Things You Do That Make You Lack Time Management

10 Things You Do That Make You Lack Time Management

Each day, Time goes by. Waiting for no one. You either manage your time well, or you are tagged as someone who lacks time management.

Time rides along smoothly without any disturbances or anything halting or stopping it from moving on. Everyone, irrespective of your class, position, or what have you.

Are all assigned the same amount of time? In life, most days are just so fast you’d start wondering if it’s midnight already, or if it’s a new day?

And there’s nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to take it back to the previous day, week, or month before that. And you can’t change what has already been done, that you don’t like, and all of that.

Each day, you might have amazing things mapped out already in your head on the things you want to do. And the things you want to achieve.

And along the line, you find yourself being distracted by one or two things. Stealing away your precious time.

When you tend to realize you are lagging behind, you’d realize the day is almost over. Then you start feeling so sad and would want to beat yourself up. On why you were not cautious about the things you needed to do and all.

Yeah, I have been there a lot of times. Sometimes I feel like crying and I end up feeling so unhappy about why I wasn’t cautious with my time and all.

But, as the saying goes. If you know you have a problem, ask yourself what they are. And make cautious efforts to curtail them, and eventually get rid of the habit/s off your life.

At the moment, you might be in the same dilemma I once was. And you might not know what to do, or the things you tend to waste your time on.

And you don’t know where to start to make a change in your life and all. But no matter what it is. No matter the time you may have lost in times past.

Today is a chance to start again even better and become the best version of yourself.

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10 Things You Do That Make You Lack Time Management

Hence below are Things you spend so much time on, that show you lack time management.

1. Spending So Much Time on Your Gargets

Your garget/s ranges from your mobile phone to your iPad/tab, and to your desktop/laptop. Most of the time, when you use them so often playing games endlessly or doing other things that are not productive.

Over time, these things tend to waste your time. And also shows you lack time management. Hence, in order to be more productive with your time.

It’s best you reduce the time you spend either watching and playing video games endlessly. In which you use in, watching one movie after another and channel it into doing other meaningful things.

Things that would help you grow. And make you more productive and the best version of yourself as time goes on each passing day.

2.  Inability to Decide on Your Plans for the Day

Where you are at the moment, all boils down to the decisions you may have taken in times past. In which, the way you manage your time either accurately or nonchalantly.

Tends to have in a lot of ways, contributed to your lagging behind on the things you need or want to do.

Hence, its very paramount that you make up your mind about the things you really want to do. Set up a time frame for them. And only halt them, only if another task outside whatever you may have decided on really requires your time and attention.

But if it’s otherwise, it/they can actually wait until the most important things you want to do are done and well attended to.

This way, you can accurately account for the 24hrs you have in a day, instead of wasting it on not making up your mind on the things you want to do.

3. Scrolling Endlessly on Social media

Social media is a means by which you reach out to your friends and family who are far and near.

It’s also a means by which you tend to connect with others outside your country and whatever state you might be living in at the moment.

But, with all its advantages, it also has loads of disadvantages. And it’s one of the time wasters, of this era.

In the sense that, have you ever found yourself wanting to study for an exam. And the next thing a notification pops up, and you tell yourself you just want to quickly check it out, and that will be it?

But it doesn’t stop there. You find yourself scrolling endlessly trying to quickly reply to a chat, and from a chat, it leads to another.

And you realize you tend to waste so much time, on your chats that you might end up not studying for that exam or doing that very essential thing you needed to do.

Yeah, I know how you feel. I have been there a thousand and more times. Being tempted to check my phone, and reply to a chat.

But I told myself I can NEVER grow like this. Therefore, I had to come up with a plan. I mute my notifications.

They only pop up only when I open the Apps. And over time, my sub-consciousness adjusted to the fact that the notifications are turned off.

Hence, with time, I stopped wasting endless time scrolling on and chatting about irrelevant things that were not so beneficial to me or helping me grow in any way.

