Signs She Is Hiding Something 

Do you believe your girlfriend is concealing something from you? Some signs will tell if she is hiding something.

There may be instances in your relationship when you feel your partner is not telling you the truth about something.

She may not be hiding something terrible but could be a nice secret; a birthday/anniversary surprise etc.

Still, nobody likes being kept in the dark, especially in relationships. Here are some indicators that your partner is concealing something from you.

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Signs She Is Hiding Something 

Here are some signs that she’s hiding something

1. They Get Angry or Are Easily Offended

Do you ever feel your spouse will suddenly attack you while simply trying to have a regular discussion with them?

If this doesn’t happen frequently, it could not imply much, but if it only occurs occasionally, your partner might be keeping something from you. Someone who wants to hide something could act angry or lash out as a way to get away.

It’s also a sign that you were getting close to the secret and she wants to put you off track.

2. She Seems Far Away

Perhaps your girlfriend has started being less attentive as if she is constantly distracted or not paying attention while you are together.

Does she seem confused or like she might forget things that are out of the ordinary or even not like her?

She may be concealing something if she comes off as chilly and distant despite her love for the subject.

Maybe she’s acting that way for various reasons other than maintaining secrets. She could be experiencing issues or being put in a challenging circumstance. Keep an eye out for other indicators before concluding.

3. They’re Avoidant

Someone with a secret will avoid spending time with others, having specific conversations, making decisions, making plans, etc.

You may have noticed that convincing them to commit to planning or spending time together is difficult.

They believe that avoiding spending time with you will allow them to avoid feeling guilty or the possibility that anything will come out.

3. They Share Way Too Many Details

A dishonest or secretive person is constantly looking for ways to hide things. By giving more information on other topics, they subtly attempt to conceal their actions, an area where they may be discovered.

Therefore, if your spouse gives you excessively detailed information, you should look into the situation as they may withhold something from you.

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4. They Are Overprotective of Their Phone

These days, our cell phones control the majority of our lives. Therefore, there are many chances that your partner is keeping anything from you if you notice that they are too protective of their phone and continuously monitor who is using it and what they are doing.

When they regularly use their phone, you may also look at their body language to see if it shows any signs of anxiety about you finding out what they have been hiding.

5. Your Sexual and Emotional Intimacy Is Being Affected

You might be hiding something like having a sexual or emotional connection with someone else if you feel insecure because of your partner’s sudden lack of interest in you.

Research has shown that emotional and sexual intimacy are some of the significant critical determinants of a relationship.

6. Your Intuition Is Giving You Some Signal

Making eye contact with your lover might increase your sense of intimacy with them. Even your words can’t convey all the feelings that your eyes can.

Therefore, if you see your spouse acting strangely around you merely to avoid making eye contact, they may hide something from you or be untrustworthy, as a guiltless person is always prepared to make eye contact.

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Final Thought

Your girlfriend is keeping something from you if she exhibits more than two of the warning signals listed above.

Even if you had a gut feeling, she was trying to keep something from you. Make sure not to assume the worst.

Speak with her, find out the source of her issue, and work out a solution peacefully.

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