How To Keep a Relationship that can stand the test of Time.

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You might be thinking to yourself how on earth will I have or can I have a relationship that can stand the test of time? A relationship that is full of joy, laughter, peace, harmony, and above all that overcame all the odds that were against it and stood stronger and better?

Having a relationship that can stand the test of time, is not a thing everyone is capable of. Or can easily achieve. There’s a saying that, good and sustainable things do not come easily. This can also be said about your hoping and wishing to have a happily ever after with the love of your life.

A relationship that can stand the test of time is not only achievable but it requires some sort of team work from you and your partner. In the sense that, the both of you need to put in equal effort/s without leaving any out or sparing some efforts to be used for something else that is not related to your relationship.

When you knewly statarted your relationship with your partner, your desire was for the relationship, to lead to a happ[ily ever after. But as time went on, you might start thinking to yourself, if such a wsih might EVER come through?

You’d start thinking this way especially, when as time went on, you and your partner saw each other for who you both truly are. Mostly, in terms of your flaws, strengths, etc. And you have this question popping in your head, how can you both ever achieve this?

As stated earlier, such can be achieved if only you and your partner can both put in equal efforts into your relationship. And make it stand the test of time. Therefore, below are simple ways which would help you in attaining that if its keenly followed and practiced over time.

1. Communicate more often about your emotions/feelings rather than keeping quiet.

Most times, as the relationship gets older. You might find out that, you and your partner seem to be drifting apart.

In the sense that, you both now talk less about the intimate things bothering you or that you both are intrigued about.

You and your partner might simply want to keep quiet about these things. Thinking they don’t really matter but they actually do.

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By keeping your feelings/and emotions to yourself actually puts a strain in your relationship.

Hence , to prevent this from happening endeavour to communicate more with your partner. Open up about the things he/she does you don’t like, and ways they can be better.

And also, in times whereby you are wrong with your words or deed, open up and sincerely apologise to your partner.

This way, you will easily make your Relationship stand the test of time because you and your partner understands each other to a greater extent.

2. To have a relationship that stands the test of time, be very sincere with your partner.

Being honest is not a trait that almost everyone has. But it’s a habit anyone can cultivate and have over time.

Therefore, try as much as you can to genuinely open up to your partner about things you feel they should know. Do not hold anything back whatsoever.

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Try as much as possible to make your partner see your own point of view on why you did a particular thing or on why a particular thing was done in a certain way by you. This way, your partner can easily vouch for you whenever the need arises.

Most of the time, it’s hard to be sincere because you do not know how your partner might react to what you’re about telling him/her.

But nonetheless, endeavour to be very since either ways for your own peace of mind on both the short and long run. Inorder to have that Relationship that has stood the test of time .

3. Try as much as you can to argue less.

Yeah, having misunderstandings in any relationship is inevitable. But the way you and your partner handles those misunderstandings and your differences would really determine how far your Relationship might go.

Hence, to have a relationship that can stand the test of time with the love of your life. It is very paramount to try and curb the ways little and big misunderstandings escalates.

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By trying as much as possible to communicate about your differences or things you don’t like that is going on in the relationship rather than argueing about them. And yelling untop of your voices.

Therefore, the less often you and your partner argues about the things you don’t like and want. The higher and greater step is your Relationship to standing the test of time.

4. For your Relationship to stand the test of time; you need to give your partner the freedom he/she needs.

When in a relationship with someone you love, and so much cherish, you want to be clingy and possessive no doubt.

But this is bad and not so good on the long run for your Relationship. Because being overly possessive and clingy to your partner is so choking to him/her. Your partner might not open up to tell you about it.

Because they might not want to hurt your feelings. If you belong to this category of partner’s in Relationships, then you need to stop at this moment!

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If you desire a relationship that can stand the test of time, then you need to give your partner so much space and also freedom to allow them live their lives outside the relationship.

All you need do from time to time is simply offer a word of advice and encouragement. But by giving your partner enough freedom.

You need to note that, you don’t need to allow your partner manipulate you or disrespect you or treat you less of who you’re are.

Never allow this from any Relationship! By giving your partner freedom, you need to bear in mind that he/she might end up doing things, going places you might not be comfortable with. When this happens, do not start getting paranoid or throwing tantrums.

But endeavour to talk with your partner in a calm, yet respectful manner always. Especially when you are not cool about the places or things your partner might want to do.

By keeping these in mind, you are a step closer to having that Relationship that would stand the test of time.

5. Never use your Partner’s past against him/her

Anything that has to do with the past should stay and remain there. Yeah, at the early stage of a relationship, it’s mandatory that you and your partner open up about your past deeds be it good or bad.

By doing this, is just to keep your slates clean and not allow the shackle’s of the past raising it’s heads to strike when you both are happy and all.

Therefore, when your partner trust you enough by opening up to you about anything about their past.

Endeavour to keep it safe. Do not use it against him/her whenever the you both have a small or a big misunderstandings.

Learn to Respect whatever your partner tells you about their past be it good or bad.

6. To have a relationship that can stand the test of time; be mindful what you tell others about your relationship.

It’s such an amazing feeling to want to tell those in whom you might be close to about your relationship and all. Which is not really bad!

But what makes it bad is if you tell others almost every detail about your relationship. This is wrong. And it can put a strain in your Relationship if your partner gets to know.

Or if the things you’re telling others is the negative things your partner does, and not the good things or even a little quantity of them. Learn to keep matters in your Relationship private as much as you can.

And if at all you need to speak to someone about some certain things you cannot share with your partner. Then he/she needs to be a trust worthy person.

And not someone who would go about telling everyone else what you’ve been up to or the private things you told them about your relationship.

7. Always having an intimate moments, shouldn’t be the bedrock of your Relationship.

Being intimate and having an intimate moment with the one you love is cool. Being intimate with your partner, actually strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

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But this shouldn’t be the bedrock of your Relationship,in the sense that. You both can have other fun moments, such as talking, laughing, playing games, taking a walk together,etc.

This would actually help you both have good memories to hold on to each day. Which would give you reasons not to give up on each other. Therefore, endeavour to intigrate other Romantic moments, into your Relationship. And not just being intimate all the time.

8. Respect each other’s differences.

Respecting your partner for who and what they are would really go a very long way for the both of you. Nobody in his/her right senses would want a partner who would not regard them or take them as an important being but otherwise.

Hence, for a lasting relationship, endeavour to always respect when your partner prefers bathing with cold water rather than warm water on a sunny day. Or reasons why he/she prefers sleeping with the lights off.

Or why he or she prefers their paster warm instead of hot, etc. Once you can fully understand each other’s differences, then there would be less arguments, misunderstandings, and any strain in your Relationship.

Therefore, enabling you and your partner have a relationship that can stand the test of time.

9. To have a relationship, that can stand the test of time; endeavour not to be overly needy.

Most of the time in Relationships, you might want to be too demanding. Hence, overly needy of your partner.

By wanting him/her to do this and do that for you. Without even considering the fact that they might also want to use the same moment to get some personal things done by themselves.

When you tend to do this more often than you should. It puts a strong strain in your Relationship. Which in turn would make your partner feel overly used or stressed by you. And this might put a strong strain in your Relationship.

Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, try as much as possible to do somethings by yourself. Or better still, you and your partner should do them together. That way, you two chitchat along and get the stuffs done in no time.

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