mentally, and emotionally alert to carry out other activities that you’re supposed to carry out.

This can be done, if you endeavor to at least spare 2 hours,  3/4 times of the week to exercise. Either by jogging, skipping, swimming, etc.

8. Be Disciplined in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s such a sweet sensational feeling to be in your comfort zone without anyone or anything disturbing you.

Or interfering with your alone moment or disrupting your normal daily comfort zone routine.

But how long do you intend to do this? If you decide to do this, it would only destroy you in the long run.

In the sense that, being in your comfort zone, you will never get to get most things done when you’re supposed to get them done. You would feel so lazy almost all the time.

Therefore, to be the better-improved version of yourself. You just need to snap out or the best way, jump out of your comfort zone and do something useful and better for yourself.

And this can only be done if you are very disciplined and focused. Like they say nothing is impossible, you just have to try.

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9. A Practical Way to Improve Yourself Is to Identify Your Shortcomings and Overcome Them

No one is accurately perfect no doubt. For we are all humans, who err every now and then.

But nonetheless, it’s best to at least curtail or identify your shortcomings. In the quest of being a better version of yourself by improving yourself.

Your shortcomings, be it anger, or being withdrawn, or being cranky, or being selfish, or being lazy, or being shy, etc. Can all be accurately overcome by you. If you’re determined to do so.

10. Another Practical Way to Improve Yourself Is Following Your Daily Routine Plans

You may map out things you want to achieve for the day. And most times other unforeseen events come up and you’re not able to go through with your initial plans for the day.

But all things being equal, it is of paramount importance to make sure you accomplish at least 80% of your daily routine plans.

That way, you would know you are not lagging behind or feel guilty at the end of the day, that you couldn’t achieve much.

Hence, it’s great if you can keep your daily plans at a maximum of 7 most important things to achieve for the day, and do at least a minimum of 5 crucial important things.

11. Put Your Plans Into Action!

It’s your greatest desire to at least change and follow your self-improvement plans to the letter. Most times, it’s easier said than done, yeah I know.

But if you can develop enough discipline and endeavor to talk to yourself every now and then about why you need to accomplish your plans.

It would actually propel you into taking a step and achieving good /great results on your self-improvement journey.

12. A Practical Way to Improve Yourself, Is Keeping Yourself Away From Negative People

Nothing kills any good thing or motive faster than being surrounded by negative vibes. Have you ever had a good intention/s of doing something?

And a negative friend told you, you are not good at it? Or you would never amount to anything good? Well, it happens!

Negative people might be around you. But you can make up your mind on your quest for Self Development to be deaf to anything negative anyone wants to say to you.

And face your fears, or doubts and make that thing you so desire happen for you.

13. Learn From Your Friends and Love Ones

No one knows it all. At some point, we need to heed suggestions, encouragements, and assistance from those who truly care about us, and wish to see us doing well for ourselves.

Hence, another practical way to improve yourself is learning from your friends and loved ones who are a little bit or more above you in different aspects of life.

That way, you tend to accurately weigh things for what they are. And you make the right decision and not one that would make you regret much later.

Therefore, always endeavor to seek the opinions of your friends and love ones who truly care. And learn from them!

14. Improve Yourself By Practically Letting Go of Old Bad Habits

Habits, can either make you or break you. It can either raise you up or bring you down. It can either make you better or make you worse of who you truly are or should be.

Hence, it’s always important, to sit down and ask yourself some really deep questions, on the various bad habits you are presently involved in. Those are bad for you and not improving you in any way.

And make up your mind today to let go of such habits. Most of the time, it’s not easy to break loose of an old bad habit.

But if you’re determined and disciplined enough, you can overcome anything in your life that you’re presently not so cool about

15. Another Practical Way to Improve Yourself Is to Always Think Positive Thoughts

We are what we think. The only way to see positive results in your self-improvement processes/ quest is for you to always think positive thoughts.

When you endeavor to think more positive thoughts to yourself rather than negative thoughts, you tend to condition yourself and your mind into bringing the best of yourself and being the best version of you.

16. Tell Yourself Positive Things

Another way of improving yourself is telling yourself positive things. Words of Affirmation have a whole lot of ways it helps improves your mental well-being.

And also, it helps propel you into doing the things you need to do. You can tell yourself positive things such as; I am great, I am beautiful, I am accomplishing my dreams, I am Amazing, etc.

These positive words when spoken out by you more often, tend to change you into becoming what you say.

17. Endeavour to Read and Complete a Book Every Month

Readers are leaders. Readers are wise. One of the practical ways to improve yourself is reading and completing a very good book at least every month.

Remember; Wisdom is the application of Knowledge. So, therefore, do not just read the book. But endeavor to apply the steps given, the words of meditation, etc.

By doing this, you’re improving your reasoning, and you’re growing and improving in all aspects.

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Final Thought

It takes determination and action to improve in one’s self. Don’t just reading also put to practice what you’ve learnt.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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