Will My Relationship Last?

Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering if a relationship is worth the effort. There are no guarantees, but there are things that you can do to make sure that it will last.

Some of these include: taking the time to develop a better understanding of your partner, talking to them about the direction of the relationship, and taking the necessary steps to make it work.

Understanding if your relationship will last forever in the initial stages could be challenging. The first month of a relationship is usually the honeymoon stage.

But after some time, things get real; at this point, you will need to decide if the relationship is worth keeping.

The article answers the question, will my relationship last?

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Relationship 21 Questions

1. Are They the First Person You Talk To?

Your partner is the one you talk to when something goes wrong, regardless of the situation. They are there to help you navigate through the details of the situation.

2. Do You Worry About What Is on Their Mind?

A healthy relationship allows you to be yourself around your partner. If you cannot speak your mind in front of your partner, the relationship might not last.

If not, then what’s the point of being in a relationship?

3. Does Your Partner Let You Give Up?

Your partner needs to support you when you’re feeling low. It’s just a part of life, and we all have moments when we’re not feeling like we’re moving in the right direction.

Having a real partner will help you get back on track.

4. Do You Spend Time Together?

A couple that fails does not spend enough time together. Even though you may need your own space, maintaining a successful relationship requires much effort and commitment.

If you want to see your partner once a week, that’s not enough. If you’re looking for signs that your relationship will last, ask yourself if you’re doing enough to spend quality time together.

5. Do You Know About Your Partner’s Flaw?

No matter what your flaws are, don’t worry, as your partner will likely acknowledge them as well.

This is the great part about being human, as we are all equal and have accepted our shortcomings.

If a couple doesn’t acknowledge each other’s flaws, they will most likely fail.

6. Do You Listen to Your Partner?

A couple that will last will listen to each other even when the conversation seems to be a little silly or annoying.

They need to be heard, and they’re trying to communicate something you should pay attention to.

7. Do You Complement Each Other?

Being able to compliment one another is very important to recognize the signs that your relationship will last.

A couple that is committed to each other should regularly praise and congratulate one another. Their partner should also congratulate and recognize all of their achievements.

8. Do You Help Each Other Achieve Your Goals?

Your weakest link is only as strong as your strongest one. When achieving a goal, you or your partner needs their help.

This is because, without their support, it would be hard for them to reach their goals. Having emotional support can help a lot.

9. Do You Get Jealous or Resentful When Your Partner Succeeds?

We can all become envious of someone succeeding, especially if we struggle with our goals. But, with partners, there shouldn’t be competition between those who do better.

If you take your partner’s achievements as your own, you’ll be able to overcome anything. This is about connection and love.

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10. Do You Ask Each Other for Help?

One of the most important factors people consider when it comes to relationships is having someone they can trust.

This person should be able to help them through any situation. Having a couple that can also ask for help is very important to ensure they can go through whatever challenges they might encounter.

11. Is Your S3x Life Great?

Some people believe that having sex isn’t essential. For most people, having sex is very important to maintain a relationship; having great sex is one of the most crucial signs that a relationship will last.

Although this may not always be the case dating someone terrible in bed can ruin any chances of long-term commitment.

12. Are You Honest With Each Other?

Having a good relationship is built on being honest. Being honest is the best policy to live by, as it can help you identify the signs that a relationship will last.

It can be done in the form of gentle reminders, or it can be done in the form of arguments.

13. Do You Weather Storms Together?

If you and your partner have survived the storms thrown at them, there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to stay together.

Whether it’s been through a miscarriage, an illness, or an affair, all of these things count. If you can stay together through the hard times, then your relationship will still be able to flourish.

14. Do You Make a Great Team?

One of the essential factors you should consider when forming a partnership is having a team member to lean on.

Whether taking a break from your busy schedule to enjoy a vacation or working on getting the mortgage paid on time, having a team member helps you get through the day.

A supportive environment can help keep the relationship going and help you feel like you have someone to turn to when things get tough.

15. How Well Are We Talking to Each Other?

Communication is important because it helps us understand each other better and avoid misunderstandings.

Having good communication can help smoothen a lot of rough edges. It also makes you a better team.

16. Are We Open About Our Feelings and Concerns?

Feeling comfortable discussing emotions and worries is crucial for a healthy relationship, as it fosters a deeper connection and understanding.

17. Is Trust a Strong Foundation in Our Relationship?

Trust is like the backbone of a relationship. Ask questions to help us evaluate if we genuinely trust each other and can rely on one another, creating a solid foundation for our connection.

18. Do We Feel Safe and Confident in Each Other’s Commitment?

Feeling secure about our commitments to each other is vital. Ask questions to explore whether we can depend on each other without the fear of being let down, fostering a sense of safety in the relationship.

19. How Well Do Our Values and Life Goals Align?

Shared values and life goals are important for long-term compatibility. This question helps us examine whether our fundamental beliefs and plans align, ensuring a harmonious journey together.

20. Are We Supportive of Each Other’s Personal Growth?

Supporting each other’s personal growth is a key aspect of a healthy relationship.

This question encourages us to reflect on whether we contribute positively to each other’s development and are content with the changes we witness in one another.

21. Are There Fundamental Differences That Cause Tension?

Are our disagreements are small things we can work through or big differences causing problems? Understanding how to handle differences is important for a lasting relationship.

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Final Thought

After learning the true behavior of your partner: their habits and interests. You may start analyzing how you can cope if they differ from yours. This may take a few months into the relationship.

This aspect is crucial because no one wants to invest in a one-sided commitment or stay in a superficial relationship.

Ask yourself the questions in this article to know if you have found your better half or will keep searching to find love.


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