8 Productive Things You Can Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

8 Productive Things You Can Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Most times, falling asleep easily might be such a herculean task. In the sense that, you’d find yourself having a series of different thoughts hovering through your mind. So, what’re the 8 productive things you can do when you can’t fall asleep? Find Out!

In which, most times, you end up finding yourself being so awake almost all through the evening and even past bedtime.

Having a sound sleep is a way in which the body relaxes and in turn, it rejuvenates itself after a long stressful, and tasking day.

But most of the time, you find yourself keeping vigil instead of falling asleep.

And you end up doing unproductive things like sitting on the couch or lying on the bed scrolling endlessly checking one app after another on your phone or on your garget.

And at the end of the evening, you end up not really achieving much or anything at all.

Yeah, almost everyone faces this dilemma of not falling asleep easily once in a while. So if you find yourself in this circle.

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The 8 Productive Things You Can Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Below outlined are the productive things you can do, when you can’t fall asleep.

1. Go Over What Happened During the Day and Be Grateful for the Day

Most times, you might be so engrossed in the happenings around you.

And the things going on in your life that, you tend to forget about the great things you need to acknowledge and be grateful for them.

Hence, if you can’t fall asleep, you can actually have a flashback of how your day went.

The good and the bad things that may/might have happened during the day and be grateful for them.

Remember, you cannot control how things happen in your life and with you. But you can actually control the attitude in which you tend to truly accept them.

When you accurately make up your mind on this, you’d realize it will calm your nerves, and make it easier for you to fall asleep, rather than being wild awake.

2. When You Can’t Fall Asleep, Do Well to Plan Ahead How You Want the Next Day to Be Like

Planning your day ahead would help you know the things you will need to do for the next day.

And also, it helps you start off your day knowing fully well, the things you need to do in terms of the first tasks to tackle, and the time you need to spend on each task.

Therefore, when you cannot fall asleep and endeavor to take out time to be productive by planning your day effectively, rather than scrolling through your phone endlessly.

You’d realize that you are more certain of how you want your next day to be like.

And by the time, you are done planning your day, you’d realize that you will start dozing off gradually, and easily. This is also one of the productive things you can do when you can’t fall asleep.

3. Go Over Each Goal You May Have Written Down Earlier

Goals are like compasses that help you know where you are at the moment, and where you are meant to be in either the short or the long run.

When you cannot fall asleep, one of the ways to calm your mind is going through the goals you had earlier written down.

And analyzing yourself on if you are actually doing well, or lagging behind on those written goals.

And check for ways in which you can accurately make adjustments, and take steps into becoming that version of you, you had earlier envisioned.

By doing this, your mindsets will be calm, and you’d tend to fall asleep more easily.

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4. Read a Self-Improvement Book

Reading and feeding your mind on the wise words of those who are ahead of you on whatever success path you want to follow, is a sure way of making you grow in knowledge and also broaden your horizon.

It opens your mind to the realization of things you had earlier overlooked and didn’t think possible in the first instance.

Therefore, if you are finding it completely hard to fall asleep, another productive thing you can do is pick up a Self Improvement book such as; The Power of Positive Thinking by Vincent Pearle.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Starting Over by Bob Gass. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, etc.

Whenever you can’t fall asleep and you pick up a self Improvement book to read.

I bet you, you’d fall asleep effortlessly in no time after ready a chapter or two. This always works like magic, trust me!!

5. You Can Also Tidy Up the Kitchen by Doing the Dishes When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Most times, due to how tired you are from your day’s activity. You get home either from work or wherever else you might have gone to.

And all you want to do is, have a bath, fix/have dinner and doze off. But a lot of times, the sleep refuses to come.

Then you find yourself tossing from one side of your bed to the other. Thinking thoughts that would only make you feel more stressed than you were before.

During this time, one of the ways to relax is not leaving your used and dirty utensils on the kitchen sink till the next morning.

Hence, while waiting to fall asleep, you could clean up the kitchen and do the dishes. By the time, you are done, you feel more sleepy than ever.

6. Another Productive Thing to Do if You Can’t Fall Asleep Is, Do the Laundry

While doing this, you can be playing soothing songs and singing along while doing your laundry or putting them in the washing machine.

You can do a few if you cannot do the whole piled-up laundry all at once. In addition, by the time you’d be done, you will feel tired.

So all you would do is take another round of a warm bath, and sleep off right afterward

7. You Can Be Productive When You Can’t Fall Asleep by Writing a Letter to That Special Person You Love

It’s so soothing when you think about someone whom you love, and you endeavor to write a letter to them.

By telling the person, how much you miss him/her. How you wish they are with you and all.

You’re writing a letter to this special person, would calm your mind and make you more relaxed and this way, you’d easily fall asleep in no time.

8. Another Productive Thing You Can Do, Is Count All Your Blessings

Most of the time, you might not really know how blessed of a human being you are, until you quietly sit yourself down.

And count all the wonderful things going on in your life, and for all the people and things that you have.

That way, you’d realize your life is not as worse or bad as you had earlier thought. Remember that, your acknowledging the blessings in your life, would eventually open greater doors of good blessings for you.

When you do this often most especially when you cannot fall asleep, you’d realize you tend to be all smiles and in a more solaced state than you were before then.

Hence, you will fall asleep easily in a more relaxed manner.

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Final Thought

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