The component of a healthy relationship

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Anyone in a relationship wishes to have a healthy relationship. But not everyone knows the component/s that are required or necessary to attain that.

Asides endeavouring to grow a romantic relationship, everything in life requires some essential components to make it grow, and blossom. Take for instance, if you intend growing a vegetable garden, you need enough water . Maximum amount of light. A condusive airy environment, and a good soil. To help you grow your vegetables to its maximum healthy potential required to grow a healthy garden.

This method or process of applying some essential components inorder to grow a good garden, can also be said about your Romantic Relationship.


Most partners in relationships would say, they are not enjoying their relationship the way they should, or do not understand their partners the way they ought to. This is because some essential components for a healthy relationship is missing.

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Looking at the instance given at the beginning of this post. In growing a vegetable, if all the other essential components are present but one is missing, let’s say water is missing. The vegetables would not grow as expected or as they are supposed to grow and blossom.

So therefore, below are the components that are required for a healthy romantic relationship to flourish and attain it’s maximum potential.

1. The component of Communication for a Healthy Relationship.

Solid communication is one of essential things for a long lasting Romantic Relationship. Once Communication is void or absent in a relationship. Such a relationship is good as dead or not existing at all.

A good Communication between you and your partner, enables the both of you know how well you relationship is striving. How well you two understand each other. Things you both need to do to make your Relationship work, etc.

If the relationship with your partner, lacks solid Communication or none of you tends to open up about your feelings to each other.

Since you both are not mind readers, you would only be guessing if the things you’re doing is good or wrong in the sight of your partner or not.

Hence, the component of a healthy relationship is you and your partner always communicating effectively about your needs, likes, dislikes, etc.

That way your Relationship won’t have any loopholes or things that would make it struggle for survival or make it crash after a short period of time, etc.

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2. The component of Compatibility for a Healthy Relationship.

The reason for falling in love and being in love at the first instance is because you noticed or you sensed you and your partner have some certain things in common.

So therefore, you endeavour to talk more about those things you both have in common. That way it will be fun and you both enjoy the company of each other.

But once being compactible is the opposite. You would notice you and your partner can be in a place for hours without saying a word to each other.

Or you both would struggle to even keep your communication aligned with some certain things just so either of you would not feel awkward or lost when together. This shouldn’t be so.

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Therefore, it is advisable to be with someone in whom you two share some kind of values, some kind of morals together. That way, it will be easy to maintain a healthy Romantic relationship both on the short and long run.

3. The component of Compromise

When you truly love someone, there are some certain things you would forgo or sacrifice just so to keep the relationship going smoothly.

Yeah, you and your partner are two different entities, from different backgrounds, and having different views about life.

Even though the both of you happen to be compactible, like in the second point made above. There should and must be some slight differences between you and your partner.

That often times,requires you to mellow your views or way of doing some certain things. This is to ensure that peace and harmony reigns and for your relationship to continue being healthy.

Hence, if you cannot compromise in your Relationship, then have it at the back of your mind, that there’s no point being in the relationship in the first place.

4. Having Connection as a component for a Healthy Relationship.

Having intimacy attraction with your partner is also one of the bedrocks and essential components of a healthy Romantic relationship.

Once there’s no solid attraction or connection between you and your partner. The relationship is more like a platonic Relationship in which all or any form of intimacy is nulled.

Hence, you and your partner endeavouring to keep the Romance and intimacy fire burning would not only strengthen your Relationship bonds.

But would in all ways enable you both to build a solid Healthy Romantic Relationship on both the short and long run.

5. Component of Commitment for a Healthy Relationship.

Being committed to someone these days is hard and a very tough task to do, I know. But nonetheless, why go into a relationship when you know you’re not ready to give it your all?

In terms of being faithful and committed to the one you profess your love to or for? It absolutely does not make any sense yeah?

Being committed to your partner would mean, you standing by him/her through thick and thin. Being there for him/her even when your partner doesn’t expect you to do so.

Sacrificing the things you can even when it’s not convenient for you to do so, and a whole lot more.

You may choose not to be committed to your partner if he/her abuses you in one way or another.

Different forms of abuse ranges from verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, psychological abuse, etc.

Any form of abuse whatsoever, should never be tolerated from your partner no matter what.

Therefore, it’s strongly advisable to only give in your all to your partner, only if and when they do same in return.

That way you’re sure,you are not the only one putting in all the energy for your Relationship to work out and be healthy at least.

Since it’s a relationship, it has to be a team work. Which requires you and your partner striving by all means to make your Romantic Relationship healthy, and staying strong both on the short and long run.


Remember, to have a healthy Romantic relationship. You and your partner need to have or develop a solid Communication. A very strong  Compactibility bond.

A solid connection in terms of attraction and intimacy. Your need to be able to willingly Compromise and not be complied to do so.

And above all, you both need to stay true to each other by being Committed in both bad and good times in order to attain the healthy Romantic Relationship you desire .


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