14 Positive Habits to Imbibe Upon for an Impactful Life

Being who you want to be all boils down to the positive habits you imbibe on a daily basis.

In order to have a successful and impactful life you so envision and desire for yourself.

Almost everyone’s greatest wish, desire is to be successful and have a life worth emulating or applauded.

It is one thing to sit and wish, to daydream of all the things you want. And it’s another thing to take a step each day to become that.

Both positive and negative habits are formed from the daily routines you practice.

You cannot go far in life if all you do is carry along with you all the negative habits there are.

Most times one would say it’s easier said than done. But who said it’s impossible?

Who said you cannot trash whatever negative habit holding you back?

Who said you cannot start afresh on a clean slate with positive habits to give you the best life you envision and want for yourself?

The year 2021, is still young. Hence, you can make a solid decision today, this moment to discard the negative habits.

You may have been carrying along with you and start imbibing the positive habits.

Therefore, below are Positive habits to imbibe upon for an impactful life.

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14 Positive Habits to Imbibe Upon for an Impactful Life

Here are 14 Positive Habits to Imbibe Upon for an Impactful Life:

1. Have a Solid Daily Positive Routine

How you start your day really determines how well your day would go.

If you tend to start your day in a very moody, and less enthusiastic mood.

You would notice that your day ends up not going as you want. Yeah, it’s understandable that not all days would be the same.

But why beat yourself up about situations you have no control over?

The least you can do when starting your day is being positive, and grateful for the good things in your life at the moment.

2. Keep Your Phone Away for Some Minutes After You Wake Up

Due to the rapid change in the world’s civilization. And the fast rate at which technology is changing the world.

You would want to keep in touch and keep yourself abreast of the happenings going on around you.

This is good, but one the long run when you get so addicted to your phone.

By always checking your social media handles first thing you wake up in the morning.

Can in a lot of ways, slow down your day, and not make you be productive as you should be.

Therefore, to imbibe a positive habit endeavor to at least keep your phone away from you for some hours after you had woken up.

And only check it if something very important comes up.

3. Meditate More

When you tend to create time to meditate each day for few hours. About good events in the past, and in the present.

It helps you to be more relaxed. It clears your mind from negative things you shouldn’t be thinking about.

Hence, imbibe more on the positive habit of meditating as often as possible. This would help you appreciate the great things, and the people in your life, instead of otherwise.

4. Be Disciplined With Your Goals

Almost everyone is guilty of not being positive with their goals.

Goals are like directions for our day-to-day activities. A good goal would help you be on the right path you should follow.

It’s one thing to write countless goals on things you want, and need to achieve. But when you are not disciplined with them.

You tend to not achieve anything tangible at the end of the day. Hence, if you are not disciplined with your goals before now.

This is the time to start imbibing on this positive habit and transform your life for the better.

5. Let Go of Your Past

Most times things happen, which we didn’t plan for.

And a lot of times, you might have found yourself making decisions that turned out so bad, and in turn, you became so regretful.

Perhaps, at the moment an ugly past is weighing you down, dragging you back, and stopping you from achieving the things you want to achieve.

Whatever your terrible past is, that is weighing you down, it’s high time you forgive yourself and move on. Let it/them go!

That way, you will be light to soar higher, towards achieving some of your heart’s desires, if not all.

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6. Maintain a Healthy Eating Routine

How is your eating lifestyle like? Have you been eating healthy foods so far?

Or you eat whatever comes your way? If you are of this habit, you need to stop such right away.

And start practicing how to eat healthy foods, and maintain that healthy eating routine no matter what.

That way, you maintain a healthy weight, instead of gaining unhealthy fat here and there.

7. Exercise More

Exercising helps burn excess calories, and also makes one light, and fit. If you are of the negative habit of not exercising at all. Then you need to stop such this moment.

You cannot keep on eating all you can, and then not exercise even three times in a week to keep fit? That’s so wrong and not healthy for you.

8. Improve Yourself Daily

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is by improving yourself daily. Try to learn a thing or two each day.

It might be learning the meaning of a word, or reading the chapter of a good book, or asking yourself some questions to enable you to know whether you are on the right track or not.

9. Be a Kind Human

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan

The world as it is is filled with so many people who go through life sad and hoping for a shoulder to lean on.

You can be that shoulder for someone out there. You can look around and ask yourself what can you possibly do to be different?

Look around you, there are things you can do to put a smile on someone’s face today.

Imbibe on these positive habits of being kind, and watch out how your life would also be transformed through your acts of kindness.

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10. Save for the Rainy Day

What’s the point of working endlessly, and you spend your entire money on things you don’t need? It makes no sense yeah?

Saving at least some percentage of your earnings for a rainy day should be a positive habit you need and must imbibe on for your own good.

11. Always Find the Good in Things/People Around You

According to Williams James, One of the greatest principles in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”.

Nobody likes condemnation or being criticized. Hence, endeavor to always appreciate and condemn less.

This way, you get to see the positive in people and things around you. Instead of them exhibiting only the negative.

12. Worry Less!

At the moment, are you worried about what to eat, or wear or how to get that amount of money?

As humans, inasmuch as you cannot control when a negative thought wants to dominate your thoughts.

You have the absolute power to filter out and discard the ones you don’t like.

Endeavor to worry less, embrace the good things you have, and in no time, things would change for the better for you.

13. Love Yourself More

One of the best things you can do for yourself is loving yourself so much.

For when you don’t love yourself, you can never ever find the good things in others.

Hence, a positive habit you need to hold onto so dearly is loving yourself more.

For when you love yourself more, you need to believe in yourself and your abilities and in turn bring out the best in you.

14. Always Show Gratitude

You might be telling yourself that there’s nothing so special going on in your life at the moment for you to be grateful for. Well, for being alive, for breathing, and moving it’s a great miracle.

Therefore, always express gratitude and appreciation to the higher power you believe in and to those around you.

This positive habit when consistently done, and practiced over time, would make you have the impactful life you desire.

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