Morning words of affirmations, to help you start your day

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I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” Mohammed Ali

The world was created by words. Virtually all the nice, good things you see around you, were all created through such process .

This was made possible because someone thought about them. And spoke positive words of affirmations concerning these/those things.

And in turn, over time got ideas on how to materialize those things over time into physical things in which you and I see around us today.

Mornings are usually the beginning of a new dawn. How you start you mornings, would greatly determine how great.

And how good, or ugly your day is going to be like. And eventually end up to be at the end of the day.

The words you speak out, either positive or negative. Would over time, have a great influence on how your life will turn out to be, on either the short or long run.

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Things don’t always go as you want and plan. But irrespective of that, you have the final say.  On if to let such things that went wrong have a toll on you or not.

Hence, if you go about having and hoarding unto the negative thoughts hovering in your mind.

And you end up, saying those negative thoughts or however bad you feel. You’d notice that over time, you become what you have been saying and thinking about.

But if on the other hand, as often as you can. You tell yourself good, nice positive affirmations even though things are not as good as you want them to be.

If you endeavour to keenly write down these powerful words of Affirmations. And religiously say them to yourself every mornings before you start your day.

You’d realize that over time, those positive thoughts and positive words of affirmation starts materializing.

It might not be instantly but, your life and almost everything concerning you, will take shape and fall in place like you’ve spoken and told yourself.

I remember, a while ago, I was so scared of writing or putting my thoughts together in the simplest way possible way.

I kept telling myself, I cannot write, or even make much sense.

But I had to tell myself, one-day that, I can translate my thoughts into writing. And improve on it, and reach out to you who is presently reading this.

So you see, if I had actually fed my negative thoughts. By telling myself, am not being good enough and all.

Perharps, I wouldn’t know if at all I can actually write a sentence such as this, that would at least make a little iota of sense.

Therefore, below are 45 powerful morning words of Affirmations to help you start your day each day.

And on either the short or long run, your life will be what you’ve spoken about it to be.

Powerful words of Affirmations

1. Am a grateful for this day
2. Being alive feels great
3. I am Healthy
4. I am wise
5. I am creative
6. I am filled with positive thoughts
7. My day is going to be great today
8. I am joyful
9. All my needs are met
10. I live the life of my dreams
11. My family are happy, and live in harmony
12. Things are working out for my good
13. I find favour everywhere I go
14. I love my life
15. I have great and wonderful people as friends and as my family

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Wonderful words of Affirmations

16. I am loveable
17. Nice things are attracted to me
18. Nice people are attracted to me
19. Good things comes to me.
20. I do not struggle for anything in life
21. Things comes to me in a good and nice way
22. I am the light of my world
23. I find favor everywhere I go
24. Things are moving well for me
25. The universe is good to me
26. I do not lack; neither do I want
27. Things are moving well for me
28. I am bold, and fearless
29. I am courageous
30. I have all the nice things I want

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Good Words of Affirmation

31. Life is good to me
32. I live and have the best life ever
33. My world is beautiful
34. Things are falling in place for me
35. I have and manifest all I want now and always.
36. Amazing and great things happen in my life everyday.
37. I am happy now and always.
38. I have steady flow of income.
39. I am flourishing in all I do.
40. Am amazing .
41. I am wonderful.
42. I dwell in prosperity.
43. I have all I want and need now and always.
44. My words of affirmation are bringing forth what I want
45. Thank you universe for giving me all I ask for and want.

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