What Is Love? Everything You Need to Know About Love

Love has become a loose term to mean many things in recent times. However, it’s an amazing feeling that no one can deny. How can you tell whether you’re in love?

Everyone’s interpretation might differ drastically. Friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual, companionship, and compatibility are used interchangeably with love. Because of this, there is no one ideal method to describe love.

A simple definition of love would be a strong sense of joy and passionate devotion to someone or something.

This definition or meaning of love might probably be lacking in reflection of all of the sensations that constitute what it means to be in love.

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What Is Love?

If you had to summarize love in one sentence, it would be that it is one of the most overwhelming emotions anyone has ever felt. It so often combines intimacy and appeal.

The feeling of love can be towards anything or anyone; sexual partners, family members, pets, inanimate objects, and even ourselves.

One of these persons could be a friend, parent, sibling, or even a pet. This type of love is founded on an attraction or affectionate feeling.

Is Love a Feeling?

Love is indeed a feeling, although a singular definition cannot be given to an abstract emotion like love.

Love can be compared to certain behaviors. Contrarily, many other sensations and emotions can be mistaken for love, although people soon recognize these are not the same as pure love. So here’s to learning more about love and its sensation.

Different Definitions of Love?

There are various kinds of love; thus, many different ways to define it.

As a result, everyone’s response to the question “What is love to you?” will vary depending on the particular connection.

Love, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as having strong feelings for a friend or a family member or being attracted to another adult on a romantic and sexual level.

While definitions can be relative to certain situations or circumstances, the keywords of love are “deep feelings and attraction”.

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How to Describe Love? 

Love is a feeling that is a combination of many different feelings.

Love means giving yourself and others a chance, not rushing, being patient, being kind, not being envious, and not having expectations.

What, then, is love? Although it has historically been employed as a noun, love is actually a verb.

It is about what we do for others and the various ways we foster a sense of love and concern for those around us.

What the Bible Says About Love

What the Bible Says About Love

The bible outlined the perfect definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Love is compassionate and patient.

It doesn’t boast, it doesn’t envy, and it isn’t arrogant. It is not rude, self-seeking, or quickly enraged and doesn’t keep track of wrongdoings.

Love rejoices with the truth instead of taking pleasure in evil. It always guards, always believes, always aspires, and always endures.

This love described is pure and genuine. It seems almost impossible to find someone that will love this way.

The Bible puts so much emphasis on love, regarding it as the greatest trait one can possess.

History of Love

Love has changed over the years and centuries, just like most other things in the world. It wasn’t always as we understand it today.

Love was often used to refer to friendship and kinship. It was seldom part of marriages as marriages were often transactional.

People decide whether to get married based on whether the partnership would be advantageous to them politically and financially.

The concept of love eventually evolved into erotic relationships, where burning passion was consummated, and heroic deeds were ventured to win a maiden’s heart.

The evidence that people have been falling in love for a very long time is found in poetry, legends, folklore, and even myths.

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Elements of Love

We can define love by various factors, expressions, and deeds. A sensation, passion, sense of loyalty, etc.

What love means in a relationship is likely a common question. The components of love hold the solution.

1. Kindness and Affection

If we love someone, we will be concerned about their feelings and general welfare.

To ensure their welfare, we might go above and beyond and even compromise with or forego our own needs and desires to meet their requirements.

2 . Admiration

In relationships and love, admiration is essential. One may admire someone for their physical appearance or intelligence and character.

A fundamental component of love is accepting another person’s opinions and liking them for who they are on the inside and out.

3. Longing

Sexual, bodily, and mental desires are all present. Being around someone, wanting them, and simply spending more time. You experience all these when you fall in love.

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What Love is Not

It’s crucial to understand what love is and what it is not.

We frequently mistake other emotions or feelings for love, but eventually, we realize how we feel about a particular individual is not love.

It Is Not Lust

This is often confused with love; many failed relationships were based on lust.

While love grows over time as you get to know the other person on the inside and out, lust can erupt instantly.

Do you know that intense need to be drawn to someone you just met, almost like a magnet? That is chemistry and infatuation.

Mother Nature provides us with a healthy amount of infatuation to initially bring us together. This is also not love.

Although sexual chemistry is a part of love, they are not the same. Love is different because it’s an emotion that takes time to develop. Having great sexual chemistry is not a sign that you are in love.

We Can’t Only Love One Person in Our Lifetime

We talk of finding our soul mates, but people are capable of falling in love repeatedly.

Thank goodness, else we wouldn’t ever get over having a crush in high school or losing a relationship to divorce or death.

A Relationship Does Not Mean You Are in Love

Even if you have a strong sexual attraction to your spouse, it does not necessarily follow that you know what love is.

If you haven’t built a solid foundation of love with your partner, you’ll lose interest after the sexual chemistry fades.

It is not Instantaneous

A loving relationship takes time to develop. It takes time for the strands of love to come together and form a solid connection.

Love can only grow when you and your spouse talk about your feelings, worries, dreams, and hopes.

