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14 Signs of Disrespect In A Relationship You Should Never Ignore

No matter the level you are in your relationship, the least of things you should tolerate is any form of disrespect from your partner. Romantic Relationships have their ups and downs. In which at one point in time, some relationship problems may arise in which you and your partner would be required to work as a team and sort these issues out. But when these issues arise and your partner makes it seem like it’s always your fault, makes you feel insecure in your own skin. And each time, your guts keep telling you this is not how things are meant to be, this is not how your partner is supposed to relate with you. Then you should know there is a huge problem you need to quickly address before things get out of hand.

Hence, if you’re confused about things your partner does that are disrespectful. This piece is to enlighten you on those things and ways to tackle them.

1. Your partner is always absentminded.

One of the most disrespectful things to do to anyone is this. How much more someone who you call your own, and who you share almost your entire existence with. Like how on earth would you be talking to your partner physically but your partner seems far away in thoughts, and whatever else he/she might be thinking about that is more important than you. Or you are talking to your partner, and they are busy pressing their phones or watching TV. This is so wrong and is such a huge disrespect to you from your partner.

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2. Not caring about your feelings.

In romantic relationships, at one point in time or another, your partner would certainly do minor things you don’t like. And when you bring such to the knowledge of your partner, if he/she respects you, they should be able to sincerely reassure you of their love for you. And also, put your feelings concerning those issues into consideration as the relationship proceeds. But when this is the opposite, in which your partner blatantly waves your feelings aside. Making you feel like you don’t know what you are talking about, then this is him/her being selfish and showing that they don’t regard you.

3. Making fun of you in the presence of others.

Inasmuch as a healthy romantic relationship should be fun and not rigid, it is not a good sign when your partner looks for a way to make fun of you and make you feel uncomfortable in the presence of others. Your partner should be your defender, someone who would vouch for you, and hold your hands when you are afraid. And not the other way round. When this happens often than not, it is a great sign of disrespect from your partner in which you shouldn’t ignore, overlook or sweep under the carpet.

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4. Demanding access to your phone, laptop, Email, PC, etc.

Yeah, most times you or your partner might feel insecure about certain things. But when such a time arises, it’s best either you or your partner opens up to each other about how you both truly feel about your insecurities. But it will be a thing of disrespect if your partner starts snooping on you, demanding to have access to your phone, and anything else such as bad behavior that clearly indicates your partner is not respecting your privacy.

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5. Your partner talks to you in an unfriendly manner.

Sometimes things might not go as we want. But when such a time arises, it’s best the situation is kept under control and one not reacting out of proportion or transferring such aggression on loved ones or anyone else. But when this happens every now and then, in which your partner always talks to you in an unfriendly manner even in cases whereby you haven’t done anything. It is a great sign of disrespect from your partner that should not be allowed to linger for too long.

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6. Being secretive.

What’s the point of being in a relationship that you cannot open up freely or talk to your partner about both the things bothering you and the ones that are not? Why keep those things hidden for the sole purpose of not wanting to bother the other? If you’re faced with this, know it’s such a wrong thing to do by your partner which shows your partner doesn’t respect you enough to freely tell you what’s up with them.

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7. Comparing you to others.

When your partner starts comparing you in a negative light to an ex of theirs. Or comparing you to someone else at their place of work or social group. Then it’s a sign of disrespect from your partner, and should be addressed as soon as possible. If your partner cannot love and accept you for who you are, there are ways to calmly talk to you about the changes they would appreciate seeing in you. And these changes should transform you into being a better you, and not feed your partner’s ego.

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8. Not appreciating your efforts.

This can be so frustrating. You go out of your way to make your partner feel happy and show him/her that you love them but all they do is compare, nag and show little or no appreciation. This is so disrespectful. It’s best you put a stop to such by calling your partner’s attention to the things you do to please them, yet they don’t even see or acknowledge them. Or else you will end up being so worked up and frustrated.

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9. Secretly and openly flirts with others.

What could be worse than this? What kind of humiliation could be worse than your partner whom you so love, and cherish, flirting secretly, and openly with others behind you or in your presence? This shows your partner does not respect you in any way, and it’s best you speak up now about this than sweep it under the carpet hoping he/she would change.

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10. Giving you the silent treatment.

Almost everyone reacts differently when angry. Some need a moment alone to get over what angered them, while others flare up immediately and say the things on their mind, and that’s that. But when your partner is angry and does not say anything to you. But prefers frustrating you, and making your conscience prick you by giving you the silent treatment.  This is wrong and so disrespectful. It should be addressed instead of otherwise.

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11. Your opinion does not count.

When your ideas or opinions don’t count. Or your partner doesn’t even ask you about what you think about a particular thing or what are the things that could be done differently? Or even sweeps your opinion under the carpet when you render them without being asked, shows he/she disrespects you, and doesn’t think of you as being intelligent enough to even be taken seriously.

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12. Your partner ignores your messages.

A healthy relationship should require that you and your partner, have space to do other things. Like socializing and have good non-romantic relationship outside your relationship. But when your partner is online and you tend to send them a message but he/she reads your messages without replying, until whenever they feel like, this is wrong, and shows all level of disrespect to you.

13. Not keeping to their promises.

Your partner promising to come through for you when you are in need and failing you over and over again, at the time you least expected, is not only wrong but a sign of disrespect to you. It shows your partner lacks the strong discipline to hold on to his/her words. And are not even reliable.

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14. Rarely apologizing.

What could be so soothing as to when your partner sincerely apologies for making you angry, or upsetting you? You will feel loved, and also appreciated. But when it’s the other way round, this can really make you feel sad. Especially when your partner doesn’t feel any remorse for doing what they did to upset you.

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If this piece resonates with you, then it’s high time you stop sweeping the disrespect you have been getting from your partner, and call his/her attention to it. And when you do, and he/she doesn’t change, or talk about why they behave the way they do towards you or show any remorse and promise to change. You need to make a personal decision on if you still want to continue with the relationship or run for your own peace of mind, and love for yourself.
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