How to communicate better with your partner

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How to communicate better with your partner

Communicating with your partner goes beyond just having verbal talks and little chit-chats whenever you feel like.

Like the saying goes, communication is one of the components of a healthy relationship.

It’s one thing to just have a talk with your partner perharps just for talking sakes.

And it’s another thing to really communicate better, and pass what you’re really trying to convey to your partner smoothly without any misunderstanding.

There are so many meanings by different authors on what true and effective Communication is.

To me, I’d say Communication is a better way of effectively telling the next person what you feel, think, and want without leaving any loopholes for guesses.

Having a lasting relationship with your partner, comes with a lot of factors.

One of the surest  which serves as a foundation for the rest, is an effective communication between you and your partner.

As the situation might be, not everyone communicates on the same pace or level. Some need time to get used to and feel save to open up to the next person.

Whereas a few, outrightly are naturally outspoken and open up about every intimate stuffs without even being asked??

You as a person who wants your relationship to work out and stand the test of time with your partner, should make it a point of duty to not only be a talker, but also a great listener to your partner.

Therefore, below are some ways in which you can communicate with your partner better.

1. Create time to communicate with your partner.

Having the desire to communicate better with your partner, will require you to create some quality time for that.

Without creating some quality time to communicate better with your partner. There’s no way you two can obviously know the very important things going on in your lives.

And once this happens, you both will start keeping things from each other which on the long run is bad for your Relationship.

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2. Have an open mind about things your partner tells you.

In order to communicate better with your partner, it’s paramount that you have an open mind about the things your partner tells you.

This way, you won’t be judgemental or try to overly analyze those things being told to you in confidence.

And probably use the things against him/her much later on probably when the Relationship goes south.

When you do this often,by having an open mind, you’d realize that your partner would feel more open and relaxed to tell you things, instead of otherwise.

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3. Do not force your partner to open up about things they don’t want to

Everyone communicate on different levels. Not everyone communicates at the same free or outspoken pace.

Some need time and enough conviction to open up about deeper things one holds so dear. This also applicable to your partner as well.

Hence, as a partner who wants to communicate better with ones partner.

Endeavour to always have it in mind that, for the fact they you are in a relationship.

Or in a romantic affair with someone, that doesn’t mean they are mandated to open up to you about the sensitive things going on in their lives.

Before this can happen, it takes a lot of time. Hence, put this into consideration often.

When you do, you’d realize your partner tells you both the things you want and need to know and the ones that are totally unnecessary.

This helps strengthen your Relationship.

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4. Make your partner comfortable around you.

You know it’s one thing to be in a relationship with your partner. And it’s another thing for your partner to see you as a friend and a companion.

Remember, the only way your partner can see you as a companion is when they can easily and effortlessly feel comfortable around you.

When your partner is not feeling comfortable around you, there’s no possible way you can communicate better with him/her.

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5. Let your partner in as well.

As a good partner who wants a healthy relationship, your relationship should be a thing of give and take.

Like, you cannot demand for your partner to always be at the giving end.

Whereas you are not willing to let yourself out, and open up to your partner about the very sensitive things going on with you.

Moreso, inorder to communicate better, the same way you expect your partner to open up to you.

Also open up to your partner about sensitive things going on with you as well.

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6. Be very honest with your partner

Honesty and transpiracy are the bedrock of any Relationship. Hence, to communicate better with your partner, you need to be completely honest about whatsoever you want to tell your partner.

If you don’t want to be or let those things out, then keep it/them at the bottom of your heart.

It’s better not to say a word, than saying one that is misleading. And would lead to mistrust on either the short or long run in your relationship.


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