This method might also, greatly help you to adjust and not being overly addicted to social media, and all.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is the killer of time. At the moment, are there some things you are supposed to be doing, that you’re keeping up for later? You tell yourself you’d do them later but you always end up not doing them at all?

But you are only sprung up to your feet, only when you realize you have a deadline and the deadline is almost near? You procrastinating on things is always one of the ways in which you’re wasting time. And it greatly signifies, you lack time management.

Therefore, you need to stop procrastinating on the very important things you need to do today, and this very moment.

And do them the very time you are supposed to do them once and for all. Rather than keeping them for later.

5. You Lack Time Management When You Tend to Be Very Disorganized

The way you handle and keep your things would greatly show if you are actually very organized and can keep your things in order or not.

For instance, are you meant to attend an important meeting, and you find yourself looking for your file, for your shoe polish, or for your very official tie to use?

Therefore, the time you are meant to use to relax your mind and your entire being prior to the meeting. You use that precious time in looking for essential things that ought to have been duly organized in their appropriate place/s.

In addition, if you are of this habit of being disorganized and wasting your time looking for your pieces of stuff.

Then henceforth, you should endeavor to keep them in an organized place. So you don’t end up always looking for them endlessly.

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6. Another Way You’re Wasting Time Is Always Daydreaming

It’s a very good thing to aspire and dream big of doing and becoming a whole lot of good things. But it becomes very bad when all you do is waste your precious time daydreaming about what you should have been.

Daydreaming is also a major time waster. Hence,  if you’re of this habit, you need to snap yourself out of daydreaming.

And look for ways, in which you can set tangible attainable goals and achieve your dreams and be a better version of yourself. Therefore, below are steps to achieving your dreams is/are;

  • You make up your mind on what you actually want
  • You write them down
  • Come up with a plan
  • Break them down into smaller bits
  • Talk to a mentor about it/them
  • Believe in yourself and what you may have written down

Then take a step each day into achieving what you want

7. You Accommodate Unnecessary Distractions

Distractions are all around us no doubt. It’s your choice to either allow them or not to allow them.

Therefore, in order not to waste your time, accommodating unnecessary distractions every now and then.

You need to cut them off from your life and completely stay very disciplined in order not to waste time on those distractions such as; watching excess TV series on Netflix, etc. Prioritize your time well and be very focused.

This way, you’d manage your time well, and avoid any distractions that would lead to a lack of time management.

8. Not Being Specific With Your Goals and Visions

We all need some sort of compass to help us get to the next destination in whatever we are aspiring for in life.

Therefore, when you are not accurately specific with your goals which is like a compass in helping you every step of the way, then your vision/s would be smeared.

Hence, its very important that you sit down and come up with specific goals that are easily attainable.

And not goals that would make you work yourself up so hard only to give up along the way when things such as, the resources are not there anymore to help you get and achieve them.

More so, if you’re specific with your goals and vision, you won’t be beating around the bush due to different distractions. Hence, getting all busy without really being productive in the first place.

9. One of the Ways You Also Waste Time Is When You Try to Always Explain Yourself to Almost Everyone

Yeah, you need people as you move on in your life’s journey. And also, in life, things in which you didn’t plan or foresaw most of the time tend to happen.

But when they do, you will do well to accept them. And explain yourself only, to those who truly deserve to know why you did what you did.

Or took whatever decision you might have taken due to the event that took place or might have happened. Therefore, stop wasting your precious time explaining things to people who don’t really care about you that much.

10. Not Minding Your Business Enough

At the moment, are you meant to be in your room, or at your house doing something very important?

But you’re somewhere wasting time talking about something that is absolutely none of your business?

Well, if you are of this attitude, then you need to realize it’s also a way in which you are wasting your time talking about irrelevant things.

That is not really of much importance to you. And you need to stop that as soon as you can. And pay more attention to the very important things going on in and with your life instead of otherwise.

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