Habit That Kills Your Productivity and Ways to Overcome It

Habit That Kills Your Productivity and Ways to Overcome It

There are so many habit/s that are killing your productivity. Some are worse than others. But one thing is sure that, habits can either make or break you.

The habit/s in which you follow on a daily basis could either make you a success or a failure. It could either make you a shining star or a fellow who doesn’t have many hopes or should not be looked up to.

What you do daily, and overtime. Would much, later on, tell on you to others, if you’re serious about your life or if you’re wasting away your time, your resources, and what have you.

It is very very paramount to check yourself once in a while by analyzing how your life is, so you can accurately do a recheck on if you’re on the right track or if there’s something you need to stop doing or start doing so you can be that person you truly want to be.

Your being productive as the day goes by is very very important to both your personal and mental growth. If you are not productive by achieving things on a daily basis. Then it clearly means you are wasting away your time, and perhaps your life.

Most likely over time, you may have wanted to do certain productive things but you find yourself not achieving much or even 50% of whatever task you may have planned to do for the day.

And you ask yourself some certain questions, why are you like that? Could it be you are not managing your time the way you should, etc?

You keep feeling so bad and asking yourself countless questions.

Well, you are not the only person on this boat. I for one have been there, laying out things to do for the day. And I find myself not doing 50% of those laid out tasks. And how I so much felt terrible about it!

Then I got to realize, I was engaging in some bad habits that were not making me productive as am supposed to be. Maybe and most likely you might also be in this boat.

But may have not really sat down to critically ask yourself some crucial questions on why you are not as productive as you ought to be?

You identifying those bad habits you are presently now so fond of, and look for a way to completely get rid of them as time goes by with determination and self-discipline. Would help you to be more productive more than you presently are.

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Habit That Kills Your Productivity and Ways to Overcome It

Below are some habits that you are so engaged in that are making you less productive or not productive as you should be. And ways to overcome them.

1. A Habit That Is Killing Your Productivity Is Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. In the sense that, you always leave the things you want to do for later. You tell yourself, there’s still time.

Hence, you can do those things that are required of you much later instead of you doing them now. This is such a bad habit that kills your productivity.

It makes you less efficient! Because you find yourself, whiling away time not doing anything else that is good and productive for yourself.

You either find yourself watching the TV, or just chitchatting about things that are not so important and essential to your personal growth.

The habit of procrastination eats so deep into your being that it’s most times very very hard to overcome it.

But do not be of dismay! Remember that whatever you put your heart to, you will surely get it definitely!

How to Overcome the Bad Habit of Procrastination?

Before starting off any task you might want to do, be calm for some minutes in order to relax your mind and think of the best ways to go about what you want to do.

Tell yourself what you stand to gain in the task at hand, and why you need to put in your very best to get it done efficiently. And also, if your phone or the TV is a big distraction to you, quietly put your phone on silent.

Endeavor to turn off all the notifications and put them away out of sight. Until you are done with the task at hand. And if the TV is a big distraction, turn it off.

Move very far away from where it is, go somewhere else that you won’t even be seeing your TV. Then focus of what you need to do until you’re done with the task at hand.

2. You Always Daydreaming

How it’s such a wonderful thing to be in fantasy land. Daydreaming about all the nice, good, and great things you want in life or for yourself.

You spend so much time, daydreaming about how you bought a private jet, or how you went on vacation to Italy.

How you went on an expensive shopping spree all by yourself, and so much more. While doing all these, you may not even have up to $1,000 dollars in your name in your bank account. Yet you spend so much time and energy-wasting it on daydreaming.

Mind you, having high hopes and thinking big is fantastic! But what’s the use and point of always thinking about all the BIG things you want to do and achieve?

And you don’t work towards it, or take the first step into accomplishing those things and making them come to reality? But all you do almost all day is simply daydream and fantasize about them?

It’s energy-draining and it makes you less productive if you would agree.

Therefore, Below Are Ways to Overcome the Habit of Daydreaming;

To start with, snap out of that fantasy and start acting!!! Tell yourself, you can have all that you envisioned for yourself if you can just act towards it. Draft out a plan on the things you need to get those dreams in which you fantasize about into a reality.

