20 Ways to Identify Daddy Issues in Women

The concept of having daddy issues is related to women who did not receive adequate attention from their fathers.

This could trigger her desire to seek male approval sexually. An abusive father can seriously affect the relationship between a daughter and her father.

Young women or girls may express their issues by seeking romantic or sexual relationships with older men or replicate their problematic relationships with abusive partners.

Daddy issues imply that a woman cannot establish a lasting relationship with her partner.

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Daddy Issues in Women

To know if you or a friend you know has daddy issues, these are the signs to watch out for;

1. Low Self Esteem

She was not given the respect and love she deserved from her father, even if he was or wasn’t in the picture.

It has always felt like she was chasing after what she wanted and incapable of saying what she wanted in her relationships, which could lead to toxic situations.

2. Attraction to Older Men

One of the most common characteristics of a woman with daddy issues is that she tends to date older men.

She was not given the love and care that she deserved from her father, and she was left with no father figure to look up to when she grew up.

This is why she subconsciously chooses men who look like her father. Her past relationships have all consisted of older men.

3. Incapable of Setting Boundaries

She feels that saying no is a crime. She can’t seem to stick to her boundaries and allows herself to get pushed around even though she’s not okay with it.

4. Fear of Abandonment

She’s always scared of her partner leaving her for good. This stems from a father who probably abandoned her.

It could be a lingering impact from childhood, where the absence or emotional unavailability of her father has left her with a deep-seated fear of being abandoned by those she cares about.

In relationships, this fear may manifest as constant insecurity, seeking excessive reassurance, or being overly clingy to avoid the perceived threat of abandonment.

5. She Values S3x Over Emotional Connection

When a man is dating a lady with daddy issues, she may become sexually aggressive, which can cause him to abandon her or even become less interested in her.

She believes that s3x is a vital part of a relationship, and it can ruin it.

6. Emotionally Unavailable

People with daddy issues often don’t feel intimate with others. This is because they fear other men will treat them as their fathers did.

One of the signs is that they can’t become emotionally connected with anyone.

7. They Prefer to Date Older Men

They don’t have a father figure to look up to, so they unconsciously pick men who look and act like their fathers.

If she sees her ex-husbands’ past relationships, they’re usually older men. A woman with Daddy issues might also date an older man due to how he acts and looks like her father.

8. They Go After Emotionally Unavailable Men

She grew up believing she could trust her father, but he always abandoned her and neglected her.

This unhealthy behavior stuck with her, and she eventually started looking for the same man in other men.

9. They Get Jealous

Even if her partner is only friends with other women, she still worries about her partner’s activities with them.

She always assumes the worst because she has been through the worst possible experience with her father.

10. Constant Reassurance

She often asks her partner for reassurance. We can’t stress this enough, but it’s important for her to feel they love her.

Even though they may sometimes remind her of their love, it’s not enough. Reassurance helps her feel at peace with herself.

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11. They Create Defensive Barriers

If a girl with daddy issues thinks you’re about to leave them, she can sabotage the relationship. She’d leave before giving you another chance to get ahead of them.

She can still damage the relationship by becoming defensive if she genuinely fears you might leave her.

12. They Find It Difficult to Staying Single

When she’s single, the intense feelings of abandonment and loneliness can get too much for her to handle, and she ends up getting into the same patterns of relationships.

Even if she tried, she would still do the same thing.

13. She Takes Breakups Very Hard

Even though she is unaffected by most situations, she can feel destroyed by every breakup. This is one of the signs that she might have daddy issues.

She might have pushed men away, expected the worst, and then waited for the worst, and it always feels like history repeats itself.

  • They have complicated relationships with their moms.
  • They tend to end up with men who don’t deserve them.
  • They’re sometimes people pleasers.
  • Very friendly towards guys.
  • They push men away
  • They can be clingy
  • And lastly, they’re always on the lookout for a fairytale relationship.

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Final Thought

Women who had a father who was emotionally distant, physically abusive, or both can have daddy issues.

However, the phrase is derogatory and often used to shame women. People make fun of them for being too dependent.

As a woman, seek help from a mental health professional if you have the following: 

  • Trouble trusting or committing to males. 
  • you yearn for closeness but cannot achieve it, 
  • need a lot of reassurance from a partner, 
  • Find it challenging to build a long-lasting healthy connection with others.


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