7 Signs Your Relationship Is Fading Away

Romantic Relationships have their ups and downs, but what are the signs your relationship is fading away?

One moment your partner might be head over heels in love with you, and the other moment you or your partner might start feeling indifferent, and not so enthusiastic about the relationship anymore.

When this happens, you’ll realize that the love flames, the excitement, and the romance are gradually fading away.

And it leaves you wondering what could be the reason or the cause for such. Hence, we have listed seven signs to check if your relationship is fading.

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7 Signs Your Relationship Is Fading Away

Below are signs that show your relationship is fading;

1. There Are More Assumptions Than Asking Questions

Sometimes, it is okay for you or your partner to assume things. But when it happens more often, it will breed room for mistrust and doubts.

When you or your partner are not certain about a thing, you must ask your partner important questions for clarification, to clear your doubts and build trust again.

Therefore, when it’s done the other way, it will create more harm to your relationship.

2. Intimacy Has Grown Cold

Intimacy is needed in a relationship to spice things up, and also make you and your partner bond more, and understand your emotional needs better.

But when the relationship is fading off, either you or your partner would find it difficult to sit close to each other, cuddle each other, or even kiss each other.

It is understandable that when either you or your partner are faced with some life situations, you tend to be unsettled emotionally, and this might affect how you bond and talk things out.

But when this happens, in a healthy relationship, it is paramount, that the both of you see each other as good friends, and confidants and talk about your challenges amicably.

But if it’s the other way around, then it’s obvious that your relationship is fading away.

3. Less Checking on Each Other

One of the ways to spice up your relationship and keep the love flames burning is to reach out to your partner either through sweet romantic text messages or by calling to check on them during the day.

But when the act of either calling or sending romantic love messages has now become cold, due to giving excuses like being busy, it shows that in no time your relationship won’t hold any grounds sooner or later.

4. More Arguments and Fights

Yeah, no relationship is perfect, right? You and your partner are from different backgrounds and were raised with different morals and values.

Hence, it is tentative that you oftentimes do not agree on all things. But when this arises, it is paramount that you both have healthy fights and argue calmly.

But when it’s the opposite, in which you or your partner find yourselves complaining about almost everything more often, compared to when you guys have good moments.

Then it’s a great sign that the love sparks are gradually dying, and if not taken care of, your relationship would fade away in no time like a puff of smoke.

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5. Communication Has Become Cold

One of the bedrock of a good, healthy romantic relationship is communication. You and your partner must communicate about the things going on in your lives.

Good communication would help the both of you love each other more, and bond better.

But if it’s the other way round, in which you and your partner now rarely even talk about things, with time you’d realize that you’re drifting apart, and if care is not taken, you’d see your relationship going south.

6. You Are Now Less of a Priority

We tend to give attention, and priority to things that are of great importance and value to us.

Therefore in a romantic relationship, when your partner tends to now give more attention to his/her job, or other things than they give to you, if caution is not taken, in no time your relationship will fade off.

7. When You Think of Ending the Relationship

When the love flames and excitement have fizzled or gone cold either you or your partner would start feeling like something is missing in your relationship.

You’d start thinking of ending it. When you start having thoughts of ending your relationship, you need to take a break, ask yourself some questions on whether to still hold on, or seek ways to rekindle the love flames and be the great lovers you once were.

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Final Thoughts

Seeing the signs that your relationship may be fading is crucial for self-awareness and potential course correction.

Open communication, introspection, and a willingness to address issues head-on can breathe new life into fading connections.

Whether it’s rekindling the flame or gracefully parting ways, understanding these signs empowers you to make informed decisions for your relationship’s future.


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