When to Let Go of a Romantic Relationship [6 Clear Signs]

Falling in love is one of the most spontaneous feelings ever, and it hurts so much to know you may have to let go of a romantic relationship that was once filled with passion.

Because, the process of falling in love, makes two beloved hearts beat with one rhythm and frequency.

When in love, you can do anything for the person you love and care about.

It will never be your slightest imagination that, someday you would be contemplating when to let go of, your romantic relationship with your partner, with whom you once shared a bond.

Most times in life, things don’t go as one expects, and relationships can hit rock bottom too.

Don’t hold on to past butterflies, keep reading to find out when to let go of a romantic relationship.

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When to Let Go of a Romantic Relationship

Below are signs to watch out for, when your beloved partner isn’t as into you as they once were.

And they are not, ready to talk it out with you, but are giving you unnecessary attitudes and trying as much as possible to keep their distance from you:

1. Let Go When Your Partner Reduces How Often They Call You

A lot of times, you’d hear, am busy, I was caught up at work, etc. This is the first red flag! Especially when they fail to make it up by, opening up to you about what seems to be the matter.

You might seem to try harder to hold on and be understanding. But most times, the harder you cling on, the faster your partner is of your reach.

2. Let Go When Your Partner Starts Picking up Fights With You Unnecessarily

When this starts happening more often than normal, it is a very inconsiderate behavior to condone from anyone, including those you love.

Then, it’s time to adjust, move back, and observe keenly. To,  know why the sudden change in behavior of your partner towards you.

3. Let Go When Your Partner Starts Ignoring Your Messages Even When You See Them Online

This is a great sign of you not holding on tightly, and letting go. It shows that your partner has slipped off your fingers earlier before you even noticed.

Resist the urge to complain, just see it as a sign to end the relationship.

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4. Let Go When Your Partner Starts Comparing You With Others

This should be the last straw that should break the camel’s back. No one should ever make you feel less worthy of yourself.

Don’t allow it! It’s best for your mental well-being to let them go, so they can be with whoever they feel is more perfect than you.

5. Let Go When He/She Starts Feeling Irritated by the Little Things You Do and Say

Then you should know they don’t need you anymore but, are just waiting for the right moment to call it off with you.

Hence, it’s best to do you both the favor of ending things. It’s also very toxic to be in a relationship

6. Let Go When He/She Won’t Return Your Calls

Imagine when you have to call your partner repeatedly even when at some point, their number was on call waiting. See, this is a great sign you are pestering them.

It is time to reflect on your values and let them go if they can’t give a plausible reason for doing what they did.

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Final Thought

Love is beautiful, but sometimes how do we know when to let go of a romantic relationship?

Most times in relationships, it’s good to have the first and last laugh.  So if you notice all these signs, then let your partner go before they dump you!

It might be hard to move on at first, but what’s the point of holding on to someone who isn’t holding on to you or who has let go of you longer than you knew?

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4 thoughts on “When to Let Go of a Romantic Relationship [6 Clear Signs]”

  1. Thanks so much for this.

    My partner slapped me when we got into an argument. He apologies. But then, some few days ago, he got so angry and did the same thing…

    I am scared of his temper. Should I quit the relationship?

    • My dear!!! Sorry about the slaps.
      In my opinion, I’d say kindly run out of that Relationship. Before he does something you, won’t forget in a hurry,or God forbid he does something terrible in which, you might not even live to tell the story.

      Shalom, Stay safe!!!


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