So be patient with love and trust the process. It needs to be respected and not rushed because it has its own schedule.

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How to Know Its Real Love

Although it is merely an emotion, people might display indicators of being in love.

By what they do for you, what they say to you, and how they act around you, you can tell if someone is in love with you.

1. Love Is Kind

When two people are sincerely in love, they give to the other without expecting anything in return.

They don’t keep track of who provided what for whom. It makes them happy to make their partner happy.

2. We Share Our Partner’s Emotions

The joy we get when we witness our partner’s happiness is the ultimate definition of love.

We experience their downcast mood when we observe them be gloomy or depressed. Empathy for the emotions of the other person comes with love.

3. Love Entails Giving in

The true definition of love in a relationship is willingly putting your wants second to those of your spouse.

However, we are not sacrificing ourselves in the process, nor should the other person demand that we do so to benefit them.

That is abuse and control in a relationship; that is not what love is all about.

True Love: What Is It?

Many believe true love is an incomparable feeling of passion and loyalty that can only be attained with one person.

When it’s true love, there is kindness and respect. We never purposefully harm or belittle our partners.

The listeners can feel the affection in our words when we speak of them while they are not around.

Some pointers for true love are;

1. True Love Causes Us to Develop Healthy Habits

When you are in love, you will behave properly with them and our family because we love them.

They inspire us to become better individuals and be responsible in our community.

Don’t confuse toxic love with this when couples act immorally and subject themselves to all forms of addictions and abuse.

True love builds and does not tear down. Love makes you respectable.

2. Your Success is Also Theirs

When our partner wins, we beam with pride as if we had also won. True love is not selfish.

There is only pure joy in witnessing the success of our lover; there is no sense of competitiveness or jealousy.

3. They Never Leave Our Thoughts

Even when we are apart because of a job, travel, or other obligations, our minds occasionally wander to them and what they might be up to “right now.”

Even when we are alone, love keeps us from feeling lonely. We experience a constant sense of presence from our guardian angel just by thinking about the other person.

4. Deepening of Sexual Intimacy

Sexual Chemistry is also a component of love, although this may not be the case with most people.

Love makes sexual relations more intense. The lovemaking will be deep, a true union of bodies and minds.

5. Feeling Secure

Love makes it possible for us to feel protected and secure as if the other person is a safe harbor for us to return to. We experience stability and security while we are around them.

6. True Love Accepts all Flaws

True love means acceptance of whoever we claim we love. We can display our good and bad aspects and still receive all their undying affection.

They are aware of who we truly are. We can reveal our souls to love and get grace in return.
Love aids in overcoming fear.

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What Is the Essence of Love? It Is a Feeling of Safety

We can dispute and know it won’t end our relationship if we are confident in our love.

We don’t keep grudges against our partners for very long since we don’t like to harbor ill will toward them; therefore, we agree to disagree.

8 Varieties of Love

According to Greek mythology, there are eight varieties of love. These consist of:

1. Family Affection

This is the kind of love we have for our parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and other family members.

2. Erotic Love – Eros

This type of love is associated with strong sexual desire. We can experience this passionate love with a partner we intend to marry or to who we are currently married.

3. Love by the Principle – Agape

This love is founded on ideals rather than feelings. It is also known as the love of the unlovable or the love of those we do not like.

4. Phileo and Phila’s Enduring Friendship

Love for our close friends and family members. But these people may not necessarily be blood relatives of ours.

5. Obsessive Love

Obsession with a specific person or a specific method of loving them is referred to as obsessive love, also known as mania.

Such love can impede your development and cause problems in your daily personal and professional life.

6. Love That Endures: Pragma

People in long-term, meaningful relationships often experience enduring love, which is a form of intense, genuine love.

7. Ludus’ Playful Love

When you believe everything is working out for the two of you to be together, you are experiencing playful love, sometimes referred to as young love. But this love has a shelf life and could fizzle out over time.

8. Love of Oneself: Philautia

This kind of love has received a lot of attention lately. It stresses the need to love and care for oneself before attempting to do the same for another.

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Effects of Being in Love

Love is a really strong feeling. As a result, it may affect us in both positive and harmful ways.

These repercussions of love might be psychological, emotional, or even physically manifest.

The Benefits of Love

Love is recognized to have a highly beneficial effect on our health, both physically and mentally.

Being in love positively affects our health. Studies have shown that being in a happy relationship can lead to a lower chance of deadly heart attacks, lower levels of stress, lower chance of developing mental health problems like depression.

Generally, being in a loving relationship can increase the likelihood of living a long, healthy life.

The Negative Effects of Love

Your body, mind, and well-being can be adversely affected by unhealthy, unrequited love and terrible relationships.

In contrast to the benefits of being in a healthy, secure relationship, being in a toxic relationship or being alone with no one to love can cause damage to well-being.

People who live in isolation without human connection or relationships can easily develop; a higher chance of heart attacks, high stress levels, slower recovery from illness, and a terrible mental state.

Studies have also shown that loneliness can be linked to causes of death.

