Reasons Why You Lack Motivation, and How to Overcome it

Reasons Why You Lack Motivation, and How to Overcome It (5 Life Changing Tips)

At one point in time or another, you might have been so tired and lacked any form of excitement, or had a lack of motivation to get some essential things you need to do done.

We all go through this or may have experienced this at one point in time or another. Which is very ok.

For as long as you are human. There are bound to be times in which you lack every form of enthusiasm to even get out of bed.

Or to get out of the couch to do the chores. You feel tired even go out and do something tangible and more productive.

Life tends to be in stages no doubt. And each day can be more fulfilling if only you can make up your mind to get some certain things done. Rather than keeping them for later.

There’s a lot you can get done if only you tell yourself no matter what, you need to stay motivated.

You just need to bring yourself to get those essential things you want to do, and get them done and over within no time.

Being motivated or having the motivation to do things and get them done is not so easy.

Lot of times, you may have 1,000 countless reasons not to do the things you want to do.

You tell yourself, you are not in the mood, you are not having all that motivation you need at the time to get right into the task/s at hand to get it/them over with.

You might also be experiencing this without even knowing you lack motivation and the reasons behind why you are not excited about doing the task/s that are being required of you or that you need to do.

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Reasons Why You Lack Motivation, and How to Overcome It

Below are 5 reasons why you lack motivation, and how to overcome it;

1. You Are Doubting Yourself and Your Abilities

We all have different abilities and talents which are essentially important to anchor us towards the path we should or need to follow.

But if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities. If you doubt yourself and feel you cannot and will never amount to much.

Then you won’t feel motivated. In all sense, you will lack any form of motivation to even get started.

Hence, if you happen to fall into this category, it’s time to start telling yourself right from this moment, that you are made and created for so much more.

That you can achieve much more than you can ever imagine. All you need to do is stop doubting yourself. You might be thinking, and probably saying, it’s easier said than done.

But how will you know if it will work for you or not when you have not given it a try at least.? Or endeavor to take the first step into taking that course or learning that skill?

Henceforth, to improve and increase your lack of motivation, you need to tell yourself there is more in and to life, you deserve it, and you are going to start working very hard to get it.

Because you deserve all the good things there is the universe has to offer.

2. You Want to Make Everyone Happy

It’s impossible to make everyone happy. Most times you may try all you can to do certain things right just because you want to gain the approval of others.

Most of the time, because you are so concerned about making others happy, you tend to feel sad and withdrawn when you fail at the said thing you wished on making others happy with.

And not having the motivation to do anything else.

If you happen to fall into this category, then know you cannot please or make everyone happy. You need to think about yourself first before you think about others.

Have it at the back of your mind that those in whom you are trying so much to make happy, may not even appreciate your efforts.

So why work your butts out trying to make them happy. While neglecting yourself in the process?

You can overcome this if you can come up with your own goals, and strive to follow them at your own pace rather than you being haywire trying to make others happy at all costs. Hence letting yourself down in the process.

3. You Tend to Have the ‘I Don’t Care Mentality’

If you happen to fall in this category, you might be going through either mild or acute depression.

Your feeling depressed might be because you have given up on life, due to certain things that may/might have happened to you in the past.

And you simply have developed the; I don’t care mentality over time. Which may or might have eaten so deep into you.

And you just watch life pass you by each day without you doing much or getting things done for yourself.

You tend to wake up and do the same boring thing all over again. You lack excitement, motivation, and you simply want to be left alone in your shell of I don’t care!!!

This is wrong and you should snap out of it. No matter what may have happened be it wrong or worse or bad.

It’s fine!! But it has been done and there’s not much you can actually do about it to change it.

But only to get yourself together and make the best use of what you have left. And move on!!! Remember, your loved ones count on you for so much more.

So snap out of your I don’t care mentality and get off your butt and re-strategize on the best plan of action, stick to the plan and watch your life transform over time.

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4. You’re Being Stagnant on Things You Need to Be Doing

Have you ever been in such a situation in which, you tend to wake up in the morning? Then head over to the bathroom, brush your teeth.

And then go over to the kitchen make yourself some breakfast. And then you went over to the couch, and decided to watch a program going on on TV?

After about 2hrs, you change the channel to another one, and you are on the couch watching different TV channels from morning until late hours in the evening?

Do you normally notice you tend to feel so tired and exhausted as if you’ve run a marathon race? Even though you haven’t moved an inch over the last hour of your being on the couch?

Perhaps only when you decided to go to the loo to urinate. You decided to be so stagnant on the couch.

Not for the reason that you don’t have very important things to do for the day.

Instead of watching TV all day. But you just didn’t feel motivated or were in the mood to get things done.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed when you wake up and decide you must achieve a whole lot of things for the day?

From a task, you move on to another. Just like a train moving gently around the rail?

Did you notice you weren’t stagnant? You achieved more for the day, you felt more energized and very vibrant.

Rather than when you had decided to just be lazy about on the couch all day.

And at the end of the day, you felt more fulfilled and happy with yourself for accomplishing much more for the day.

5. Having to Do a Whole Lot All at Once

You just checked your list of things to do for the day. And you realized you’ve written a bunch of plenty of things to be accomplished for the day.

And the next thing you’d experience is the excitement you had felt earlier had been flung out of the window.

That moment, you start asking yourself where will you start from and which of the task out of the whole bunch of tasks for the day, will you start with?

Most of the time, we are often guilty of this. But you know what, you can overcome it.

All you need to do is highlight those things that are very very essential a day at a time. And don’t try doing everything all at once. Doing this would only stress you out.

And make you feel less enthusiasm and lack motivation when you are even carrying out the task.

And in no time, you will feel so stressed and fagged out. With your energy level dropping in no time!

If in any way, you fall into this category. Then you need to slow down on things you need to do. And take all your bulky tasks a step at a time.

You could do this, by breaking them into smaller bits of activities. And assigning days to each of the smaller tasks, and making sure you get them done.

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Final Thought

Hope you have been able to identify why you’re not oftentimes motivated? And you have also figured out a way/ways to overcome your lack of motivation.

And get more things done, at an easier and a better place? If you have, I wish you the very best!

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