Look out for courses you need to take, things you need to do to get things going gradually and at a steady pace for you. Make friends, read, research about the sets of people that are already on the road or path in which you fantasize about.

And that would assist you in becoming that person you want to be. Hence, stop daydreaming today, and start acting!!!

3. Trying to Be a Perfectionist All the Time

Yeah, it’s good to want to get things accurately done and in great shape. But why kill yourself over wanting all the things you do to be so perfect?

Being perfect is not only draining it wears you out of time and being yourself. Remember you will not always get a great review from everyone. Because there sure would be some critics that would want to wear you out.

And make you feel the thing you were striving so hard to perfect is just something not so good and worthwhile after all.

So why torture yourself over things you do and want it/them to be absolutely perfect almost all the time?

Steps on How to Overcome the Habit of Being a Perfectionist All the Time

Just relax, and breathe! Take it a step at a time. And do your best and leave the rest. Don’t wear yourself out wanting to always get it 100% perfect almost all the time.

If you try to, and it works out, good and fine. But if it doesn’t, do the very good job you can, and move on from there.

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4. Not Having a Daily Production Plan for the Day

Why be like an army going out for war without his ammunition? Why be like a fisherman going out to the sea to fish, and he forgot his net or his fishing hook?

In both instances, they are both set out to fail yeah? Don’t be like this almost all day, week in week out, or year in year out!!! This habit of starting off your day without a good productive routine or plan for the day kills your productivity.

You’d realize, the day goes by without you achieving much. Because you don’t even have a plan on the things to do and how to accomplish or go about them.

This habit killing your productivity needs to stop!!! You need to layout a plan for your day. You need to stop the habit of not having a plan for your day. And how do you do this?

By Following the Steps Below;

  1. Plan your day a night before.
    b. Endeavor to list out the essential things you need to do, by starting with the very important ones.
    c. Come up with at least 3 important things you can do for the day with ease. And accurately.
    d. Do not bombard yourself with so many things
    e. Remember to stay focus!!

5. You Doing All the Tasks at Once

What are the things you have on your to-do list for the day? Do you have plans to do the chores? To reply to your emails? Or to read a good book? Is it to meditate, etc.

Whatever you may have laid out on your to-do list to do for the day, do you complete each task completely before moving on to the next task on the list?

Or do you find yourself always trying to do everything all at once but halfway each time, without completely taking care of them in an efficient way?

If this is you, and how you do your things, then you need to stop that habit today!

Such a habit of trying to get all the things done on your to-do list for the day, can easily wear you out and make you feel so completely overwhelmed if you end up not meeting up with those things you needed to do.

Hence, it’s very paramount that you endeavor to finish a task first before moving on to the next task at hand.

Look and come up with simple ways that would enable you to accomplish a task at hand more easily.

Rather than being hooked up in a lot of things all at once, and being absolutely clueless on the next step to take. Therefore, do the most pressing things first, focus, and get it over with efficiently!

6. Not Having Enough Rest!

It’s very important you take a break and sleep at least 4/6 hrs each day. That way you’d feel refreshed and very energized about your day.

But once you’re not well relaxed or have not had enough rest the night before, you will find yourself feeling easily tired and stressed out.

Therefore, it is very paramount that you try as much as you can to rest more, by relaxing your body and mind for few hours before moving on to the task at hand.

That way, your mind will be clear from any clogs and you’d feel way better, and happy to begin your day.

7. Spending So Much Time on Social Media

Social media helps you interact and keep yourself abreast of the things happening around you. It also helps you know about the latest development and events that have taken place both near and far in different continents around the world.

But when all you do is head on to your social media handle every now and then chatting, following some people that are not adding to your life.

Or you spending so much time arguing about things that are and are not. Or you spending endless time, watching different videos that are not beneficial to your personal growth, etc.

This kills your productivity and your personal and mental growth. Therefore to overcome this, spare a fixed time and a specific number of hour/s each day in which, you can reply to chats, check what’s going on online, etc.

And be disciplined to stick to that. When you are disciplined with that, you’d realize most things on social media don’t freak you that much anymore.

Hence, decide today that you’d limit the number of endless hours you spend on social media. That is killing your productivity, and get on having a good, and productive life that you desire for yourself.

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