7 Long Distance Relationship Problems, and Solutions

If you would agree with me, keeping a long-distance relationship is not for the faint-hearted.

Because just like a normal relationship, that has its own problems, a long-distance relationship has its own problems that require both you and your partner to be able to find solutions to the problems affecting your relationship and work amicably to resolve them.

Solving these long-distance relationship problems would require you and your partner to work as a team without throwing blames at each other.

Therefore, below is a list of long-distance relationship problems you might be experiencing in your long-distance relationship, and the possible solutions to them.

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Long Distance Relationship Problems, And Solutions

Below are list of long-distance relationship problems you might be experiencing in your long-distance relationship, and the possible solutions to them.

1. Less/Inadequate Communication

Due to the distance, and the way of life or daily routine of your partner, the both of you might have lesser time to talk better over the phone, or even reach out to each other via other means during the day.

Remember that, good communication is one of the factors of a healthy relationship.  Even in a regular romantic relationship, most times either of the partners might get caught up with work and other activities and forget to reach out.

But this shouldn’t be an excuse if you really care about your relationship, and you want the best for it.


Like I earlier mentioned, good communication is one of the factors of a healthy relationship.

Hence, in a long-distance relationship, in order to keep the love flame burning brighter and stronger, you and your partner need to have a heart-to-heart talk about the best time either of you can call the other or the best time both of you would be free to talk.

And also, neither of you should be of the habit that your partner didn’t call you first, so you won’t call him/her either.

This type of mentality is bad, and would only ruin your precious relationship in the long run.

2. Feeling Insecure

A lot of times, you might want to start getting some crazy thoughts in your head, whereby you start thinking you are not good enough.

And start asking what if things don’t work out so well for you and your partner, well it is understandable to feel some kind of insecurities, and what have you.

The problem lies with when your brood over such thoughts for so long that they take roots in your mind and entire thinking process.


Whenever you are feeling insecure about anything in your relationship. Be sure not to keep mute about it, talk to your partner about the way you feel, and ways the both of you could resolve the insecurities you might have.

For when you open up to your partner about how you feel when you both are miles away from each other.

It would help you know where you stand in the long-distance relationship and the way forward.

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3. Being Overly Jealous

It is okay to feel jealous. At least when you get jealous, when your partner is not giving you the attention you need.

When perhaps he/she is hanging out more often with their friends and don’t really have enough time to really talk to you, or when he/she is just busy with work and cannot really carry you along on what’s up with them.

This can really make someone jealous, especially when you love your partner, and cherish what you both share. Inasmuch as, it is okay to feel jealous, you need to be careful so it doesn’t consume you.


Talk to your partner about how you feel. And ways their actions make you feel jealous. And be open enough to learn by controlling your jealousy, and not allowing it to control you.

 4. Forgetting Special Moments

Forgetting special moments, also falls into the category of long distance relationship problems. And this, can tear a long distance relationship apart.

Most of the time, is not until you are physically present when your supposed loved ones need you, but you truly showing that you care even from afar.

Hence, in a long distance relationship, when you forget your partners birthday, your anniversary, etc. not once or twice, but repeatedly, it could actually put a smear in your relationship.


If you have a whole lot of things to attend to, it is advisable that you have a diary or set a reminder on your phone or laptop, to remind you of those special moments you and your partner share.

That way, wherever your partner is, he/she would feel loved, and appreciated by you.

5.  Cheating

If you are not the type that can control his/her sexual urge. I would advise you shouldn’t be a long distance relationship.

It is of no use being in a relationship with someone in whom you cannot be faithful, and loyal to. Distance or not, cheating on your partner is not justifiable.


If you cannot be disciplined until the time you and your partner would meet, to spend some intimate moments, then you shouldn’t cheat on your partner who is miles away trusting you, and being faithful to you.

6. Lying Constantly

Lying is another long distance relationship problems that would tear your relationship apart gradually. This is such a terrible habit that requires you to work on yourself.


When in a long distance relationship, it is paramount that if for nothing you are so transparent with your partner. And also give your partner the right mindset to do same with you.

And not the other way, for when there is no trust in your relationship be it a regular relationship or a long-distance relationship, your relationship might fall apart if care is not taken. You wouldn’t want this I suppose?

7. Not Making Necessary Effort

This is also one of long distance relationship problems. Almost everything in life requires effort and you putting in your all to make it work.

Hence, when in a long distance relationship, and you truly love and care about your partner, and he/she feels the same way about you, then your effort so as theirs is needed to keep the relationship going smoothly.

Remember this can only be different if you both are not certain the relationship might lead to something tangible.

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