Things Men Hate With Passion, That Women Are Fond Of

One would ask, what could women be fond of doing things men hate with passion? Men, most times, are somewhat complicated creatures.

In the sense that they are not so expressive with voicing things they don’t like as the female folks do.

Hence, even the woman in their life sometimes does what they hate passionately, and they prefer hoarding it in their minds for a very long time.

And when they cannot take such things their women do that they hate, they either speak out or withdraw themselves in the process.

Let me show you some things men hate with passion that women are fond of.

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19 Things That Women Are Fond Of But Men Hate With Passion

Below, in my opinion, are things most women are fond of doing that their men hate with passion; 

1. Giving Out Their Numbers

Men hate it when their woman gives out their numbers to another man they just met, especially if it’s not business-related 

The man wouldn’t want to know if the lady just gave out the number for friendship’s sake; all he cares about is that she finds him more appealing than them and might also want to date them.

This is just one of the things that men hate with passion.

2. Keeping in Touch With Exes

Most men hate it with passion when their woman still keeps in touch with an ex. This alone tears every fiber in them into pieces. They start wondering, does she still love him?

Does she still find her ex appealing? Does she still want to have sex with him? Am I not enough for her? Etc

3. Selfishness

Most men hate it with passion when all you do as their woman is take and take from them without giving them anything like gifts, surprises, etc., in return for their generosity or kindness. 

That makes them feel so used and, most times, tend to withdraw their kindness and be tightfisted.  

4. Staying Long On the Phone

Most men hate it when their woman is on the phone chatting and making giggling sounds for extended periods.

Even if the cause of the giggles is not another man behind it, they feel pained and start being suspicious.

5. The Wait

Most men hate it with passion when they are walking on the road or are together with their woman, and another man stops or starts talking with their woman longer than necessary without their permission.

And in the process, the woman feels comfortable talking to the man longer than necessary. This is so annoying to most men….lol.

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6. Overly Provocative Clothes

Most men feel so uncomfortable and hate it when their women wear overly provocative dresses/clothes and go out without them.

But they are most times, it fascinates them when they see other women who wear such……funny, yeah? 

7. Available to Other Men

Most men hate it when their woman can talk with another man.  We know that you should not be entertaining other men.

Especially when she is laughing so loud and making funny body gestures, they start wondering if she finds them boring or not funny enough….lol.

8. Hugging Other Men

Most men hate it when their woman easily hugs a male friend or a colleague so tightly.

Do they start asking what is going on between them? Why did she hug him so closely with her bosom touching his… can sometimes be dramatic, too… lol. 

9. That Handsome Colleague

Most men hate it or feel overly jealous when their women have a very handsome colleague who is a partner at work or a handsome boss who always wants assistance from their woman. They feel so insecure and start feeling suspicious. 

10. Comparing Them to Exes

Most men hate it when all you do as their woman is compare them to your ex whenever there’s a misunderstanding or slight differences.

It’s irritating to compare to anyone in the first place. So why do you compare your partner to your ex or lover as a woman? It’s so uncalled for and men hate it with passion.

11. Phone Addiction

Women who are always glued to their phones can be frustrating for men. Constant phone use can make it seem like she’s not fully present at the moment, leading to feelings of disconnection.

12. Talking During Movies

Men often dislike constant chatter during movies or series, as it can disrupt the enjoyment of the content and hinder the shared experience.

Plus, the fact that they are both seeing the movie together for the first time. Don’t expect the man to know what will happen next or explain what just happened.

13. Trying to Change or Fix

Men value their individuality, and attempts to change fundamental personality traits can lead to discomfort and a sense of losing identity.

14. Being Unclear About Things

Lack of clarity, especially in important matters like gifts, can create confusion and disappointment.

Men may find it challenging when women expect them to understand unexpressed thoughts or emotions.

Men appreciate clear communication and understanding of expectations to avoid misunderstandings

15. Manipulations/Feminine Wiles

Men dislike manipulation, especially when it’s aimed at creating a moral advantage. Honesty and transparency are crucial for a healthy relationship.

16. Lack of Accountability

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is vital in any relationship. Men may find it frustrating when women avoid accountability and shift blame onto others.

17. Telling Their Friends About Every Issue

Men value trust and privacy. Gossiping about personal matters with friends can breach that trust and lead to feelings of betrayal.

18. Too Clingy

Men appreciate having personal space and pursuits. Constant interference in everything they do can be perceived as invasive and stifling.

Especially when women constantly inquire about their phone activities. Trust is essential for a healthy relationship.

19. Forced Hang Out with Friends They Don’t Like

Forcing men to spend time with friends they don’t genuinely enjoy can be uncomfortable. Authentic connections are preferable over forced interactions.

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Final Thought

In relationships, we all think differently, and both parties need to understand that to foster peace and harmony in the relationship.

We have listed some things men hate with passion that women are fond of and could likely lead to breakup if not properly managed.

Do you think there are other things we left out on the list? Kindly engage us in the comment section below, and do not forget to share with your family and friends on all your social media platforms.

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