Signs Your Relationship Is Over

10 Warning Signs of a Toxic Partner

A Romantic Relationship with a toxic partner can be so cancerous. So what are the warning signs of a toxic partner? Find Out!

Toxic romantic relationships are a total opposite of a healthy Romantic Relationship.

Healthy romantic relationships is meant to be enjoyed, not endured, meant to rejuvenate you, not fill you with toxic emotions.

Also, it should be fun, not based on fear,  bring out the best in you, not make you doubt yourself.

Meant to wipe away, your painful tears and not be the reason why you shed tears, meant to be the Angel that protects you and not the demons you wish you could avoid.

Why would your partner, whom you love so much want to exalt him/herself at the expense of your happiness, and peace of mind?? It can be very painful and energy draining.

Irrespective of the fact that every individual has different personalities that define them. Different upbringings that, have also tailored them into, how they behave, and a whole lot.

That should never be the basis of allowing your partner to be toxic towards you, no matter how much they might have brainwashed you into loving them. You should never allow such inconsiderate behavior from the person you love.

Most times, you are so engrossed in the relationship and so blinded that, you do not take notice when your beloved partner is being toxic.

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Warning Signs Of A Toxic Partner

Below are essential factors to help you know when the Romantic Relationship with your partner is Toxic;

1. The Toxic Partner Doesn’t Give Any Concerns About Your Feelings

Toxic partners, most times love watching you feel hurt by saying harsh things to you without minding your feelings.

They are after their own satisfaction even if, it’s at the expense of your happiness or peace of mind.

When these things are at risk, then you should know when to let go of the romantic relationship with your toxic partner.

2. When Your Partner Doesn’t Always Seem to Appreciate the Kind Gestures You Show Them

One who is a toxic partner, most times would put away the great things you do for them.

And make you feel you are not doing enough, that your colleagues or mates, are doing better things than you are doing.

In the process, making you always work over the hedge just to always please them. Which can be so energy draining. This is why you need to know the fundamental rules of a lasting romantic relationship

3. A Lot of Toxic Partners, Would Want You to Always Do Things Against Your Will

If you sincerely love someone, you wouldn’t want to overly push them into, doing things they are not comfortable with.

But this isn’t the case with a Toxic partner.

He/she would push you to the wall, and burden you with their personal demands to the point of choking you into doing the things he/she wants.

This is so so toxic to your mental health.

Having knowledge of when to end a romantic relationship help you call it off with a toxic partner.

4. A Toxic Partner Always Makes You Think Less of Yourself

It’s only a Toxic partner, that would always make you doubt yourself and your abilities.

By always telling you, and doing things, that would make you doubt yourself. Or make you feel, you are not good enough and not ever amounting to much.

Toxic partners would make you feel and believe they are with you out of pity, not because you are worth it.

When this happens, you should never allow it because you are always important.

5. When Your Partner Always, and Only Thinks About Himself/ Herself

Why be in a Romantic Relationship with, a selfish person in the first place? A partner who all he/she cares, and thinks about are themselves only.

Without giving much care, about your own interest in the first instance.

So, therefore, a toxic partner doesn’t mind getting rid of you or pushing you out of the way, because he/she sees you be vulnerable.

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6. You Are Always Blamed Whenever Anything Goes Wrong

When someone is Toxic, they would want to lay the blame on anyone who is close whenever things go wrong or in ways they didn’t envision.

Since you are the closest person available to them, they would push the blame on you, and point fingers that it’s your fault that things had gone wrong with them.

7. They Always Seem So Perfect in All Ramifications, and Not Taking Responsibility for Their Mistakes

It’s only an irresponsible person that will not stand firm and take responsibility for his/her actions; be it right or wrong.

A Toxic partner would endeavor, to always push every single mistake they make on you.

And brainwash you so badly into thinking, you had a role in making them commit all the wrongs, irresponsibilities, and what have you. You should never make them use you as a toy.

8. Most Toxic Partners Would Always Want You to Think Your Past Defines You

The past, should always, by all means, remain in the past.

If your partner always, brings up the old bad version of you they know about, to spite you at the slightest provocation, then it is time to let go.

Because no matter what, you always deserve someone who would lift you up, and not down.

9. A Toxic Partner Would Always, Compare You Negatively With Those Whom They Think Are Better Than You

Your partner in any romantic relationship should be your cheerleader and your encourager.

Not someone Toxic trying to bring you down at any given opportunity just to make you feel unworthy to try.

And what have you? You might want to find out when to end a romantic this, ever!!!

10. When a Partner Is Toxic, He/She Would Want to Deprive You of Spending Time With Other Important People in Your Life

Your partner in a healthy Romantic Relationship would want you to mingle and have a fun time with other people.

Do normal things like hanging out alone, chatting with whoever you want to chat with, being online whenever you want to, and not the other way round.

When your partner, denies you the freedom of spending time with others asides from him/her, then you should know your partner is toxic.

And if you allow them to continue making you their captive, they will drain you .

And make you think and believe, you deserve all that you are going through. This should never be allowed to happen for too long.

It’s good to be in love with someone, in fact, it’s great. But when it’s done, at the expense of your happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, then you should clearly know, it’s no longer safe for your mental health, and general well-being.

And you need to find a way to end such a bondage affair called a Relationship with your Toxic partner before it consumes and tears you apart beyond healing or repair.

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Final Thought

There’s no reason for anyone who, truly loves you to be the cause of pain and confusion in your precious life.

So if you find these warning signs in your relationship, you know you have a toxic partner on your hands which you need to get rid of.

I hope this advice was able to help open your eyes to signs you may have been overlooking, if you have any questions , engage with us in the comment section below.

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