How to Make Your Ex-girlfriend Regret Losing You

Revenge is a dish best served cold. After a dirty breakup, you want to make your ex miss you somehow! How can you make your ex-girlfriend regret losing you?

It may be you want your girl back or you just want revenge and make her regret ever tossing in the first place. We have useful tips in this article on how to achieve this.

Be ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sinister plots to make your ex-partner regret leaving you.

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How to Make Your Ex-girlfriend Regret Losing You

1. Don’t Stop Meeting New Friends

Relationships are essential in post-breakup situations. Continue seeing your pals as though nothing has changed to provide a positive picture (and, even better, actually thrive).

Your proactive approach to your social life will make it seem like you have moved on, which your ex will find challenging to accept.

Mutual friends may inform your ex about your outings, making them miss you and regret ever breaking up with you.

2. Stop Idolizing Your Ex-girlfriend in Your Mind

The first step in making your ex-girlfriend regret leaving you is to knock her off the pedestal you’ve built for her in your head.

She was once the most significant person in your life, but now it’s up to you to fill that role.

She no longer views you the way you view her, no matter how wonderful a person she was to you.

As a result, you must stand on your own two feet and move forward without letting her influence your choices once more.

Now you must take on the role of your world’s center. Give yourself all the love you formerly directed toward her, and stop idolizing her.

3. Post Pictures of Parties You Attend on Social Media

Making your ex jealous is easy by sharing photos of yourself having a good time on social media sites like Instagram and the like.

Spend the weekends going out and taking group selfies at cafes, nightclubs, and other events. Jealousy can inadvertently cause regret.

Add a fun caption to let everyone know you are having the time of your life. When your ex views the photos, they will long to have been present when you took them.

4. Get Back in Shape—Lose Weight or Bulk Up

Getting your body back into shape is the simplest way to make your ex regret breaking up with you.

Also, many people find that working out is a good distraction that helps them think about something other than their latest breakup.

The first effects of your workouts should not appear for at least a couple of months. Be patient, and do so when you can finally flaunt your broad shoulders or fit into those voluptuous pants.

Your ex will undoubtedly feel bad for leaving you after seeing your hot new body image.

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5. Don’t Reply to Her Text

The truth is that your ex-girlfriend may also regret leaving you and try her hardest to win you back.

However, you must shun her if you believe that she has damaged your relationship and that there is no turning back. She will contact you via text and other messaging services.

She will make excuses for you to view her content, and she may even tag you in her posts. It’s preferable to act as though you’re unaware of your ex’s posts or conversations.

It will be challenging, especially if you still have romantic feelings for her, but it’s in your best interest to ignore the messages.

6. Post Positive Updates on Facebook, TWITTER, Instagram, Pinterest, and Other Social Networks

Aside from refraining from communicating with your ex on social media, ensure that all of your updates are uplifting.

How your ex acts in hypothetical situations after you’ve broken up will depend significantly on the updates you give.

Your ex will start questioning whether they made a mistake by ditching someone like you after seeing all the encouraging tweets, Facebook status updates, and other content you publish online.

7. Date New People Gradually—Wait Until You Regain Your Confidence

It’s common to experience sadness, depression, and heartbreak after a breakup. Allow yourself a few months to restore your confidence and stand on your own two feet.

If you’re being asked for a coffee, don’t hesitate to say no. However, don’t be in a hurry to meet new people.

Let your potential dates know up front that you recently ended a relationship. Draw the lines before people start setting expectations to avoid misunderstandings.

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The Final Thought

It is wrong for a person to think making their ex hate leaving him is pointless.

A guy should be able to do the same if a woman can exert so much effort to change herself into someone her ex wants after their separation.

Overall focus on healing, revenge can also lead to some unexpected, sometimes unpleasant end.

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