Is Your Relationship Failing? 9 Simple Steps to Save It

Is your relationship failing? No one ever promised that a romantic relationship would be all rosy without a few or some hurdles to overcome.

It’s certainly, not a joyful thing when you realize that your once-upon-a-time loving and wonderful relationship is failing.

You are at the crossroads of whether to save it or to let it go down the hills. At the moment, you ask yourself countless questions if you’re the one at fault or if it’s your partner who is at fault.

Most times, you may want to give up on the Relationship without putting up a fight to save it. What’s the point of putting up a fight to save the relationship?

In this article, we will show you the ways to save your relationship.

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Steps to Save Your Failing Relationship

Having misunderstandings and arguments in Relationships is inevitable, no doubt. There comes a time in which you and your partner would want to avoid each other as much as you can. You both go for days without even speaking to each other.

Relationships, most times, are not as complicated as you make them seem. It simply requires your patience, understanding, and a whole lot of compromise for your partner.

At the moment, you might be on the verge of wanting to end your relationship with your partner. Simply because of a slight misunderstanding or a little difference which can easily be managed if there’s an understanding between you and your partner.

Hence, you have every solid right to walk away from such a failed Relationship without looking back! But if there’s no form of toxicity from your partner. But mere misunderstandings and arguments.

There are ways to curtail such and make your Relationship work once again, just like it did at the initial stage of the Relationship.

Therefore, before you take the step of putting an end to your failing Relationship and walking out of it.

It’s paramount you take a few minutes to consider the following options that, when keenly applied, would assist you and your partner in making your relationship work once again.

The following are steps to saving a failing relationship:

1. Sit and Quietly Remind Yourself What Attracted You to Your Partner in the First Place

We all want to be friends or go into a relationship with someone because of something special about them.

This special thing could be the way they laugh. How they make you feel so special whenever you are around them, and the ways they make you believe in yourself.

Hence, you sit down to ask yourself what attracted you to your partner in the first place.

Would not only assist you in keeping your relationship but it would also make you come to the realization of the good and great things about your partner that you might be presently overlooking.

This might be due to the hurt in your heart due to the misunderstandings and grudges you may have towards your partner at the moment.

Always have it at the back of your mind that, if you can look way beyond the little grudges and the arguments, you’d see so many reasons why to still hold on to your partner and your failing Relationship, and make it work out.

2. Have a Genuine Heart-to-Heart Conversation With Your Partner About Your Failing Relationship

Having solid communication with your partner is one of the stepping stones to a lasting romantic relationship. 

Kindly ask yourself if, over the past few weeks or months you and your partner have been communicating more often than you should.

Ask yourself if the times you and your partner had communicated were on issues that were matters of the heart that are bothering you or your partner about your failing Relationship.

If your answer/s is NO! Then it’s essential to at least sit your partner down and iron the issues you both are having out once and for all.

And have a dialogue on ways to make the relationship work as time goes on. You and your partner should come out straight on why you cannot let the relationship go and why you both need to fight for what you have.

3. Be Very Open About Your Past and Anything Else You Feel Your Partner Needs to Know

No one is completely perfect, no doubt. You might be a perfectionist in one area of your life and be so clumsy and a mess in another area of your life.

And a lot of times, there are or were some things in your past you are not so proud of, which in a way, has come to hunt you down at all costs.

Nonetheless, if you and your partner have had genuine communication, as earlier mentioned, and you both decided not to give up on yourselves but to stand for what you once had and still have. There’s no point keeping the can of worms from your past closed.

You and your partner should come out clean with each other, and when this happens, remember not to be judgmental or use it against your partner later on.

This would and can also strain your Relationship in both the short and long run.

4. Learn to Forgive Each Other Sincerely

Forgiving a wrong done to you is most times so difficult. Not everyone has the trait of forgiving an error done to you by either your partner or someone else easily.

No one said your partner wouldn’t hurt you by their words or deeds or your partner breaking countless promises and fulfilling none.

But you know what? If you don’t learn to forgive things easily, you’re only hurting yourself more in the long run than you think.

