12 Signs of True Love From a Woman Who Loves You

True love from a woman shows when she can do anything, I mean absolutely anything to make sure she keeps her man and makes him stay forever if possible.

Women who have experienced heartbreaks in the past would oftentimes become soft again towards a man who truly deserves their love, care, affection, and attention.

Women when they love, they become so sweet and so angelic in all their ways towards you. A woman who loves you would make you feel like you are one of the luckiest men in the world.

All you need to do is treat her right and she would make you her king forever. Keep reading to see more signs of true love from a woman.

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Signs of True Love From a Woman

Below sign on knowing true love from a woman who loves you;

1. She Encourages You Every Time to Be a Better Person Than You Are

One of the major signs of true love from a woman is, that a woman who truly loves you would always encourage you to be your very best every time.

She would strive always to advise you not to give up on yourself and your goals.

A woman who has a true love for you would endeavor to come up with things or materials that would prepare you for your exams or any other professional examination you might be preparing for.

She will see to it that you work very hard without any distractions from her or anyone else until you get your heart’s desires.

2. She Endeavors Always to Appreciate You

It’s draining to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate a single thing you do for them.

Therefore, a sign of true love from a woman who loves you is her always appreciating the little and huge things you do for her.

She would want to tell almost everyone who cares to listen to her that you’re loving, caring, wonderful, romantic, kind, and the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Isn’t this so amazing to be praised and appreciated by the woman who loves you and who has made you the center of her world?

3. A Woman Who Has True Love for You Tends to Be Very Patient With You

Some individuals have no chill, no doubt. But would certainly be patient with someone whom they like, love, and care about.

Hence a sign of true love from a woman who loves you is her being overly patient with you even when you are being a pain in the neck.

She would want to do all she can to always see the best sides of you and not overly dwell on your shortcomings every time you commit an offense or get her angry.

4. She Endeavors to Give You a Hand in Reaching Your Goals

One of the signs of true love from a woman who loves you is her endeavoring to give you a helping hand in reaching your heart desires in life.

She wouldn’t want to stand in the way of your success or breakthrough. She would do everything possible to ensure you do your very best to achieve what you’ve laid down for yourself.

5. She’s So Loving and Caring Towards You

If you love someone be it in a romantic or a platonic relationship, you would take good care of them as if they are babies. Babies, as you know, are fragile and adorable.

Hence, when your woman endeavors to spend time with you, to clean up your things, to assist you in cooking, to take good care of you when you are sick, etc.

Then you should know these are signs of true love from a woman who loves you, for all your silliness and perhaps your nonchalant behaviors.

6. A Woman Who Has True Love for You, Is Willing to Go the Extra Mile for You

When a woman tends to go the extra mile for you, to make you happy and achieve something worthwhile.

She wouldn’t mind, even if it means her suffering for it so that you will be fulfilled at least. This is a great sign of true love from a woman.

7. She Is There by Your Side During Turbulent Moments

Life has its ups and downs. And in low and high moments, you need someone with whom you can share moments, without feeling so lonely.

Hence, a woman who truly loves you for you would endeavor to stand by yourself even when things are hard and turbulent.

Because she has seen and strongly knows within herself that, you have very great potential.

That would propel you into higher heights if you keep striving harder, and not giving up on yourself.

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8. A Woman Who Has True Love for You Is Very Forgiving Towards You

Well, as the saying goes, to err is human and to forgive is Divine. Most individuals would find it hard to forgive anyone who may have hurt their feelings.

But a woman who loves you for you would endeavor to always give you so many chances. Because she wants you to change and be better a better person to her and yourself.

Hence, she tells herself each time, that no matter what others think or say about your flaws or shortcomings.

She isn’t going to dwell on them much but would give you more chance to make yourself a better man than you are/were.

9. A Woman Who Has True Love for You Would Not Want to Be Too Dependent

When in a relationship, it’s important to show appreciation to your partner now and then in terms of gifts and the likes.

Like surprising them when they least expect, hence, this is a great sign of true love from a woman who loves you.

She would only ask for things from you in she knows is within your financial affordability. Also would only accept things from you, that don’t require you to break your bank account just to please her.

10. She Wants to Be Close to Your Family Members and Friends

The sweetest thing any partner can have is one whose partner is willing to be friends with one’s family and friends.  

True love from a woman who loves you, and would willingly want to know your family members and your friends.

She would endeavor to spend quality time with her family on weekends and perhaps public holidays just to have a fun time with them. This is priceless and should never be taken for granted by you.

11. She Wants Her Loved Ones to Have a Close Relationship With You as Well

In any relationship, it’s only those whom you love and trust that you give them access to your loved ones.

Therefore, one of the signs of true love from a woman who loves you is when she willingly wants her loved ones to also have a close relationship with you.

She would want you to meet almost all her family members, telling them about all the nice and good things about you.

And would try as much as she can to conceal your bad habits from them. Isn’t this so sweet?

12. A Woman Who Has True Love for You Will Always Pray for You

A woman who has a true love for you would always go down on her knees to pray for you.

She would endeavor to always include you in whatever group prayers she might have, either in her church group or at the mosque.

She does this, by committing everything that concerns you to the higher power she believes in.

And asking for you to be blessed and prosper in all you do and hope to embark on. Isn’t this so wonderful?

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Final Thought

A woman who truly loves you would certainly show her feelings in ways that we have listed to you in the article. So, look out for these signs even in your relationship

Is there any sign you think we have missed, if so kindly engage us in the comment section below and feel free to leave any questions you have too.

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