How Men React to the No Contact Rule

A no-contact period can make a man realize how much he means to you and how much he cares about you. It can also make him know you were not treated fairly.

We’ve curated a list of what he might feel during this period.

A man might feel humiliated, scared, and angry during a no-contact period. Depending on the day, he might experience these emotions at the same time.

Women who want their exes back are frequently advised to follow the no-contact rule. Similarly, it aids the two in getting over their recent separation.

This article covers topics such as the male psychology no contact rule, what he thinks on the third day of no contact, et cetera.

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Day 3 of No Contact. What is He Thinking?

The procedure is relatively straightforward: you cut off communication with your ex for two to three months to give yourself enough time to process the split and determine your course for the future.

On the third day, he’s probably getting used to the fact that you will not be following up with him anymore. He might also start wondering what you’re doing and why you’re not reaching out.

For most men, this isn’t the most challenging day of no contact. They might still be upset, but they’re relieved that you no longer have to talk to them, especially if they initiated the breakup.

He might feel relieved that you’re not following up with him anymore, as he doesn’t have to answer for his wrongdoings. He might also be waiting for you to come around.

It’s common for men to expect their ex to break the ice, and he’ll likely start worrying if you haven’t called or sent him a text.

He’ll also begin to make up his stories about you. The less he knows about you, the more he’ll start thinking about you.

He might be upset that you’re not calling or sending him texts. He might try to avoid feeling bad by telling himself that he’ll be back soon.

How Men React to the No Contact Rule: The Psychology

The concept of the no-contact rule is fairly simple: Shutting down all of your communication channels with your ex will make them more interested in you.

This is referred to as the reverse psychology of the no-contact rule. In this way, you’re trying to give your ex a taste of what’s possible through psychological manipulation.

There are different stages to this;

1. Confidence

The first phase of male psychology’s no contact rule is when a man dumps his partner, he is a confident individual who believes that he made the right decision by breaking up with you.

He is proud of his decision and will lead a very confident life for a few days. During this period, he will often go on vacations and post about his life on social media.

If you try to contact him, you’ll not get the best results in male psychology.

2. He Misses You

Suddenly, he realizes you’re no longer there for him. He feels that you’re no longer interested in him. This phase of male psychology is usually triggered by the end of the relationship.

When we discuss how men react to the no-contact rule, we should always state that it can affect a man’s ego. During this phase, he will consider the various possibilities and causes of his break up with you.

On the other hand, you have cut him off completely, and you are not following up with him. This will make him start thinking about why you behave the way you are.

This is the second stage of the no-contact rule phase for your ex.

3. He Feels a Little Depressed

He might feel like a boastful individual if you try to reach out to him after the breakup. However, since you’re not following up with him, his subconscious mind will likely start to respond to the no-contact rule traits.

If he still feels for you, he will feel sad as you are no longer there for him. This is the third phase of the no-contact rules for your ex.

The end of the breakup honeymoon phase means that he is now desperate for your attention. He will likely start sending you angry texts asking for an explanation as to why you are not following up with him.

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5. He Might Try to Get a Replacement

The dynamics of a relationship are complex, and since you broke up with him, he might be desperate for your attention. Since you have the no-contact rule, connecting with him is impossible.

He might try to get back to you by developing a new relationship with someone else. His anger usually triggers this type of behavior.

In most cases, the guys who get into this type of relationship try to distract themselves from their ex.

6. The Regret Sets In

The sixth phase of the no-contact rule is when men realize that they have broken up with you. During this phase, men often go through a long-term thinking process.

They have tried to cope with their feelings by developing new coping strategies. However, they eventually realize they have lost you due to their actions.

Most men realize their mistakes in the last phase. They tend to avoid admitting their failures and instead rely on false ideologies to lead their lives.

You have already mastered the no-contact rule if you have not contacted him until this phase.

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Final Thought

The no-contact rule operates differently in male and female psychology and that’s why we took time to explain how men react to the no contact rule.

For example, women may feel nervous after a breakup, but males may like their newfound singledom.

However, the no-contact policy also helps you get over the breakup and prepares you to meet a better person in the future; your wound and psychological trauma will also be healed by it.


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