Most times it is easier said than done, forgiving someone who has hurt you, etc. But come to think of it, why hold on to unnecessary grudges and be held captive of such a wrong?

When you can tell yourself you are above holding on to grudges and kindly move on by forgiving the wrong done to you by your partner?

Therefore, instead of giving up on him or her and allowing your failing Relationship to go down the drain.

You can sincerely forgive each other and endeavor to start all over again by making things right between the both of you. Remember that forgiveness’s benefits are enormous, and you should try forgiving more often!

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5. Endeavor Always to Keep Your Words and Promises

It’s only a weak person that makes promises and does not fulfill or keep them.

Endeavor to be a man or woman of your word to your partner. Suppose you know deep down within you that you cannot and will not keep to the thing/s you say to your partner.

Then there’s no point in sweet-talking your partner and raising their hopes for nothing! When you tend to do this too often, you will lose their trust and reliability.

And when such goes on in your Relationship longer than necessary, it would only put more strain on it.

Hence, making it go down the drain. And also on the other hand, if you expect your partner not to chat with an ex in your presence or when you are not.

Then you shouldn’t do the same either when your partner is around or not. If you expect your partner not to be out so late at night having hangouts with friends, you should also abide by such a rule yourself.

That way, your Relationship would be balanced once more. And it wouldn’t be just you or only your partner putting in all the efforts to make it work out. And prevent the relationship from failing.

6. Endeavor to Understand Your Partner’s Perspective About Things

Most times, you might want to be very selfish and want things to go your way at all times.

This is so wrong and would only put more strain on your failing Relationship if you’re oftentimes, fond of this attitude.

Then you need to put a stop to it! Therefore to save your failing Relationship, endeavor to try as much as you can compromise most times.

By seeing things from your partner’s perspective rather than always wanting almost everything about the relationship to go your way. When you start doing this, your partner will feel happy.

And in turn, you will be fulfilled that you laid down a few things about yourself to make your partner happy at least

7. Be Mindful About Things You Tell Others About Your Failing Relationship

Most times, when you are at the crossroads of whether to end your relationship with your partner or not.  You might want to share your worries with your close pals or friends.

Due to how emotional you might be, you end up spilling out more than you should about your partner and failing your Relationship with your friends.

This is wrong! Anything about your relationship should be kept private as much as possible. Even if you need the help or opinion of others about what you should do and the steps to take.

It should only be with those you trust and who would keep what you’ve told them to themselves. And not go about spilling it out to others when you are not there.

This way, when you and your partner get to iron out your differences and work on restoring your failing Relationship.

Those things you had earlier said about your partner to others. Won’t come back to haunt you both in the short or long run.

8. Endeavor to Overlook Some Differences About Your Partner’s Personality You Don’t Like

A few/ most things about your partner’s personality might freak you out.No doubt! And some inconsiderate behaviors you wouldn’t want to tolerate.

But remember, you are not also a perfect being. If you were then, perhaps you shouldn’t be on planet Earth…lol.

Therefore, try to overlook a few things as much as possible so that peace will reign. For if you want always to raise an eyebrow each time, there’s a flop by your partner.

And decide to walk away from the relationship rather than make it work. The other person you want to run to might not or would be worse in his/her personality traits than you expect.

9. Try as Much as Possible to Spend Quality Time Together

Nothing brings and binds two hearts together than when together. The moments spent together with the one you love can never be traded for anything else.

It makes your partner feel loved, special, and regarded as one of your topmost priorities. This would, in a lot of ways, help mend the patches in your failing Relationship.

It’d also make you and your partner realize you two were missing out on a whole lot. And help you get your once-upon-a-time great relationship back!

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Final Thought

Challenges are inevitable in relationships, but they don’t have to signal the end.

Simple steps, like open communication, understanding, and a willingness to make positive changes, can make a significant difference. Remember, every relationship is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Saving a relationship requires effort from both partners. By taking small, intentional steps and seeking support when needed, you can navigate through rough patches and build a stronger, more resilient connection with your partner.

Embrace the opportunity for growth, and together, you can work towards creating a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.


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