The Facebook Rule: Use Your Facebook Profile to Get Your Ex Back

Facebook is an essential social networking tool, It’s no wonder one strategy that people sometimes use to get their ex back is through their Facebook profile.

After a breakup, both partners usually keep an eye on each other through Facebook. They want to see how the other person is handling things after the split.

Although your ex might not chat you up immediately on Facebook, know they are watching, and sometimes they come begging you to take them back after seeing that you are better off.

That’s the idea behind the Facebook Rule—using Facebook to show your ex that you’re doing awesome and they might be missing out.

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How to Use Your Facebook Profile to Get Your Ex Back

You don’t want your ex to think you’re falling apart or can’t cope without them.

Instead, you want them to see you as someone who’s moving on, making new friends, doing well at work, and building a new life.

1. Make it Look Like You are Living Your Best Life

One of the essential ways to get your ex back using a Facebook profile is to show them that the breakup didn’t pause your life you living to the fullest.

This means posting new positive content, in reality, you might be a mess but don’t let them know. Avoid throwing shade at them with your posts.

When your ex sees you out there, living your life and doing great, it’ll surprise them. They might even feel a bit confused or regretful about losing someone who seems to be moving forward so well.

Also, don’t unfriend them. You need them to see your page to see what you are doing.

This is a temptation, but it would be a huge mistake to do this as it would imply that you are still angry and hurt about their breakup.

2. Break Up Profile Picture

You must think about your profile picture immediately after breaking up with someone. It can tell a lot about you, and you must send the right message after you split up with someone.

Regardless of how proud you are of your current one, it must be changed.

You must have a new profile picture to use on Facebook to get back together with your ex. It should be a powerful statement you want to make and something your ex has never seen.

It should also be something that you are proud of, as it shows that your life has not ended.

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3. Your Relationship Status

When you wanted to unfriend your ex, you probably thought about changing your relationship status. However, doing so could cause you to get unwanted attention from everyone.

After you update your status, your friends will ask questions about your breakup, and you will look needy and public.

If you plan to change your relationship status, ensure it remains the same for at least a week. Doing it immediately could cause you to end up in a strained situation. Also, avoid changing it to “It’s complicated.”

Changing it too complicated will make it easier for your ex to see that you are still trying to get back together.

One of the best ways to do this is to remove it from your Facebook page.

4. Upload New Pictures

Pictures are a great way to show your ex that you are still happy and want them to see that, especially with a revenge body.

You don’t want to make it look like you’re trying to send a message to them, but you also want them to know that you’re still having fun.

You should also be photographed in mixed groups.

5. Make New Friends

To quickly get your ex back start building a stronger social circle right away. You can post about your new life and growing interests on your Facebook wall.

It should also complement your photo album to give you some exciting details about your new life. To encourage your friends to join in, try posting a message asking them to tag you in their photos.

Your social value will increase if you are engaged with other people and will also help you build a stronger image.

If your ex thinks you might be interested in someone new at any moment, they will likely focus on whether or not they want to end their relationship.

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Final Thought

One of the most effective tools you can use to get your ex back is Facebook, so it is not a good idea to stop using it suddenly because you are hurt.

Also, don’t unfriend your ex out of anger or heartache. You need them to see your posts, even if you don’t want them again.

Show them how well off you are without them, and they will come crawling back.


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