35 Powerful Affirmations to change your Life.

35 Powerful Affirmations to change your Life.

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. Most times you get yourself entangled into some unforseen events you have no absolute control over.

And they drain you mentally and emotionally to the point that you are engulfed with anxiety and depression.

When such happens, most times you find yourself being less of who you should be. You find yourself not being the best version of yourself.

The more you are engulfed with these negative thoughts and emotions, the more you find yourself struggling to find yourself. This shouldn’t be so!

I for one, there was a time I was so overwhelmed with a few life’s issues. And for once, I felt will I ever get out of it?

I was so overwhelmed and saturated with bad thoughts to the point that it sapped out all the good and positive energy in me.

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That moment, I couldn’t help it but allow the claws of all the bad negative vibes choke me. I was not only feeling sorry for myself.

I felt so pathetic and was wallowing in self pity, and living in ‘what if’ mentally.

I struggled with this negative thoughts and vibes for so long that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself.

Until I looked myself in the mirror one day, and told myself I cannot continue being like this. I need to do something different with my life and myself.

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You also have a choice to make today to stop being overwhelmed for so long by any situation you might have found yourself in.

Before you go any further, just incase you have read this piece to this point. And you don’t have an idea of what affirmations are, then take a pause and ponder on the following.

Affirmations are short, powerful, and positive words you often tell yourself.

These powerful affirmations has a great impact on your entire being.

This is only possible when you say these powerful affirmations over and over again in an ‘assauring way to yourself.

Hence, below are some Powerful Affirmations to change your life.

1. I am great
2. Positive and great things happen in my life each day
3. I am wonderful
4. I think positive thoughts each day
5. Am surrounded by amazing things
6. I am destined for great things
7. I am fearless
8. I am brave
9. I am courageous
10. Things are turning around for my good

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Powerful Affirmations to change your life.

11. I am happy
12. I am wonderful
13. The universe favours me each day
14. I am so unique
15. I am achieving great things
16. I am loveable
17. I am a loving person
18. I am a Success
19. I am a successful person
20. Things always work for my good
21. I am full of great ideas
22. I am a healthy person
23. I am a wealthy person
24. I attract great things each day
25. My life is transforming to an amazing life.

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Powerful Affirmations to change your life.

26. My past have no hold on me
27. I have total control of my negative thoughts and emotions
28. I have a wonderful family
29. My family are always supportive
30. I have my dream job
31. All my needs are met always
32. Am transforming into the person I envisioned myself to be
33. Wealth is my birthright
34. I am a confident person
35. Am grateful now that all my words are coming into reality.

Say the above words of Powerful Affirmations to yourself daily. Strongly meaning every word you say. And watch your life change into what you’ve always envisioned it to be.

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