How Do I Know if She Slept With Someone Else

Do you have a slight feeling your partner has started cheating? Is this a result of her diminished interest in you? What are signs to know if she has slept with someone else?

Perhaps she found someone more appealing, and to experience the thrill of a new partner, she diminished her love for you and strengthened the bond.

You’ve started to sense that something is off. She has changed from the girl you fell in love with.

You speculate that she might be dating someone else in addition to you. Is she committing infidelity, or perhaps she has moved on from you?

Do not fear; I have listed below some signs that your girlfriend might be unfaithful and the possibility that she has already slept with someone else.

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How Do I Know if She Slept With Someone Else 

The following are some observable signs that your girlfriend may have slept with someone other than you.

1. She Can’t Look You in the Eyes

Likely, your girlfriend won’t find staring into your eyes simple if adultery is a new road for her.

According to research, people find it challenging to keep their accusers in their eyes when they’ve done something wrong.

Cast her a wary glance; if something seems off, it will frighten her rather than excite her.

2. She Has a New Habit

Does your girlfriend run into your arms when she gets home, perhaps join you in bed, kiss you, and ask about each other’s day?

But these days, she heads straight for the shower before running into your arms and embracing you at the door, claiming to be all sweaty and such.

She may be coming from one of her cheating binges and wouldn’t want you to smell that, so she sneaks in to clean up to avoid being discovered.

3. She Stops Giving You Attention 

No matter what, you two should be affectionate and considerate of one another. This is one of the most obvious signals that your partner is having an extramarital affair.

It would help if you were the center of her attention. She might be sleeping with someone else if she stops paying you the attention she used to.

She will disappear more frequently, and you won’t be able to pinpoint her location. She has likely found someone else if she continues to turn up and leave at strange times.

She will tend to need more alone time than usual because she no longer wants to form a bond with you.

4. She’s Quieter

Amateur cheaters could experience guilt right away following an extramarital affair.

If your girlfriend isn’t a natural recluse who spends much of her time alone, her silence indicates that she was up to something before.

On such days, note that you may have unsuccessfully attempted to contact her on her cell phone.

5. She’s Avoiding Sex

Does she now avoid having sex? Perhaps making excuses or being worn out and eager to sleep? Why don’t you pursue it once she gets home if you have suspicions about her?

If she had just done it outside, she would have declined since she wouldn’t want to take another round with you.

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6. You Catch Her Lying About Who She Is With and Where She Is At

A woman that cares about you would never put the relationship in danger by telling you a lie about where she is when she is somewhere else.

In a relationship, there is no trivial matter to lie about because doing so will make your spouse uncomfortable.

What else might she be concealing? It will be the question that keeps nagging at you.

7. Body Language

When you inquire about her location or what she was doing, she acts uneasy and runs her hands through her hair.

She answers you while picking up something that has nothing to do with the conversation and fiddling with it, her breath shaking.

Keep an eye out to see if she’s also avoiding eye contact or acting as if she missed your initial query. She is considering the ideal falsehood to tell.

8. Her Hairstyle Looks Different

You may need to watch your girlfriend’s hair when she leaves the house if you’re looking for clues that she just slept with someone else.

There’s a reasonable probability that her hair will be either freshly groomed or slightly rough.

9. She Goes on a Shopping Spree

Once a relationship is established, women frequently cease caring much about their beauty.

Unless it is something she has been doing throughout, they will only buy new, expensive clothes for rare events like the anniversary of your dating existence.

If you frequently observe your girlfriend making senseless new clothing purchases, she may be cheating on you.

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Final Thought

You should be aware that infidelity is a common issue in relationships to begin with. You should have some trust in the other person while in a relationship.

Therefore, you would be wise to consider all the infidelity indicators to know if she slept with someone else if you feel your partner has been having an affair.

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