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Love and Mental Health

Love can affect people’s mental health positively and negatively, as described in the section on the effects of love.

Self-esteem and confidence can be boosted by the sense of unwavering love, acceptance, independence, and security that come with a strong relationship.

It also lessens stress, the opposite of this results in many mental health issues, including anxiety or depression.

On the other hand, unhealthy relationships that are toxic from the start or become toxic over time can result in insecurities that go beyond the relationship and impact a person’s mental health and future romantic relationships.

One may feel less than they are when they believe they are not doing things correctly, are not good enough, or cannot live up to expectations.

People leaving without explanations, cheating, and lying can lead to abandonment issues that last longer than just the relationship.

How to Practice Love

As was already stated, love is a combination of many different elements and sentiments.

We need to be open to love if we want to practice healthy love and make the people in our life feel appreciated.

That said, there isn’t a foolproof, step-by-step manual on practicing love.

To practice love; you should be kind, be open with your partner, parent, or sibling; let your guard down, and be vulnerable, recognizing and accepting your flaws.

Recognize your errors and how they affect the other person. Say sorry often. If you can tell that the people you love are truly remorseful, forgive them.

Give attention to your loved ones and put their time with you first. Make sure you attend important events.

Show affection; reciprocate their words, gestures, and feelings. Show your appreciation to them often.

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How to Nurture Love

Even though it develops spontaneously, love must be nurtured by those in partnership, even though it is an emotion and a sensation.

What Constitutes Love in a Relationship?

Compassion, caring, understanding, and a variety of other qualities are all necessary and must be acquired over time.

Here are some guidelines for fostering love in partnerships:

Practice Love-Kindness Meditation

Relationships can be strengthened by practicing love-kindness meditation.

The idea behind the practice is to imagine your loved ones as you meditate, giving warm sensations your whole attention and wishing them health and happiness.


One of the most important aspects of a successful partnership is communication.

You may get a long way by having healthy communication in which you listen to your partner and express your needs and desires.

Communication greatly reduces the possibility of misunderstandings.

It also clarifies expectations that aren’t practical or met, which can occasionally be the main reason for a relationship to terminate.

Conflict Resolution

Couples fight, and anybody who loves another person will fight at some point.

However, how we handle these arguments and disagreements reveals your readiness to cultivate love in your union.

It may be a sign that a couple is not in love if they engage in abusive language toward one another during an argument or treat one another disrespectfully when they disagree.

The Love Style – What Is Yours?

Psychotherapist John Lee came up with the term “love styles.” The theory proposes that there are three types of love.

These romantic expressions fit well with the sorts of love described in the earlier article.

There are three types of love:

1. Eros

Eros is the kind of love that places a strong emphasis on the body.

It is predicated on sexual intimacy and attraction. For each other, people experience deeper passion and emotions.

2. Ludus

This kind of love is characterized by emotional distance, playing games, and a lack of commitment to one particular connection.

Such lovers are less inclined to settle down with just one person and can easily break up with their current relationship.

Even before quitting the existing relationship, they may easily and rapidly engage in other ones.

3. Storge

Storge is regarded as a family-oriented form of love. It is the kind of love that is trusting and mature. It does not depend on a physical draw.

4. A Hybrid Form of Love

It’s common for most people to identify with more than one type of love.

Additionally, some individuals may perceive themselves as combining all three types of love.

What Makes You Love the Way That You Do?

That query has a very complicated answer. The best responses to “Why do we love the way we do?” are presented below.

1. Personality

Everybody has a distinct personality and a style of living. Their personalities are comprised of this.

Some people love too much, are overly perceptive of others’ needs, and consistently put their hearts before their heads.

However, some may be realistic and logical. Unconditional love may be difficult for them to comprehend.

2. Experiences in Life

Our life experiences can have a significant impact on the way we love.

People who have witnessed unhappy relationships may love excessively or act too cautiously out of fear of being harmed.

Depending on a person’s upbringing, family, and other experiences, they may hold certain persons in high regard or low regard.

Check out this collection of writings by Indian author Preeti Shenoy for more information on why we fall in love the way we do. She also discusses modern dating and love.

What Changes With Time?

We frequently feel that those around us no longer genuinely care about us. Since their ways of expressing love fluctuate greatly, we can often worry if they even care about us.

Studies show that as couples become closer and spend more time together, they may develop routines.

This may result in less intense romantic relationships or even less frequent sex.
Over time, some couples may also “grow out of love” with one another.

It can also occur when people mistake infatuation or initial attraction for love, only to realize later that love is deeper than these feelings and that people’s personalities change dramatically over time.

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Final Thoughts

This article might have provided some answers to your question, “What is the significance of love in a relationship?”

Love is primarily about certain emotions like concern, tolerance, respect, and others in a relationship.

When attempting to answer the question “What is love?” it is crucial to comprehend elements such as desire and need for love, how we love, and the significance of love.

Love is a complex emotion and can differ from person to person. Even if you feel confused about what love is and what it’s like to be in love, you will most likely figure it out.


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