Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Signs Your Relationship Is Over, and How to Move On Easily

It’s such a painful thing to come to the realization that your once upon a time treasured and most loved Relationship is Over! Coming to terms with this is not only heartbreaking, it’s unthinkable to imagine!

In Romantic Relationships, it’s not every relationship that ends on a happily ever after note. A few make it, while a whole lot simply give up on each other along the way.

And feel, what’s the point of fighting and what’s the point of holding on to each other.

Well, at the moment, you might be in a romantic relationship that is void of laughter, void of how great you and your partner were once fond of each other.

And you are at the crossroad of knowing what could be wrong with your relationship?

Most especially when your partner, is not communicating with you on reasons why they suddenly feel so distant from you or the relationship.

Therefore, you are simply left in the dark, confused, and bitter about what to do. And ask yourself if you still want to hold on to a relationship that is already done with, or you should simply move on for your own sake and for your peace of mind.

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Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Below are signs to help you know when your relationship is over.

1. Less or No Communication at All

One of the components of a healthy relationship is Communication! Communication is the bedrock to a lasting romantic relationship.

When Communication is less and void in any relationship. That Relationship is as good as being over.

When you and your partner feel what’s the point of talking about the things you used to talk about?

Like what’s the point of sitting down having a heart-to-heart conversation, then your Relationship is on the verge of coming to an end. It’s quite painful yeah? I know!!!

2. You Don’t Miss Your Partner When They Are Away

A good sign of a healthy relationship, is that you and your partner long for each other. You miss each other so much that a moment apart seems like an eternity.

It’s like torment to you both. You want to spend time calling, chatting non-stop! Keeping in touch with each other, etc

But when either you or your partner don’t put any effort in reaching out especially when you two are apart, this is another great sign to look out for.

3. You and Your Partner Are Always Fighting

Having misunderstandings in any relationship is normal. At least is a means by which you both will understand your differences and make amends.

But when these misunderstandings lead to incessant quarrels and fightings, every now and then. Then you need to know it’s unhealthy for your Relationship.

Your Relationship is gradually going downhill. And if care is not taken, sooner or later either you or your partner would erupt like a volcano and become violent.

Therefore, when you are always having constant fights over little things or things you should simply talk about. Then it’s a big sign your Relationship has long filtered.

4. Either You or Your Partner Feel So Bored Around Each Other

What’s the point of being in a relationship when you don’t see your partner as your friend and someone whom you can have a nice fun time with as often as you can?

But all that you and your partner do, is just sit down so quietly and forcefully talk to each other? This is a bad sign for your relationship.

5. You and Your Partner Now Feel It’s Ok to Be Attracted to Someone Else

This is an emotional betrayal. Like what’s the point of still holding on to the Relationship, while pretending everything is ok. But either you or your partner is attracted to someone else?

When you start thinking and wishing in your heart that the person you’re fantasizing about should be your partner, then know there’s a big problem in your relationship.

That has lingered for a long time, and in turn, is gradually pushing your Relationship down the drain.

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6. You Both Don’t Have Intimate Moments Anymore

One of the core essential ingredients of a lasting relationship is having an intimate moment with your partner as often as you can. For most partners, it’s a way of showing them you love them, and you desire them.

But once intimacy is so void of your relationship when your partner now complains or finds excuses every now and then on why they can’t have an intimate moment with you. Then it’s a terrible sign.

If possible, talk things through with your partner. And if he/she still doesn’t show any interest in being intimate with you, then you should let them be and move on.

7. You and Your Partner Now Make Future Plans Alone

Relationships are all about companionship and partnership. Where you and your partner bring different ideas to the table and come up with a plan. But when this is now void and so absent in your Relationship.

Where you now prefer having or making your plans alone, and your partner not seeking your opinion on things.

But he/she now prefers getting things done based on their instincts, this is also a bad sign.

8. You or Your Partner Now Get Easily Irritated

Having a hot temper is a red flag sign in any relationship. When you say little jokes and your partner gets angry by such and starts picking quarrels.

When you start feeling uncomfortable and being skeptical about what to say to your partner. When your ad your partner becomes this way, it’s inconsiderate behavior in a relationship

Such behaviors are not good for your Relationship, and above all, it’s not good for your mental health!

9. You’d Rather Spend More Time With Your Family and Friends Rather With Your Partner

When this starts happening often than necessary when either you or your partner don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore.

But you prefer spending it with friends or being anywhere else rather than spending it with your partner.

Then you should know at the back of your mind that your Relationship is gradually coming to a halt. Like are you in a romantic relationship with your family and friends?

Why spend so much time with them in the first place, if not that something is now wrong in or with your relationship with your partner?

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Final Thought

If you are presently experiencing all or most of the signs above, then you should know that your relationship with your partner is struggling to hold on. You or your once beloved partner is afraid to speak up on ending the relationship.

When you experience any of the above-mentioned, it’s best you talk to your partner about your fears and your observations. If he/she willing opens up on why you both need to end the relationship.

Then it’s best you swallow the hard pill and move on. If you decide to move on, these tips would help you move on easily after a breakup.

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