How to Know if Your Husband Is Having Crush on Another Woman 

Every woman wants to know if her husband is being unfaithful or having a crush on another woman. They want to see the truth, plain and simple.

It’s not uncommon to pick up on subtle changes in behavior that leave you questioning the emotional distance in your marriage.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell. So how can you be sure that your husband is having an affair?

In this article, you will discover the signs of a cheating husband before it’s too late.

Let’s dive right in.

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How to Know if Your Husband Is Having Crush on Another Woman 

1. He Doesn’t Answer His Calls Around You

If you notice that your husband starts to take calls in another room or step away from you when he gets a call, it could be a sign that he’s hiding something.

If he used to chat with you freely about who was calling and what the conversation was about, now he’s secretive; he may be talking to someone he has a crush on.

Of course, there could be other reasons for his behavior, so don’t jump to conclusions.

But if this is out of character for him and you have other suspicions, it’s worth looking into.

2. He Deletes Messages and Calls Logs

If your husband starts deleting messages and call logs from his phone, it’s a sign that he’s hiding something.

He may try to avoid detection if he communicates with another woman. If you notice this behavior, try asking him directly about it.

If he’s evasive or gets defensive, it could signify that he’s guilty of something.

3. He Has a Change of Attitude

If your husband is ordinarily even-tempered and suddenly becomes agitated or angry for no apparent reason, it could signify that he’s developed a crush on another woman.

He may feel jealous of the attention she’s receiving or annoyed that she’s a threat to the relationship. Either way, this behavior change is a definite red flag.

4. He Pays More Attention to His Appearance

Another tell-tale sign that your husband is crushing on someone else is if he starts paying more attention to his appearance.

If he’s suddenly hitting the gym more often, dressing more sociable, or even trying out a new hairstyle, it could be because he wants to impress the object of his affection.

Of course, he may be just trying to improve his self-image, but it’s worth keeping an eye on nonetheless.

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5. He Withdraws From You Emotionally

If you notice your husband withdrawing from you emotionally, it could signify that he’s found someone else to confide in.

He may start talking about problems at work or home with this other woman instead of coming to you first.

Alternatively, he may stop sharing information and emotions with you altogether.

This distance can be extremely painful for couples who are used to being close and this can be a huge sign to know if your husband is having a crush on another woman.

6. He Avoids You

If your husband starts avoiding you, it could signify that he’s developed a crush on another woman.

He may not want to be around you because he doesn’t want to risk getting caught staring at you or thinking about his passion.

Alternatively, he may be trying to distance himself from you because he feels guilty about his feelings.

If your husband suddenly starts spending more time at work or out with friends, it could signify that he’s trying to create space between you two.

If your husband is suddenly more distant, you must talk to him about what’s happening.

He may be able to tell you honestly why he’s been avoiding you and whether or not there’s another woman involved.

Alternatively, he may not be ready to talk about his feelings yet. Either way, giving him the space to open up at his own pace is essential.

7. He Comes Home Late

If your husband comes home later than usual without a reasonable explanation, it could be a sign that he’s seeing someone else.

Especially if this is a new development and he didn’t usually come home late. He may spend time with another woman instead of coming home to you.

If your husband starts coming home late and doesn’t want to tell you where he’s been, it’s a cause for concern.

You have a right to know what he’s up to, and if he’s seeing someone else, he’s not being honest with you.

Tell him why he’s coming home late and see if he’s willing to open up about what’s happening.

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Final Thought

If you think your husband may be crushing on another woman, those are the few signs you can look for.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s possible that your husband is interested in someone else.

The subtle shifts in behavior may have raised questions about the state of your relationship. It’s essential not to panic but to understand the signs and navigate the situation with wisdom.

Talk to him about your concerns and see if he’s willing to open up about what’s happening.


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