35 Break Up Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

If you are planning to break up with your abusive or mean boyfriend, then it is time to send him breakup texts that will make him feel bad.

You can use one of the following messages as a template or write something different.

But make sure to text something that will hurt him so much that he will never forget you and your relationship.

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Break Up Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

1. You are not good enough for me.

2. I hate you and don’t want to see you again. I hope you’re ready for the long, lonely nights ahead because I am not coming back.

3. I’ll be fine without you. Thanks for everything!

4. Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

5. You’re not that special. I can find someone better than you any day of the week.

6. I don’t need to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be with me, so I thought it was best to end this before either of us got hurt.

7. It was fun while it lasted, but now we are done!

8. I made a mistake when I met you. All the best for your future, goodbye!

9. I’m breaking up with you because I deserve better than someone who is always negative about things and thinks the worst about everything, even when there is no reason for it.

10. It’s not you; it’s me! You’re just not what I’m looking for in a person right now so I’m breaking up with you… for good!

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11. I’m breaking up with you because it’s not working out between us, and I can’t see a future together.

12. I have found someone else and am no longer interested in being with you.

13. It’s time I move on and find someone else who can appreciate what l have to offer in life and love.

Make Him Feel Guilty for His Actions

14. It’s been fun while it lasted, but I think we need to move on now. You’ve got a lot of things to work on, and I don’t want to be dragged down by your bad choices anymore, so I’m going my way now; goodbye!

15. Hey, sorry to break up with you like this, but it’s true that we’re not a good match at all, and there’s no point in dragging this out any longer when we both know that we’re better off apart from each other now so goodbye

16. You were like a nightmare in my life. It’s time I wake up and live a happy life.

17. You’re just too much drama for any woman to handle. I’m done with you.

18. You’re the most self-centered person I’ve ever met, and it’s clear that you don’t care about anyone but yourself. It’s over between us.

19. I am breaking up with you because I want to find someone better than you, someone, who is not as immature as you are!

20. I am breaking up with you because I want to find someone more mature than you are, someone who will take care of me as a real man should!

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21. You are an idiot and a loser; no one can ever love an idiot like you!

22. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate what I have been doing for them. We are not meant to be together anymore!

23. We are not right for each other – we don’t share the same values and beliefs in life. It is time we go our separate ways!

Reveal How You Truly Feel

24. After everything that has happened between us, I realize that you aren’t the one for me, so I have decided to break up with you!

25. It’s over between us! I just don’t have the time for dating anymore. My life is too busy, and I just don’t have the energy for your foolishness anymore.

26. You’re not going to be my boyfriend anymore. I don’t want to talk to you ever again.

27. I’m sick of your lies; I’m sick of your games; I’m sick of you trying to control me like a puppet. We’re done, and it’s over.

28..I never want to see or hear from you again. I hope you get what’s coming to you; karma is a bitch! Good luck finding someone new!

29. I don’t want to be with someone so insecure they have to make up lies about others just to feel better about themselves. You are an emotional wreck who needs help with their life, and I’m not going to be around to witness it anymore because we are over!

30. I’m leaving you because you are a bad person.

31. You’re not the type of guy that I thought you were. You’re a loser and an idiot who doesn’t deserve me.

32. I never want to see you again in my life. We are over forever; goodbye forever!

33. I hate you and your stupid face; no one wants to be with a loser like you!

34. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment from anyone, especially not from you. You have hurt me too many times in the past, and I can no longer be with someone who abuses me emotionally and verbally. I wish you all the best in life, but I’m afraid we just can’t be together anymore.

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Final Thought

Break-up messages for an abusive or cruel partner are often very difficult to write. However, they can be a good way to get out of an unhealthy relationship.

If your partner has been emotionally or physically cruel, you must create a safe distance between the two of you.


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