11 Ways to be more Romantic to your Partner.

Being together forever

It’s such a sweet sensational feeling to be wanted, loved and cared for by the love of your life. How such an amazing feeling it is, to be told by the love of your life that, you are romantic and all they have ever wanted in a partner.

No doubt, Romantic relationships ain’t a bed of roses. Even at that, it should be enjoyed and also, be a fulfilling journey for you and your partner while the both of you overcome your stumbling blocks and climb mountains together.

The whole essence of a good relationship is for it to be romantic, enchanting, fun, spontaneous, and the best thing that has ever happened to you and your partner.

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A romantic relationship with your partner, becomes so boring if you both don’t have ways to be romantic to each other.

This is when you hear stories from either the man/the woman that the relationship is boring, or that they made the wrong choice of a partner and what have you.

You and your partner, may have your best love languages that suits you and makes you feel fulfilled in a relationship.

But there are some very key tips that is meant to be followed inorder to have a great relationship with your partner, and makes your Relationship blossom with more love, and care.

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Hence, below are 11 ways to be romantic towards your partner in a relationship.

1. Endeavour to always Compliment your partner.

When you tend to often compliment someone for the things they do, they tend to be pleased and do much more.

Hence, one of the ways of being romantic to your partner is looking him/her in the eyes, while holding their hands.

And telling him/her how Handsome/Beautiful he/she is, how such an amazing person he/she is to you, how you can’t seem to get enough of him/her whenever you are with them, etc.

By saying this nice, soothing, romantic words to your partner as often as you can. Would strengthen the love bond you two have for each other.

And it would also, make you both not to give up on the relationship easily when tough time arises.

2. A way to be more romantic is creating fun time for each other.

Yeah, it’s good to be busy. And be up and running, trying to meet up with your goals. Striving to achieve more great things, and be a forerunner in whatever line of work you wish to go into.

But even at that, it’s most times very advisable to have a break inorder not to break down due to stress and perharps other health related diseases.

Therefore, in the moments of creating time from work stress and all. It’s very paramount you spend some quality time with the love of your life.

As spending of quality time, is one of the surest ways to be Romantic to the love of your life.

This makes your partner feel and know that, they are one of the top things on your list.

Because you create time for them, and you give them undivided attention and quality time in your free time or out of work moments.

3. Be generous in terms of nice gifts and surprises.

Nobody really likes a partner who is a leech or a parasite. Or that is all out to take, take, take and never return a kind gesture no matter how little.

Hence, in a relationship, you will be so appreciated and loved more by your partner, if you endeavour to be generous in your little ways with nice gifts and surprises to them.

It’s not a must you have to surprise your love one with a private jet, etc. But you could surprise them with the little you could do for them out of your small little budget, it would make him or her appreciate you more.

4. Another way to be romantic is being a good listener to your partner.

You might be going through your personal stress, and may not want someone else to be a source of burden to you. Be it your family or your partner to add more to the stress you’re already going through.

But nonetheless, you have to be selfless and be someone else’s shoulder when they are down or when they need you. Irrespective of you having your own burdens to carry. By doing this, shows how strong you are.

Hence, when your partner is down which is one of those unavoidable moments in a relationship.

And he/she really needs someone to talk to about whatsoever that is bothering them. It’s very paramount that you present your ears keenly to hear, what he/she has to say.

That moment in which your partner is pouring out their emotions. It should be a moment you need to give your partner an undivided attention. By making sure that you are not distracted by the TV, or your chats, or the mails.

And in the process of listening, endeavour to soak every details in like a sponge, so that when you want to give your partner an advise.

It would be very very easy for you, to pinpoint the things they have told you already and the accurate advise to give. Rather than being clueless and finding the right words of advise to say/give.

Therefore, whenever you endeavour to do this. You partner also finds this to be a very romantic way or gesture. And would always want you to be the first person, they would always call.

When good or bad things tends to happen to them and they are on a cross road and need someone to talk to.

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5. Genuinely celebrate your big/small wins together.

How exhilarating it is to achieve something great and worthwhile. It’s a feeling that is unexplainable. It makes you feel untop of the world.

And you would have a cause to tell everyone about your newest achievement/s in town,isn’t this amazing?

You would want to tell your family, and the love of your life, about either your new promotion at work, or you acing an exam, or your winning a jackpot, etc.

Most partners don’t know how to handle their partners success/es. Hence, they tend to really get jealous! Please, don’t be like that.

But endeavour to genuinely celebrate your partner’s wins either small or big. Encouraging them to do more and work harder.

This a one of the ways to show your partner, that you’re romantic and you wish them well in all they do. And that you will always always be their greatest cheerleader.

6. Drop nice love voice notes,or messages for your partner as often as possible.

When you endeavour to leave love messages for your partner as often as you can, it makes your partner know you are truly thoughtful about them.

Love notes that reads; your smile brightens my world, you are my priceless jewel. I couldn’t have choosen anyone else to spend the rest of my life with, etc. Makes your partner feel love and wanted.

This is so Romantic, and one of the ways to show your partner they are all you need and want.

It makes your partner want to love you more. And also makes them feel and know that he/she is the luckiest person on earth to have you in his/her life.

7. Sing your Partner’s praises in front of your close friends and family members.

What’s more amazing than your telling your close friends and family that your partner is your world and all you ever hoped for and prayed for in a companion?

This is aslo one of the way to be romantic. You just make your close friends and family know you got no eyes for any other person. But got your eyes only on your partner now as always.

Hence, the more you do this as often as you can in front of your close love ones and families. They more your partner would want to be the very best.

As you’ve ascribed him/her to be in front of your family and friends. And wouldn’t, in anyway want to disappoint you or let you down in front of them.

8. Call or send in love voice notes every now and then to check on your partner during the day.

Sending you partner a lovely voice note or calling them to check on them, or to hear their voice. Is such a wonderful feeling and a way to be romantic.

It’s so fun, when your partner goes online and had to read a voice note from you. Telling him/her how you are thinking about them, how you called to hear their voice, how you miss them and decided to quickly check on them and what have you.

It’s such an amazing feeling. And would make your partner love you more, for even thinking about him/her to the points of leaving short love voice notes or making short calls, just to here from them.

9. Create time to surprise your partner with his/her favorite meal prepared by you.

Not everyone is born a professional chef. But even at that, making out time to at least cook your partners favourite meal is not only one of the ways to be romantic, it is a kind gesture worth applauding.

This is because, not everyone loves to cook or even likes being in the kitchen for so long and all.

But if you create time to prepare that wonderful, delicious, mouth watering pasta your partner enjoys and likes. He/she would see you as being priceless, trust me.

10. Assist your partner with anything they need assistance with.

Having a partner who wants to always be there for you and assist you on being more productive, on being a better you, etc is such a great blessing.

Hence, a sure way to be romantic is to assist your partner, is when they are doing the chores. When they are preparing for an exam. When they are practicing to be perfect with any musical instruments, etc.

That way your partner would also appreciate you more for wanting to make them grow in all aspects of their lives, be it mentally, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, etc.

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11. Tell your partner how grateful you’re for all they do for you.

This is one of the best ways to be romantic to your partner. In the sense that, you are verbally showing them gratitude and you want them to know, you are grateful from the depth of your heart for all the little, small, big, and great things they do for you.

This way or act of showing your partner how grateful you’re is not only romantic, but it would make him/her want to do much more in terms of loving you more, being more romantic, and making you either the King/Queen of their hearts. Wow! Isn’t it romantic!

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