6 Types of Toxic People to Get Rid of for a More Happier Life

Toxic people can drain your happiness like a leaky bucket. We’ve all crossed paths with them. They’re like energy vampires, sucking out all the good vibes.

But here’s the thing: you get to decide whether to let them steal your joy or kick them to the curb for a happier life.

As Joel Osteen wisely puts it, surround yourself with people who uplift, challenge, and inspire you. Your destiny is too important to waste on those who don’t add to your growth.

From the day you were born till now, you’ve probably encountered such people.

This piece is your guide to identify and bid farewell to toxic influences for a happier, more fulfilling life. After all, you deserve happiness!

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The 6 Types of Toxic People to Get Rid of for a More Happier Life

Below outlined are the top 6 types of toxic people to get rid of this minute, for you to have a much happier life.

1. Users

You deserve genuine love, care, and attention from friends, and those around you.

But once you sense this uneasiness within you, your friends only pretend like they care, whereas they don’t and only like you because you offer certain things.

They tend to pretend to care whenever there’s a thing from you to favor them, then you need to get rid of such people from your life.

Because if you don’t, they will continue to sap out your good energy. Depriving you of extending your kindness and goodness to those who truly deserve it. And when they are done, you will be left all high and dry.

Therefore, before such happens get rid of them now and never look back on getting back with them.

2. Manipulators

Do you have certain people in your life who always demand you please them? This set of people might be a spouse or someone who you are fond of.

Hence, they try to use the fact that you’re fond of them to try to manipulate you into pleasing them.

And those moments in which you try to please them, bending to their manipulative ways, you oftentimes find out on the inside, that you are not quite happy.

If this continues more than expected, then it means you are being manipulated.

You are often trickled to play by their manipulative rules. You need to by all possible means, avoid such toxic people.

Once you realize you’re being manipulated, stand your ground henceforth.

And don’t allow anyone to manipulate you into being what you don’t want to be. And into doing what you’re not comfortable with at all.

3. People Who Don’t Contribute to Your Growth

What’s the point of having friends or a set of people whom you cannot rely on for anything? It’s of no use yeah?

It’s paramount that those in your life should also be adding one value or another to your life.

And if it’s otherwise, it’s high time to let them go. So that you can focus more on those who really matter and who are always there for you both in your high and low moments.

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4. Those Who Always Criticize You

Criticism is a stepping stone to make you see your flaws and to make you better. However, it’s quite draining when such a person never sees the good in you.

They never get to appreciate you for the little steps and acts you take to be a better person or to make them happy.

When the criticism happens more often than normal, it can be so draining. Therefore, for your peace of mind and happiness, you should get rid of them as fast as you can.

5. Those Always Pushes Blames on You

This can be so annoying. Like why do something wrong and instead of admitting to it and taking responsibility, you’d find such toxic people pushing the blame on you?

By saying it’s your fault. Like you did this and that, that was why they did what they did.

Hence, when this happens more often in your life than normal, then such a person or people don’t deserve a place in your life.

You need to get rid of such toxic people/people today. Because the more they lingered with their irresponsible attitude.

By pushing the blame and not taking responsibility for their wrong actions. You tend to be dragged into their mess and this can be so overwhelmingly annoying.

Therefore, get rid of such a person or people today. So that you can be at peace with yourself and be happier at least.

6. Selfish People

There might be certain people in your life who prefer always taking from you rather than giving.

Who prefer you doing all the work and they would just sit back and receive whatever it is they expect you to always give them. This is toxic!

Life is all about giving and taking. This is the only way there can be a sort of balance or some kind of equilibrium.

But when this pattern is the opposite, it only wears the one who is always giving.

This can most times lead to depression and some psychological trauma. Which can be bad for you in the long run.

Therefore, such toxic people need to be gotten rid of from your life, for you to have a happier life.

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Final Thought

Your happiness matters. You don’t have to tolerate people who make you question your worth or drag you down.

Life is too short to be surrounded by those who don’t contribute positively to your journey. As you’ve learned about the types of toxic individuals, it’s time to take a stand.

Let go of the negativity, embrace joy, and fill your life with those who bring out the best in you. Remember, you deserve happiness, and it starts by letting go of toxic influences.


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