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10 Toxic Habits You Need to Quit Right Now

What is holding you back from achieving all the greatness embedded inside of you? Screaming out loud to be set free, and explore all the goodness at your disposal?

Could this be toxic habits you need to quit right now, in order to live that great life you were created to live?

Do you feel a need to change? Are you feeling like there is a problem, but you don’t know what they are?

A lot of times, one way or another toxic habit you may have groomed over the years would someday come back to hunt you.

Making you feel helpless, and a shadow of yourself. Toxic habits are not only bad, but they have a way of eating deep into every fiber of your being making you helpless, and most times lost.

Habits as they are, either good, bad, or toxic, are things you may have spent time investing in it either consciously, or unconsciously.

And over time, it would become a part of you. If these habits were good, fantastic! And good for you.

But if they have been so bad, then they eventually turn into toxic habits, then you have a whole lot of work to do. In order to put your life back on the right track again.

Like the saying goes; nothing good in life comes easy. Whatsoever you want to make out of your life, you need to work really hard towards it, and make it come into reality.

Therefore, the need to identify those toxic habits holding you back. And, the need to quit these toxic habits right now, in order to have the amazing life you desire and want.

Therefore, below are a list of toxic habits you need to quit right now. You could also read this previous post on toxic habits to get rid of to have a more productive life.  

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10 Toxic Habits You Need to Quit Right Now

The toxic habits you need to quit right now include;

1. Being Ungrateful

Are you at the lowest point in your life at the moment? Do you oftentimes ask yourself, what is there to live for?

Are you caught up in so many personal complaints, and bitterness, that you feel there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for?

If you feel unhappy, and empty due to the hurdles life has thrown at you, then you need to stop, take a break, and ask yourself, are things as bad as you are thinking them to be?

Being ungrateful closes doors against you, it only makes you feel so sorry for yourself. It makes you wallow in self-pity and brood almost all-day about things you should have done differently.

This is bad for your mental health, and you need to stop it right now.

Changes to Make

  • Take a sheet of paper each day or a journal and make a list of all the good things you are grateful for no matter how little or insignificant you think they might be, there is always something good in your life, to be grateful for.
  • Stand in front of a mirror, and read those things you have written out loud to yourself.
  • Do this every day, when you wake up, and when going to bed at night.

2. Unforgiveness

This is a toxic habit you need to quit at all cost. Unforgiveness breeds, and opens door for so many unhealthy things, such as; hatred, bitterness, malice, and a whole of terrible things.

In order to move on easily in life, you need to travel on a light weight. It makes no sense trying to move on, and you are being dragged by hurts from your past, pain, and other toxic things.

Hence, let go of that unforgiveness today. Set yourself free, and become whole. Forgive yourself, and anyone else who needs to be forgiven. Do this for your own well-being, and peace of mind.

Changes to Make

  • Its hard, but let go of the pain.
  • If it will help, and make you feel any better talk to those who might have hurt you.
  • Forgive them even though they are not remorseful.
  • Be strong for yourself.

3. Being Closed Minded

I need you to have this at the back of your mind, that you can never amount to much in life if you are closed minded about things.

Life as it is, is all about change. The things you see today might not be the same when you check back on them, in a months time, or a year later.

Therefore, you need to always open your mind to allow good, positive things into your life. When you keep holding on to the way things were, then you are not ready to grow, and it will only hinder your growth.

To experience great positive things in your life, being closed minded is a toxic habit you need to quit today and allow all the goodness flow into your life.

Changes to Make

  • Make a decision to change today.
  • Always think about the positive in every situation.
  • Create room for changes, and adjustments.
  • Unlearn things that are unhealthy for your growth, such as the toxic habits listed in this post.

4. Not Having Healthy Boundaries

Most times in life, a lot of people tend to take your kindness, simplicity, goodwill, and generosity for granted.

This is the reason to create healthy boundaries in all you do. When you create healthy boundaries with how far you allow some certain things in your life.

This doesn’t mean you are a bad person, or you are being wicked, this is essential, so that those around you does not take your good heart for granted.

Therefore, not having healthy boundaries should be one of the toxic habit you need to quit today.

This is important because, it would make those around you respect you more, and discard any need for them to feel and think that they can walk all over you whenever they like.

This is wrong, and if you lack having healthy boundaries at the moment, below are things you need to change;

Changes to Make

  • Know when to say NO.
  • Know when to draw the line especially when you feel uncomfortable about doing a particular thing, and when you don’t.
  • Ensure not be please others at the expense of your own happiness.
  • Be bold, and firm when you are not comfortable about the behaviors of those around you.

