Things You Do That Ruins Your Relationship

Ever noticed how some beautiful love stories take a turn and end up not so lovely? It’s not always about compatibility – there’s more to it.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, we do things that can ruin the magic. Remember those early days of non-stop calls and butterflies?

What happens when the enchantment fades, and you see sides of each other that weren’t so clear before? That’s where the real challenge begins.

Curious about the things that could ruin your relationship? This piece is to enlighten you on those relationship-ruining culprits.

Kindly read them carefully, and be very keen about avoiding them in your relationship.

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Things You Do That Ruins Your Relationship

Here are some things you do that ruin your relationship.

1. Always Complaining

Complaining is so terrible. Do you know the sound of a mosquito buzzing annoyingly around your ears when you are trying to catch some sleep?

That’s how your annoying complaint makes your partner feel. Complaining about every single thing is so draining to the point that it can make your partner have a mental breakdown.

Most men would say, women complain a lot about this and that. Without also asking themselves if they complain as well. And also, if their complaint is less or more?

For instance, as a man, you complain about how your partner looks, about how she eats too much, etc.

Would make her feel you don’t appreciate her much. And if it’s also the other way round, your boyfriend/husband would also feel sad that you don’t appreciate the things they do for you, about how they look, etc.

Hence, this would put a smear on your relationship and make you two grow apart instead of bonding you guys closer together.

2. Not Addressing Wrongs

Yeah, you must have heard a few peeps say, overlook things, not every wrong thing your partner does that should warrant you raising an eyebrow, etc.

Well, not everyone has such a trait. One thing with the keeping of wrongs is, it makes you restless, and less free with your partner.

This is bad, and should never be allowed to linger on for so long. This greatly ruins your Relationship gradually.

Therefore, if your partner does things you don’t like, you can sit him or her down during their happy moments and talk to them about it.

Open up to your partner about anything they have done that is bothering you. That way your partner would know how the things they do are not cool with you. And would apologize, and try to make amends.

That way, you’re both at peace with each other, and you can go to bed each night happy about your relationship being healthy at least.

3. You Always Make Fun of Your Partner in Front of Others

One of the worst and most disrespectful things you can ever do to your partner is to make fun of their weaknesses in front of others.

This tears your partner apart on the inside. And makes him/her lose his/her self-esteem and self-worth whenever they are with you.

You may/might see it as something cool and so innocent. But mind you, others who are laughing with you to make fun of your partner, would not respect your partner.

And your partner won’t forgive you for making him/her look like a clown to be laughed at in front of others. This habit ruins your relationship, and should stop!!!

If at all, you and your partner want to make fun of each other, you should make fun of each other when you are together. Rather than otherwise!

4. Incessant Anger Over Little Things

We all have the right to be angry yeah? But when it becomes incessant, it becomes toxic for your Relationship.

On the other hand, as the relationship goes on, not everything about your partner’s character will please you. Like it once did in the initial stage of the Relationship.

But even at that, you can use calm and soothing words to replace your anger outburst instead of otherwise.

Yeah, most partners are annoying. Perhaps yours is on the end of annoying. Even at that, kindly have it at the back of your mind that, you both can’t be angry at the same time.

Or else you might end up saying hurtful words you’re not supposed to say when you’re upset.

And this would, in turn, make you and your partner, start feeling uncomfortable around each other, which is not cool. And this is a sign your relationship is gradually going downhill.

Therefore, learn to control your anger and endeavor to talk things over with your partner as earlier mentioned as often as you can.

5. Not Taking Good Care of Yourself Anymore

When you start doing this, it makes you look unattractive to your partner and it ruins your relationship over time.

What happened to those moments, when you’d make your hair, smell nice, in which you looked well-groomed and breathtaking?

Did you lose your groove on the things you are supposed to focus on in your Relationship?

If you did at some point, then it’s time to take a break from the overwhelming things that are taking too much of your time and focus on looking great again for the sake of your relationship.

And prevent it from going south and from being ruined further than it might be already.

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6. Reminding Your Partner of their Wrongs

Nobody likes anyone who goes about digging all the wrongs that have already been forgotten long ago by the offender.

It’s not a nice thing to do, especially to someone whom you say you love or you’re in a relationship with.

If you are of this habit, then be sure it will so ruin your Relationship in either the short or long run.

Your partner who had offended you before now, and had perhaps apologized and forgotten about it.

When you keep bringing it up each time and reminding your partner about it. It will make him/her feel unhappy and feel you’re toxic to want to always smear them with their wrongs.

Learn to forgive. It’s hard yeah, but you’d free yourself from the bondage and shackles of hate and unforgiveness.

Hence, to stop ruining your beloved Relationship, endeavor to let go of records of the wrongs done to you by your partner as often as you can.

That way, you’d feel free and be at peace with your inner self rather than otherwise.

7. Being a Chronic Liar

Lying is so terrible. It makes your partner lose trust in you. Your partner would always feel you’re not a reliable person.

And that you cannot even stand up and take responsibility for your actions. If you’re of this attitude, then it’s high time to go deep into the woods and bury it there forever.

In the same way, you formed the habit of lying, you can also declutter yourself and make up your mind, to be honest to your partner about your needs.

And if you know whatever you are into would hurt your partner, you shouldn’t do or say it at all. Simply keep quiet if you don’t have any truth to say.

8. You Always Want Things to Go Your Way

One of the components of a healthy relationship is compromising your Relationship. The relationship has to do with partnership, which involves two individuals coming together to achieve a goal or an aim.

Therefore, if you always want things to go your way every time. Without putting into consideration what your partner thinks, about how they feel, then you’re being very selfish in your relationship. And this can ruin your relationship in the long run.

Because, your partner would feel how can I always sacrifice this and that for you, and you can’t even assist me with the groceries, or pick up the kids from school? Or sacrifice a dime to buy me this and that?

This would over time, put a strain on your relationship, which would lead to ruining your relationship.

9. Being Too Clingy

Yeah, it’s good to be in love. In fact to be heels overly in love with your partner. It’s wonderful to want to go everywhere with your partner.

So that, everyone can see and know you and your partner are an item, and the power couple to be reckoned with. Which is so amazing!!!

But when this becomes too extreme, it becomes suffocating and choking. It becomes depressing, yeah!

From the beginning, it might seem you and your partner are enjoying the whole vibes you two give to each other. But over time, it will gradually ruin your relationship.

In the sense that, it’s very paramount that you give your partner enough space as possible. Allow your partner to spend some time with their friends and other family members.

Make your partner feel free, to do things that would improve them and make them the best versions of themselves. Don’t be too clingy, it will only ruin your relationship as time goes on

10. Telling Everyone About Your Relationship Business

Things are not always rosy in Relationships no doubt. But even at that, it’s not cool to go about telling everyone what’s up with you and your partner. This puts a strain on your relationship. And in turn, gradually ruins it.

If at all you need someone to talk to, during your confusing moments, you should talk to someone whom you know is not lousy or who would go about broadcasting all that you had told them to others in the hood.

In order not to ruin your Relationship, endeavor to keep your Relationship business as private as possible.

That way, you won’t have those who are not happy about your relationship, having things in which they can feast on to talk about.

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Final Thought

Love is like a delicate flower; it needs care. Relationships, once filled with love, can hit rough patches. It’s not just about compatibility; it’s about avoiding the little pitfalls that can turn paradise into chaos.

The good news? Many relationships survive and thrive by steering clear of common pitfalls. Now that you know what to watch out for, take a moment to reflect.

Are you unintentionally slipping into habits that could harm your relationship? If so, it’s time for a change.

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