17 Emotional Questions to Ask a Cheating Partner

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is an emotional earthquake that shakes the very foundation of your relationship. In those painful moments, you must ask several emotional questions to your cheating partner

Because let’s face it, you have a myriad of questions flooding your mind, seeking answers to the hurt and betrayal you feel.

Asking the right questions can lead to understanding, healing, or perhaps, a decision about the future of the relationship.

If you find yourself facing the complex reality of a cheating partner, these questions may pave the way for crucial conversations.

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17 Emotional Questions to Ask a Cheating Partner

Below are our top 17 emotional questions to ask a cheating partner.

1. Where Did I Go Wrong?

The very first emotional question, to ask your cheating partner is where you went wrong.

Knowing where you went wrong would help you know how well to deal with the issue of unfaithfulness/cheating from your partner.

Also, to know if the problem is actually from them, or you.

2. Do You Still Love Me?

Another emotional question, to ask your cheating partner is if they still love you.

When you truly love a person, you try every possible means not to hurt them. Or betray the love and trust you have for your partner.

You will do all you can, to make sure they are safe, to make sure that you both work hard to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, and much more.

If your partner doesn’t love you anymore, then you will know if to still hold on, to your cheating partner or to move on.

Finding out the reasons why your cheating partner fell out of love with you is very important.

It is a determining factor on whether to still hold on to the relationship or move on with your life if your partner is willing to change and be better. But can they change?

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3. Do You Still Desire Me?

This emotional question is so touching. His/her answer can shatter your heart into another series of tiny bits or could mend it a little bit.

This is only when they are honest in saying they still desire you.

4. How/When Did You Meet Him/Her?

Knowing this would help you know if, your cheating partner actually, told you about meeting someone or the exact person they cheated on you with.

And it will help you know if, they are truly being honest and open with you all along or were just lying about who they are with you.

5. What Attracted You to Him/Her?

You fall in love with someone because something about them attracted you or caught your attention to them.

Just like bees are attracted to honey, it will help you know if you’re lacking such features and if your cheating partner might want to get very serious with the person.

And also, knowing what your man expects from you if you are a female in this instance,  would go a long way to helping you be a better woman to him.

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6. Who Made the First Move?

This emotional question can be very difficult for your cheating partner to answer.

Because if it was him/her, that made the first move by proposing the cheating affair.

It will enable you to know if it was a mistake in the first place, Or if your partner intentionally decided to, start cheating on you.

7. When Did You Finally Decide to Start Cheating On Me With Him/Her?

Asking your cheating partner this emotional question would make him/her want to sink into the ground.

This would help you know if, you were the one not being observant from the outset, or your cheating partner has been very smart about his/her cheating tactics before you found out.

8. How Long, and Often Do You Meet With Him/Her?

Your partner might want to lie about this. But you have to maintain eye contact to know if they are lying, or trying to find the accurate lie/truth to tell you.

9. Have I Ever Called or Chatted You Up While You Were With Him/Her?

This question is so emotional, your cheating partner would feel so guilty to his/her bones.

Because if you had called or chatted them up to check on them, while they were with who they cheated on you with.

It would help you know, how heartless your partner might have been. The deceit and lies, it’s unimaginable, I know.

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10. Are my Love, Care, Affection, and Support Not Enough for You?

This emotional question, to ask your partner is heartbreaking. It enables you to know perhaps, you weren’t giving them all the love, care, attention, and support they expected from you.

Maybe, just maybe, that was what they were missing that, made them cheat on you in the first place.

And if you tried your very best to satisfy your cheating partner, in all ramifications, and they still cheated on you, then you need to know they have a problem, and not you.

11. What’s He/She Doing Differently From Me?

Asking your partner this emotional question would help you know if you are the one, who has slacked in your Relationship goals, and what have you.

And see ways to be better, that is only if, your cheating partner wants that though.

12. Do You Feel Bad I Found Out About You Cheating On Me?

This question is so emotional. Your cheating partner’s answer might be positive or negative.

In the sense that, if he/she says YES, it means they let their cheating guards down and would try as much as possible to cover it very well next time.

But if your cheating partner says NO, it means he/she really would want to make amends if given the chance to by you.

13. Supposing I Didn’t Find Out, Would You Have Continued Cheating On Me With Him/Her?

Wow!!! This emotional question could make your cheating partner start stammering.

You need to be ready, for whatever answer they would give, to your throat-slitting question.

If they said yes, kindly know they would continue with their cheating escapades.

This doesn’t apply in all cheating cases though, because most times, the cheating partner says yes because they don’t want to, make you feel bad about what they did.

14. Do You Wish to Have a Serious Committed Relationship With Him/Her?

This emotional question is very confusing yet, essential. Because it will help you know if you’ve been in the relationship all by yourself before, you found out your cheating partner was, actually really cheating on you.

And if the cheating escapades were just a fling, your partner should let you know too.

15. What Can I Do to Make It Better Between Us?

Asking your cheating partner this emotional question should only be if he/she has said they are sorry.

And would want to, make things work between the both of you better than before.

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16. Give Me Reasons Why I Should Forgive You Wholeheartedly?

Asking your cheating partner this question should only be after you feel about, 80% of their answers to your emotional questions were sincerely answered.

And if they truly, desire to make amends for their mistakes.

But if it’s the other way round, have it at the back of your mind that, your cheating partner would go back to the act of cheating, and cover his/her cheating tracks accurately next time.

17. Would You Need Some Space to Think All These Through?

Asking your cheating partner, to give him/her, some space to have a deep reflection, on if the things he/she is doing are wrong would help you both.

In the sense that, it will help you and your cheating partner know if you and your cheating partner might want to continue the relationship or end the relationship completely, to heal emotionally and mentally.

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Final Thoughts

You need to be prepared, for whatever answer/s your cheating partner would give to your questions.

Never force anything if they don’t feel sorry or if they prefer the other person over you.

It’s best to move on with a relaxed mind than chasing the wind when you know you would never catch up with him/her.

Hence, causing you more pain, and draining you emotionally and mentally.


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