Signs Your Partner is Destroying You Emotionally

Emotional well-being is crucial, especially in a relationship. But what if, instead of adding joy, your partner becomes the source of emotional turmoil?

That’s not okay. Being in a relationship where your peace is constantly under attack is like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

It’s draining and, honestly, it’s just not right. Sometimes, you might find yourself changing who you are just to keep your partner happy.

But guess what? That’s not okay either. This article is all about recognizing the signs that your partner might be messing with your emotions, intentionally or not.

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Signs Your Partner Is Destroying You Emotionally

Below are some key essential signs your partner is destroying you emotionally:

1. Your Partner Tends to Have Unnecessary Mood Swings Towards You

This is so annoying! In the sense that, one minute the both of you are so cool, probably laughing, playing, and talking.

And the next minute, you see your partner just going moody like a cloud changing all of a sudden.

Because it’s going to rain soon and you can’t help but stare at your partner’s face, thinking what’s wrong and all?

In the process, your mind starts hovering with different thoughts on whether you have done or said something wrong.

And you start asking what seems to be the matter or sudden change of attitude towards you.

Yet your partner ignores you. Or completely say, there’s nothing wrong. Or you just find them not even answer you.

This is bad, and you should never allow such from your partner. They are destroying you emotionally and feel it’s cool they do so.

Because they feel you love them and would want to do anything to get back at you or have their way.

2. Your Partner Deprives You of Associating With Others

The mere fact that you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean you are in prison. Therefore, once your partner starts pointing out who you should hang out with, and who you shouldn’t hang out with.

When to go out, and when not to go out, then you need to stop and sit yourself down and ask yourself some crucial questions, on if it’s cool your partner treats you this way, and what you can do about it.

One of the signs of a healthy relationship, is you should feel free to associate with whoever you want to associate with, hang out with whoever you want to hang out with.

As long as such persons are not toxic to your mental growth and are not an obstacle to the growth and progress of your Relationship. Why not?

Hence, if your partner gets cranky and starts raising eyebrows whenever you hang out with your friends and associate with others, and starts making you feel you are committing a great sin by doing so.

Then it’s a sign your partner is destroying you emotionally and you shouldn’t allow such from your partner.

3. Your Partner Always Gets Jealous Over Almost Everything

It’s cool and normal to feel and get jealous of your partner. But when it now becomes, too excessive more often than not over things that your partner can easily overlook.

Then it means they are playing some emotional games on you. Making you feel like the valiant. And want you to bend to please them and do what they want.

You shouldn’t allow this from your partner, it’s not emotionally good for you.

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4.  They Always Pick up Arguments With You Over Little Things

Having misunderstandings in romantic relationships is inevitable. You and your partner can’t always agree on the same set of things every time.

It takes patience and some sort of compromise to reach a balance and agree on something together.

But on the other hand, if all your partner does is pick on you over simple things such as; who are you on the phone with? Who are you chatting with?

Why did you spend time with your friends for so long? And a whole lot of things in which you will be uncomfortable and start explaining why you did what you did.

Then you should know, it’s a sign they are destroying you emotionally. And it shouldn’t be tolerated.

5. You Seem Nervous Around Your Partner

When this starts happening more often than normal. When you start thinking of how best to place a conversation before your partner.

If you feel terrified to even open up about how you feel with your partner, then it’s a sign you’re not emotionally stable and your partner is not giving you the freedom to speak with them freely and easily.

It’s terrible, and it’s one of how they are destroying you emotionally.

6. Your Partner Makes You Feel You Are the Problem

This is such terrible blackmail from whom you love. In the sense that, they feel it’s cool to make you go through all sorts of emotional stress, and then at the end of the day, you are seen as a bad person.

Or made to think and believe you are the problem and reason behind why they behave the way they do towards you.

This is so wrong in all aspects and shouldn’t be allowed from and by your partner.

When this happens often than not, you’re being destroyed emotionally and feel drained and lost on what to do. You shouldn’t allow this.

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Final Thought

Sometimes it may be hard for us to accept that our partners are affecting our emotional health. This may be a result of our denial of the destructive behaviors our partners may possess.

We have identified some major signs that indicate that your partner is destroying you emotionally and advise you to take action on it for your peace of mind.

We hope you found it useful, if you did do share it with your friends and family on all your social media platforms.


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