12 Best Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

12 Best Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

In a romantic relationship, what could be worse than your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband cheating on you?

It’s the beginning of a new year, whereby a whole lot of lovers would start asking themselves if they still want to be with their partners or not?

Perhaps you belong to this category, and you may have started having doubts about your partner, you no longer feel the same vibes or butterflies in your tummy like you once did.

This is normal most especially when you feel things with your partner are not the way it once was.

A lot of times when your guts tell you your partner might be cheating on you, you might want to start getting paranoid of their every move.

By going through your partner’s phone when he/she is not there, searching their belongings for any hint of him/her cheating, indirectly interrogating them, this is wrong because you will make him/her start getting uncomfortable, and covering their tracks more perfectly.

You need to tread carefully because in cases whereby you are wrong, and your partner finds out about your sneaking habits, such acts might end up backfiring.

At the moment, are your instincts telling your partner is cheating on you? Below are ways to find out he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you.

And why you need to move on if your cheating partner is not willing to change.

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Ways to Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

Here are ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

1. Now Easily Gets Irritated

One of the ways to know if he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you is when your cheating partner now gets easily irritated by the things you do, say, and the way you look.

Whereby he wasn’t like this. If you try talking to him/her and they kept saying nothing is wrong but continue with such trait, then you need to keep your feet on the ground and get to the root of their sudden change in attitude towards you.

2. Now More on His/Her Phone

Yeah, in this age and time whereby most things are now done via phone, laptop, iPad, etc. Your partner might want to use it for business, and other productive things.

But when your cheating partner does this too often, you cannot even see or tell what he/she is working on.

Then it is a sign that he/she might be cheating and you need to carefully find out with who, or with what.

3. Now Sneaks Out, or Hides to Receive Calls

A way to find out he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you is when he/she doesn’t feel comfortable receiving certain calls around you anymore.

Whereby this wasn’t the norm, when there is suddenly a drastic change in how they receive calls when you are around, then you need to raise your intuitive antenna.

4. Your Partner Now Puts His/Her Phone on Silent/Flight Mood Whenever You Are Around

Yeah, one would say what if he/she needs some time off their phones? Or what if he/she is tired and needs some sleep, etc?

This is not cool, especially when he/she only returns missed calls or reply messages only when they are away from you, such an act is a matter of concern, and you need to find out why your partner now behaves that way around you?

5. Now Skeptical Inviting You Out With His Friends

You should be on the top list of the people your partner loves spending time with.

But when it is otherwise, in the sense that your partner now prefers hanging out and spending amazing time almost every now and then without you, then you need to find out thoroughly what the problem might be, find out if he’s cheating, or she’s cheating on you by asking your partner why he/she now prefers their friend’s company more than yours.

6. Your Cheating Partner Now Seems More Distracted

Another way to find out if he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you, you would find out that your cheating partner now seems absent-minded and lost in thoughts, even when he/she is sitting next to you.

That moment, it is either they might be having some sort of fantasy about their newfound love, or thinking of the next escapade to have with whoever they might be cheating on you with.

If your partner is so into you like he/she once was, nothing should stop him/her from voicing out what’s up with them.

If he/she cannot easily do that with you, then it is a sign he/she is cheating on you.

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7. Low/High Sexual Drive

It is understandable that it is not at all times your partner might be in the mood to be intimate.

According to MedicalNewsToday, a man/woman could have low sexual drive due to factors such as chronic imbalance, emotional, and psychological factors, etc.

Which is a thing he/she should feel comfortable talking about it with you. But when it is neither of these, then you need to find out if he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you with someone else.

Because, when the sex drive your partner once had for you suddenly goes cold. Then this should be the time you should be concerned and find out if you are doing something wrong, or if there is someone else now on board asides you.

8. Your Partner Just Leaves You One-Sided

What could be worse than this? You are in a relationship and it seems like you are all alone.

Your partner now suddenly doesn’t have time for you, he/she does things without putting you into consideration.

Your partner now goes on for weeks without you guys seeing, and he/she doesn’t feel bad or talk about it, or waves it aside whenever you try to bring it up.

Hence, to find out if he’s cheating on you or she’s cheating on you, you need to ask your partner where the relationship stands and where it is headed?

When you ask your partner this, he/she would either be forced to tell you what has been going on or feel guilty and retrace their steps.

9. She/He Now Lies Too Often

Lying is a terrible trait. It is a bad habit that was cultivated over time. Something is wrong if your partner is now always lying about places he/she has been, about things they easily come clean about with you, but he/she now lies about them.

It is a great sign that he/she might be cheating on you. Therefore, to find out that he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you, you need to keep track of the words your partner tells you.

Ask him/her at a later date about the same thing he/she might have told you earlier. And if it doesn’t really tally or doesn’t align with what they once told you, then you need to start raising your eyebrows and be smart about the things happening in your relationship.

10. Gets Cranky When You Touch His/Her Phone

A relationship that is void of lies, or secrets obviously should be one whereby you are free to touch your partner’s phone, and he/she can also access yours.

But when your partner gets cranky whenever you touch their phones, or either try to access it, it is a sign he/she is cheating.

Therefore, you need to find out if he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you by asking necessary questions such as, “You were not like this, what’s up”? What’s with the crankiness?

11. Hardly Looks You in the Eyes

One of the ways to feel free, and relaxed around your partner is when he/she talks to you on a whole new different level.

Like holding your hands, and looking into your eyes when he/she talks to you, this is a way to also know your partner loves you and finds you attractive.

But when this suddenly changes, and your partner hardly looks at you or even shows any form of affection.

This could only mean he/she is cheating on you. And you need to find out what’s with the sudden change.

12. Suddenly Finds It Very Difficult to Say the ‘I Love You’ Words

Another way to find out if he’s cheating on you, or she’s cheating on you is if he/she now suddenly finds it difficult to say I love you.

When you tell your partner this, it is either he/she avoids it or suddenly changes the topic of discussion.

When this happens too often, it is a thing of concern on your part. You need to start asking the necessary questions.

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Final Thought

No relationship is a bed of roses, it has its ups, and downs. But one of the terrible things your partner could do to you is hurt you either emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

And cheating falls in the 3 categories, which makes it bad. Remember that in life, one of the worst things you could ever do is waste your time, energy, and resources on someone who would never do the same thing or lift a finger for you.

Hence, when you notice the above signs, you need to calmly do an underground check, to be certain if he/she is cheating on you.

And if it is in the affirmative, you need to sit your partner down, talk things out with him/her, and ask what changes needs to be made, and how you both can move on from that.

And if you notice, their words doesn’t tally with their actions then you need to be very bold, and move on, instead of being in a relationship that is already heading south.

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