8 Types of Toxic Partners You Should Avoid in a Relationship

There are types of partners that come with so much stress because of their toxic nature.

Life already gives us enough stress from work, academics, business, family, perhaps children, and other environmental factors, having partners that make things worse is not something you need.

Some partners are bound by all means to bring you nothing but plenty of headaches.

Being in a relationship is not always all rosy most of the time but such strife and storms shouldn’t be caused by your partner.

Relationships are meant to help you blossom and grow in all aspects of your life, and not otherwise.

Hence, when your partner tends to always bring you down, with his or her toxicity. You should know sooner or later you will be drained if not completely crushed emotionally and mentally.

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8 Types of Toxic Partners You Should Avoid

Below are the types of toxic partners you should avoid in a relationship, and the various ways to identify one;

1. The Rumor Monger

Isn’t it embarrassing when you sit down to have a nice dinner with family and friends? And all your partner does is always come up with untrue rumors about other people.

These rumors are never true about these sets of people they tend to talk about. But yet, they would just rattle on endlessly, even if someone is listening to them or not.

Kindly have it at the back of your mind that, if your partner is always fond of talking about other people to your face and that of your loved ones and family members. Without even minding their business and respecting themselves.

Be sure they would also talk ill about you and those you care about behind your back. Therefore, you should never allow this kind of toxic partner to linger in your life for too long, they should be avoided at all costs.

2. The Jealous Partner

Your partner should always endeavor to celebrate both your wins and victories. And also, they should healthily love you, and not be possessive or obsessive about you.

Hence, when your partner starts feeling insecure about your Promotions, advancement in your career, and other achievements in other works of life.

When your significant other tends to flare up and become aggressive when they see you hanging out with others who are merely casual friends, it becomes bad for your mental health.

It’s even worse when you endeavor to appreciate them and tell others they contributed to making you a better person.

A jealous partner over time could ruin you in the long run out of jealousy if you’re not cautious enough. Hence, one should avoid this set of toxic partners.

3. The Fault-Finding Toxic Partner

These types of toxic partners bring nothing but emotional and mental drains. How would you feel if all your partner does is never see anything good or great or superb in all you do?

Even when you try being romantic towards them, they feel and think you’re being old-fashioned, or not being sweet enough, and a whole lot more.

One should never allow this kind of Fault-findings now and then by their partner. Because you will always feel you’re not good enough and will perform less than your potential or expectations.

Therefore, avoid this type of toxic partner if you want to perform above what you should, and not anyone such as your partner talking you down always with their harsh ugly remarks.

4. The Accuser

These types of toxic partners would never agree that they are wrong or should be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. They would certainly put all the blame on someone/something else.

This can be so unhealthy and draining. Therefore, if your partner belongs to this category of toxic partners, you should endeavor to move away quietly.

Their actions are not good for your mental health and well-being. Any responsible person should easily take responsibility for his or her actions. And not always finding who to lay the faults on.

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5. The Leech

Most individuals go into Relationships for various reasons. Some individuals are due to what they stand to gain by being in the relationship.

While only a few want a partner who truly loves them for them, and nothing more. Hence, you should avoid having a toxic partner that is only after sucking the life out of your finances and any other tangible thing they feel is suckable.

A relationship should be a mutual agreement, whereby you both benefit and contribute some certain percentage in running the relationship smoothly.

If the order of the day by your partner is sucking you always and then leaving you so high and dry, you should avoid this type of toxic partner by taking to your heels.

6. The Self Centered Partner

How can a sane person love anyone who is so self-centered? This trait can be so annoying.

When you are in a relationship, and all your partner does almost 95% of the time is talking about him/herself. Without even allowing you to speak.

When your partner feels and thinks they are way much better and more important than you are you are no match to them.

They would always remind you, of how less of a person you are. How you are kind of a doormat to them, and what have you. Hence, making you lose yourself and your self-worth.

You should never allow this kind of toxic partner to come near you or overly be in the relationship with them for such a long time thinking they would change.

Have it at the back of your mind, that such self-centered partners never change. It’s an inbuilt trait that is very hard to forgo. Hence you should avoid them like plague.

7. The Deceiver

One of the key factors of a healthy relationship is being honest with each other no matter what. Therefore, if all your partner does is tell you one white lie or big lie after another now and then.

You should know they are toxic. And should avoid it at all costs. No matter any deeds or offenses committed, both yourself and your partner should sit down and think of ways to resolve them.

Not by covering up the deeds with multiple lies. This is toxic and should be avoided in a relationship.

8. The Control Freak

This category of partners just enjoys restraining you like a remote control. They want you to follow their opinions and decisions without objection.

Once you try to object they become more Restraint on you and your affairs. And try by all means to continue making you do their bidding.

This category of toxic partners would, by all means, be difficult, and would want you to be dependent on them for everything. 

Once they see you cannot cope without them, they try to make you stay in that position. But you know what? You should never allow anyone, including your partner, to make you less of who you are by restraining you and turning you into a doormat.

Hence, you should strive by all possible means, to stand your ground and not allow your Restraint toxic partner to make you do their bidding, you ain’t a remote control. Remember that!

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Final Thought

No one should be in a relationship where one’s partner is toxic in all aspects. Therefore instead of bringing you up, they tend to bring you down instead.

You should not allow that. Hence, if you experience such, you should leave to regain your stability and mental health.

If you tried talking to them, and they are not willing to change, kindly walk away and be happy again.


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