What to Say to an Ex Who Hurt You (7 Great Tips)

Breaking up with a partner is common in romantic relationships. But for other people, the situation feels especially heavy. You will become more resilient and challenging than before, thanks to the hurtful words of an ex.

You may wish you knew what to say to the ex who hurt you. The words for a hurting ex frequently can include a positive and uplifting message.

The objective of these words is for you to rise from grief and start a new page. However, these actions take more strength and perhaps not a short time.

Speaking to an ex who has been damaged can be a source of healing to a shattered heart.

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What to Say to an Ex Who Hurt You

Here are some of the best things to say to an ex who hurt you to make you feel better and get closure; carefully choose one that works for your circumstance!

1. I’m Confident This Experience Will Benefit Us Both

Doing this can demonstrate your superiority while giving them the cause to think twice about what they did wrong.

Of course, now that you’ve moved on, it’s not your duty to assist them in improving themselves, but proving that your maturity is more excellent than theirs is a terrific parting shot.

2. It’s Only Now I Realize You Never Made Me Happily

To say something like this to an ex is exceptionally harsh and caustic. But for many individuals, that’s true, so you might want to tell it.

You were right to notify your ex if you were in a toxic relationship. If they have a soul, they will feel awful once they see that you have moved on and are happier.

3. Dating You in the First Place Was the Only Mistake I Made

The fact that you’re telling your ex this can be hurtful, but since they know they’ve hurt you, they shouldn’t be too surprised.

If you have some good times together, I’m confident you’ll be able to accept that you don’t mean this when cooler heads prevail.

4. I Should Thank You, I’m So Much Happier Now That We’ve Split

This one is a little ego-tickler. Tell them you’re happier now that you’re no longer together, and even thank them if you want to.

It’s preferable to telling an ex that you miss them, aren’t happier, etc. Trust me, they won’t feel as horrible as you want them to.

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5. I Should Have Paid Attention When Others Warned Me About You

This is just another way to insult them and aim to get the better of them. Making your ex believe his buddies foresaw that he would hurt you damages his relationships with them.

However, if it’s untrue, you might upset the people with whom you have mutual friends. Before using that line, consider it.

6. You Hurt Me a Lot; I Won’t Be Able to Trust Anyone Again for a While

Telling your ex that you’re wounded can be highly effective if it’s not in your nature to try to gain revenge or hurt them.

It ought to cause them to reflect on the harm they caused you. You have to presume they will feel awful about it if they have a heart.

7. I’m a Stronger Person Now. I Wish You the Best

Sometimes forgiving someone who has wronged you and even thanking them for liberating you is the most effective method to exact revenge.

Your life and well-being will suffer if you are with someone who has wounded you or will do so in the future. Let them know how the event has changed you as a person.

The Most Hurtful Thing You Can Say to an Ex

The following are examples of the hurtful things you can say to an ex (apart from anything private that only you know about them):

  • I wish I’d never met you!
  • I never loved you anyway!
  • Our entire relationship was a waste of time!

Before saying anything harsh and nasty, think again because once you say it, you can’t take it back!

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Final Thoughts

Knowing what to say to an ex who wronged you can be helpful. Perhaps you want a little payback or need some closure to help you move on.

In either case, finding the right things to say might help you move on and hasten your recovery.

Remember to prioritize your well-being and express your feelings in a constructive way.


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