Never say, these things to your partner when angry

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Never say, these things to your partner when angry

Words are one of the most powerful things known to man. Words spoken be it positive or negative, can have a very strong hold on someone for a very long time.

Never say, these things to your partner when angry

Getting angry is one of human emotions. In relationships, no matter how much  you and your partner are so madly is love with each other, there are sure some times in which they would get you so angry.

Which is cool, and not a bad thing because its also one of the avenues on which you both will understand or know what triggers who, and how best to settle your differences.

But what makes it bad, is when in the process of being angry, you say so many terrible things which make your partner feel so hurt emotionally, and sometimes tends to put a dent on the mind of your partner for a very long time, even when you finally apologize on either the short or long run by saying you didn’t mean any of what you said.

Therefore below are some things you shouldn’t say to your partner when angry.

1. Dating/marrying  you was a mistake

Saying this to your partner would tear him/her into pieces. And would leave your partner shattered, it would make them think twice on if you ever loved them in the first place or if you’ve been pretending all the while.  Saying this to your partner when you are angry would only put a smear in your relationship. Hence, never say this to your partner when angry.

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2. Am better off without you

How can you say this to someone you love? This would leave your partner thinking if they’ve been a hindrance to you all the while? And would leave him/her feeling so unhappy. Hence, you should never ever say such, to your partner when you are angry.

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3. You never get anything right

Yeah we can never have the same level of intelligence. Perhaps you might have a partner who is not as bright as you are. But irrespective of this, no matter what, its not cool to use your partners shortcomings against them whenever you might be angry. This should never be said by you to your partner no matter what.

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4. You are so Ugly

Since you cannot create anything that has life, then you shouldn’t dare tell a fellow human that they are ugly no matter how angry you might be. How much less a person you are supposedly in a romantic relationship with. This attitude is uncalled for by you, and you should never say this to your partner when angry.

5. I never loved you

This words are like daggers piercing into the heart of your partner if you ever say it to them. True love is the core foundation of a strong and lasting relationship. No one, absolutely no one should be deceived into thinking you love them whereas you don’t. Hence, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and imagine yourself being told such. Will you actually feel happy about it? If the answer is NO, then never say this to your partner when you are angry.


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