5. Always Having Excuses

No matter how bad a situation is, I believe that if you seek harder, you will definitely find a way out.

What terrible situation are you presently in? Could it be financial crises, health issues, relationship issues? What exactly could it be? Whatever it might be, there is something you can do about it.

Nothing toxic would change if you just sit down and wish for it to change.

For instance, life issues is just like you having a corn farm, and if you don’t weed your farm constantly to ensure easy flow of soil nutrients, sunlight, and space.

And protect your crops from pest invasion, you would realize that, at the end of the farming season, you would either have low quantity of harvested corn, or you don’t have any at all. This is bad, and not good for your growth.

Changes to Make

  • Talk to anyone who you know could help out. Out of 10 persons, 1 or 2 would come through if you are being sincere.
  • Read books about things you want to do.
  • Take the step to change your situation.
  • Be positive.
  • And keep pushing for what you want.

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6. Spending So Much Time On Social Media

Social media no doubt has come to stay. It is one of the ways, in which you tend to keep in touch with your friends, love ones, and keep in touch with what’s going on around the world.

But just like everything has an advantage, spending so much time on social media especially when what you are doing is just replying chats almost all day, scrolling up and down, and not achieving anything worthwhile.

This is a toxic habit that you need to quit right now. Always remember, that there should be a form of balance in all you do, for, too much of anything is bad!

Changes to Make

  • Set a time limit for how long you want to spend on social media.
  • Do not waste your precious time on different social media platforms, arguing about things that are none of your business.
  • Ensure to use your social media handles for positive, inspiring things. And not otherwise!

7. Seeking Happiness From Others

Depending on your background the the way you were raised, and due to peer pressure, you might tend to go through life seeking validation from others.

From people who might not really care about you or like you. And if these validations are comes out negative or below your expectations, you might tend to have some sort of low self-esteem, and feeling less of who you truly are, and should be.

Seeking happiness from others, it is a toxic habit you need to quit right now, in order to find your real potential and not go through life being someone else, and not your true self.

This is bad for you on the long run, and if you continue living your life based on others, you would fall into depression if you don’t get the validation you need or seek from your friends.

Changes to Make

  •  Change your mindset.
  • You alone can make yourself happy, and no one else.
  • Surround yourself with people who pull you up instead of down.
  • Do not depend so much on others, so you don’t loose yourself.
  • Always remember, that you are enough, and so beautiful.

8. Not Having a Mind Of Your Own

What could be worse than this? Like your life, and the decisions you make are all centered around others.

This is a toxic habit you need to quit right now. Like why should your life be centered on others, when its not like you are still a baby that needs care, and needs his/her parents to make good decisions for it?

This toxic habit is bad, and it would only ruin you as you move on in life. For when things don’t go as you want, you should be able to hold yourself accountable, and not others. That is a way to be responsible, and be firm with your life.

Changes to Make

  • As an adult, be definite about what you want.
  • Take care of your life.
  • Be more responsible.
  • Be more definite.
  • Don’t be hasty when making decisions.
  • Take a step at a time.

9. Having Toxic People Around You

At each stage of your life, you need positive people around you. People who believe in your goals, aspirations, and visions.

Family members, and friends who would be your backbone whenever you are down, and not otherwise.

Hence, it is bad, and toxic for your mental health if you always surround yourself with toxic people who are up to no good.

If by anyway, you have toxic people around you, as earlier stated in point 4, you need to create boundaries and put an end to having toxic people around you.

Changes to Make

  • Know when to say NO.
  • Create healthy boundaries.
  • Spend more time with positive people who exhibit good vibes.

10. Neglecting Yourself

A lot of times, you might be caught up with work, family, and other things. That you forget to take care of yourself, this is bad and it is a toxic habit you need to quit today.

Your physical appearance is the gateway to how others would relate with you. It is the way you carry yourself that would make others, talk to you in a respectable manner.

You need to take care of yourself, both physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically.

In order for others, to love and respect you, you need to love yourself so much inside out. Therefore, endeavor not to neglect yourself, for when all else is gone, you got YOU to hold on to.

Changes to Make

  • Take your bathe as often as you can.
  • Tell yourself good nice things often.
  • Eat good, healthy foods.
  • Keep fit.
  • Read good books for your mind.
  • Wear good clean clothes.
  • Have good oral hygiene.
  • Smile often, it helps you look younger. lol

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Final Thought

Now, you know the top 10 toxic habits you need to quit right now and how to stop them in their tracks.

By following the “Changes to Make” guide you will be able to eradicate these toxic traits to enjoy a better and fuller life.

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