How to Stop Being Lazy With Your Life

How to Stop Being Lazy With Your Life

Life has its ups and downs no doubt. Sometimes, things become so overwhelming that you lose a glimpse of who you are.

Most times, you feel so lazy to the point that even getting out of bed seems like a herculean task.

And as such, you allow yourself to be so overwhelmed to the point of living your life each day without being productive or without it having much meaning to it.

Yeah, most times life is not fair. Most especially, when some things beyond your control hit you so hard.

And you have no choice but to allow yourself to be dragged into the pit of depression which subsequently leads to laziness if not checked early enough.

This process holds you bound so strongly to the point that, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed or bothered about anything else no matter what it is.

You might be reading this piece because you have been dragged into the tentacles of laziness and you need to free yourself from its grip.

This is totally fine, and one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself now before the new year begins.

This is irrespective of the fact of if you are naturally lazy or not. Or if you got into a state of laziness due to certain things that were beyond your control.

But nonetheless, you have a choice to stop being lazy if you want to.

Over time, there are different factors that make someone lazy. In your case, it might be that you are not certain about what you want to do with your life.

Or you lack self-discipline or perhaps you might be going through some sort of life phase that, are overly draining, and you have allowed yourself to be dragged into the whole laziness process.

But like I mentioned earlier, you have a choice and a decision to make this moment and free yourself from the grips of laziness.

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How to Stop Being Lazy With Your Life

Hence, below are a list of how you can stop being lazy with your life.

1. Figure Out Why You Are Lazy

Everything in life no matter what it might be has a source. Or has some sort of roots from which, it emanated from.

Therefore, for the fact that you are presently being lazy and less productive with your life, it’s very important you sit yourself down.

And ask yourself personal questions on why you are actually being lazy about your life?

When you try asking yourself these questions, you’d realize that you will figure out what is weighing you down. Or if you’re just being naturally lazy with your life, etc.

2. Start Thinking Positive Thoughts About Yourself

Thoughts are like the powerhouse of your entire existence as a human being. Your thoughts can either make or break you.

When you overly dwell on negative thoughts, you’d realize that you are overwhelmed by the issues you are presently going through.

And you’d start feeling depressed about the things that should be, but aren’t.

Hence, to stop being lazy with your life, it’s very important that you start thinking positive thoughts about yourself doing something worthwhile.

You can start by telling yourself positive things like;

i. I can do it
ii. I am hardworking
iii. I am focused
iv. I am capable of doing great things,
v. I am determined, etc.

3. Set an Achievable Goal for Yourself Each Day

Like I would always say, goals are like a compass that guides you from one stage to another in your life.

Without a clear goal that is achievable, you’d realize that you spend each day unproductive, ie without achieving anything worthwhile or tangible.

Hence, to stop being lazy with your life, it’s paramount that you at least set goals for yourself.

Goals that are achievable and that won’t overly weigh you down when in the process of achieving them.

Always, keep this in mind!

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4. Start Your Day Right

The mornings are the break of a new dawn, in which you and I and anyone else have a choice of making up our minds to start off right.

Starting your day right involves a whole lot of factors. Which ranges from you having a clearly stated morning routine.

In which you need to follow through thoroughly, and religiously.

Because if you don’t, it ends up affecting the rest of the day for you.

Hence, to stop being lazy with your life, you have to let go of some toxic morning habits.

Such as; waking up late, checking your phone once you wake up, not bathing before going out, etc.

When these morning toxic habits are kept in check, you’d realize you will start feeling less lazy. And become a productive person than you once were.

5. Develop Self-Discipline

Being disciplined is like a bird that has its wings spread out, takes a leap, flies, and knows its destination.

But when you lack self-discipline, you might only daydream or wish that you had wings, you’ve taken a leap, and you’re up there flying. Whereas you’re not!

If by peradventure you’ve read this piece to this point. I want to assume and believe that, so far, you’ve been able to identify why you’re lazy.

And you have also made up your mind to start off your day right, and to stop being lazy with your life.

The only way this can happen is you consciously develop the trait of self-discipline.

Mind you, Self-discipline is not a thing that happens overnight. But you need to nurture it and with time, you’d transform into a more productive person.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive and Hard-Working People

What’s the essence of being with some categories of persons that don’t inspire you to be better?

What’s exactly the whole point of having friends when they don’t bring out the best in you?

It’s better than being a loner doing better than being surrounded by some persons that only drain you, yeah?

Hence, if you desire a change in any area of your life, it’s very paramount that you at least endeavor to go out there by stepping out of your comfort zone.

By mingling and associating with folks who are more positive-minded and are hardworking as well.

This is very important and would help and also motivate you into coming out of your comfort zone. Which in turn would also help you to, stop being lazy with your life.

7. Don’t Give Up on Yourself

It’s one thing to figure out what the problem you might be going through is.

And it’s another thing not to give up on yourself during the phase and process of taking a few steps into being lazy with your life.

Because most definitely, there will be a stage in which you’d feel so tired or weak about the things you need to get done.

And you’d most likely want to give up on your new decision.

When this happens, you need to tell yourself you can’t give up on yourself now, or ever, because you had already started a new phase in your life.

Hence no going back now or ever into the tentacles of being lazy.

Therefore, simply make up your mind to remain focused on the journey at hand.

All the best, and stay safe out there!!!

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