Red Flags Dating A Guy: 9 Signs To Watch Out For

Would you like to know the Red Flags Dating A Guy?

Romantic Relationships with the right person is not only a fascinating experience, but a blissful one with loads of laughter, peace of mind, harmony, and everything else beautiful. 

No one wants a toxic person or wants a partner who would be thorn in the flesh. Almost everyone desires a partner who would be the other half, if not better. 

No sane person would want a partner who is loving, calm, kind, romantic, who has more good traits, and who is ready to learn, and adjust when the need arises. 

As a lady, you might be wondering what could be the red flags you should watch out for in your guy. Well, as it is, we are humans with different preferences, and what might work for you, might not really work for me. But hey, irrespective of the differences that might occur, what is bad is bad yeah?

Therefore, in a romantic relationship, when in love with someone, there are habits you should never tolerate from your partner.

It’s disheartening and demeaning when you see most people allowing their partners to disrespect them from different angles all in the name of being in love.

For the sake of self-respect, and your self-esteem, the following are things that shouldn’t be tolerated by either partner.

1. Cheating

Unless you agree, to be in an open relationship with your partner, then cheating shouldn’t be allowed. If for any reason, the guy you might be dating wants to be unfaithful, then you shouldn’t allow yourself to be disrespected repeatedly. Any Healthy relationship demands, loyalty and trust. And if otherwise, it shouldn’t be tolerated.

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If for any reason your feel your guy exhibits cheating traits, then this is one of the red flags in dating a guy. 

2. Sultry Dirty Remarks

Some partners mostly men, are fond of flirting openly with other women. And a few women, also do this even when they might be in a so called committed relationship. This should never be tolerated from either partners.

3. Abuse on your self worth

When your partner, treats you less than what you are in every aspect, making you always doubt yourself either physically, emotionally, or mentally. You should never tolerate such from them no matter what happens. This is a red flag in dating a guy, and should never be accepted.

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4. Being overly financially dependent

red flag dating a guy

Most partners, would want to overly depend on their partner for even the little things. When this becomes an habit it becomes unhealthy.

Hence, it shouldn’t be tolerated. Being in a relationship it has to be complimented, as a give and take situation.

Not just one person being on the receiving end every time, it can be so draining. This shouldn’t be tolerated.

5. Not Being Appreciated

It’s demeaning to be a doormat to your partner. Even when you’re  doing almost everything for them, ranging from being there when they are down, to when they need your support, and what have you.

And you’re not in anyway acknowledged for all your kindness shown and expressed.

All you get are loads of one complaints after another and always talking you down. This shouldn’t be tolerated, and should be the basis of you, ending the relationship when the inconsiderate behavior becomes unbearable. You should never allow, your partner treating you as not being important, this is also a red flag in dating a guy in all aspects shouldn’t be condoned.

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6. Not Giving Your Parents Their Due Respect

No matter the kind of relationship you might have, with your parents be it healthy or not.

You should never tolerate your partner speaking ill of your parents to your face or even behind your back. This should be the height of the tolerance being taken. It is disrespect in all angle. 

7. Being Forced or Compiled to do Things Against Your Will.

When you’re forced against your will to do things just to please your partner and loosing your peace of mind and lack of sleep in the process.

This should never be tolerated from your partner no matter what. There should at least, be some mutual understanding on why you can’t do somethings at that period.

If your man is fond of this, then know it is a red flag, and should not be accepted most especially when it is done in a controlling manner.

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8. A Secret Kept Child

This is one of the highest point of betrayal and should never be tolerated by anyone. If your partner, could keep their child from another marriage/relationship away from you.

Then they are capable of any other atrocities unimaginable. If your man does this to you, then this is a BIG red flag dating a guy.

9.  Verbal Abuse

If you truly love someone, you should never hurt their feelings by either calling them names like they are stupid, they are good for nothing, they are useless, etc.

Hurtful words has some kind of long mental effects on someone, it is a red flag from a guy you are dating. Hence it should never be tolerated.

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    1. Hi George!
      Thank you for the feedback.

      In my opinion I will say, when you are being disrespected by your partner, when you’re being abused verbally, mentally, Emotionally, and psychologically, when you are not appreciated at least. Then there’s no point still being in the relationship.

      When there’s at least Peace of mind, Happiness, and stability in the relationship. The relationship will be haven. But when these things are lacking, what’s the point of still holding on?

      Stay safe George!

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