Valid signs of a Healthy Romantic Relationship

Being in a healthy Romantic Relationship, and maintaining it ain’t an easy task. It’s even more rare to find a right partner in whom, you two compliments each other in all ramifications.

Being in a healthy Romantic Relationship is not a thing most partners are lucky with. This is because, a lot of Romantic Relationships, has its ups and down and the likes. And it’s only the very strong willed partners that gets to pull theirs through thick and thin.

At the moment, you might be blessed with a Romantic partners, who compliments your character about 80%  in all ramifications.

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Yet you might be either blinded by a few things you feel they are lacking. These things, might be the things you expects in them. So you are confused and not so sure on if they are the ones for you or not.

A lot of times, couples of old would say it’s best one marries someone who treats you like the King/Queen you are. Rather than someone who treats you in an ill disdain manner, and making you loose your self and your self worth.

With the above words of wisdom being noted, the following are valid signs to assist you in knowing if you’re in a healthy romatic relationship or not;

1. Your partner RESPECTS you.

The most important thing someone could ever give to anyone is Respecting them for who they are.

In a romantic relationship, it’s very important that your partner respects you for who you are. In terms of the choices you make, in terms of how you want certain things to be, etc.

And if at all your partner is against them, he/she should air out their opinion in a very loving and soothing way instead of shoving their opinions down your throat and demanding you follow them.

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2. A healthy romantic relationship requires, having safe MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

The issue of misunderstanding/s is inevitable in any relationship. This is because, every individual has different views, different ways they do and want their things, etc.

Individuals who are even siblings born of the same parents and are raised under the same roofs usually have slight misunderstandings and all. How much less romantic individuals from different backgrounds who were raised with different principles and morals.

Hence, it will be sort of difficult to avert having misunderstanding/s. But when these misunderstanding/s happens. And you and your partner sits like two young reasonable and mature individuals, to talk things out, and see ways to adjust.

Then it’s a great sign you and your partner are in a healthy relationship to a great extent.

3. When in a healthy romantic relationship,you two are very KIND to each other.

Being kind to your fellow human is a virtue that is so rare. It’s only few individuals that takes the efforts of being kind to the next person.

If in a romantic relationship, your partner always endeavours to assist you with the dishes, assist you clean your room. Assist in taking good care of your things, takes proper care of you whenever you are sick or in your down moments.

He/she is always there to make you happy in his/her own little ways and all. This quality is rare, and should never be taken for granted.

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4. You two enjoy spending QUALITY time together.

It’s those whom you truly love and care about that you tend to want to spend most of your time with.

Being in a romantic relationship with your partner, it’s healthy when you two spend time together,not just being physically present with each other. But spending quality time and caching up on the things that you two have been up to either at school, or at work etc.

This way, you two build up a strong relationship that is healthy in all aspects. But when there’s always excuses on why the other cannot spare some quality time.

Then you should know it’s not healthy. If he/she cannot create time for you few times in their busy schedule then know there’s a gradual distance building up between you two.

5. A healthy romantic relationship, demands TRUSTING each other.

Trust is earned no doubt. But even at that, most times it’s very good to give your partner the benefit of doubt and trust them for the things they say and do.

That way you don’t start having unnecessary worries calling them every now and now, and not giving your partner breathing space and all. When you trust your partner, you allow them enjoy themselves with their friends and family.

And you’re certain they are where they told you they would be, and do the things they told you they are or would be doing. Once you allow the thought of mistrust sets in,you two will gradually start suspecting each other even when there’s nothing to raise an eyebrow for.

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6. In a healthy romantic relationship,you both are completely SELF-RELIANT.

Nobody really wants a partner that is overly dependent on them. Or that is not contributing at least a quota into the relationship in terms of finances, advice and what have you.

Hence, in a healthy romantic relationship, when both partner are self-reliant, it makes the relationship healthy because none of the partner would be a burden to the other partner in terms of the few points listed above.

7. You both are always HONEST to each other no matter what.

Honesty ain’t cheap. It’s only few individuals that have the traits of being completely honest about their deeds and things they are up to with their partner.

Therefore, when this is experienced in the relationship and expressed by your partner, be sure your relationship is healthy and good to go.

You wouldn’t want to be with someone who would lie or be dishonest about 80% of the things they do, and tends to hide those things from you, would you?

8. Your partner always admits when they are wrong, and takes the BLAME.

It’s such a good thing whenever someone is wrong and they take the blame for their actions.

Rather than putting it on you or making you responsible for their bad behaviours. Or the ill ways they have treated you and all.

When in a healthy romantic relationship, your partner would endeavour to own up to their wrongs and things they had done wrong to hurt your feelings or made you disappointed.

That way, you both would talk things out, straighten it, genuinely forgive each other, and move on from there.

This is very vital, for your relationship. For if your partner doesn’t accept that they are wrong, yet put the blames on you. It’s very very draining and so unhealthy in so many ways.

9. The relationship is all about SHARING responsibilities.

Nobody wants to be a burden carrier for anyone almost every now and then. Hence, in a healthy romantic relationship, when both partners endeavours to share responsibilities.

And not the other stating am the woman so this cannot be done, or am the man this must be done, and what have you.

Since the relationship is based on cooperation and striving each day to be solid, it’s very very crucial that both partners split some things or responsibilities being done in the relationship.

For instance, the man taking about 65% of the major things to be done in the relationship. And the lady taking the remaining she feels she can easily cope with. This way the relationship will be healthy and blossom very well with time.

10.The relationship is taken a step at a TIME.

A romantic relationship that makes you feel so choked up and always on your feet or heels almost everytime shouldn’t be allowed.

In no time, you will feel exhausted and drained of so much energy, and other emotions for yourself and your other love ones with time.

Therefore, for your relationship to be healthy keep it at the back of your mind to always do things you’re completely cool with.

And not you being so hasty all in the name of wanting to always please your partner. This shouldn’t be done.






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